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Writen by: Glen A. Larson
Directed by: Daniel Haller

(Original Airdate: January 21, 1979)




This episode featured Fifteen Main Characters. Although many of them were credited as Guest-Stars and were considered "recurring characters", that did not change the fact that they appeared in most episodes of the Series.

  1. Commander Adama - The last surviving member of the Council of the Twelve, and Commander of the last surviving Battlestar.
  2. Captain Apollo - The Commander's son, and the best Viper Pilot.
  3. Lt. Starbuck - The second best Viper Pilot.
  4. Cylons - High-chrome Robot Warriors who want to destroy all mankind.
  5. Lt. Boomer - The third best Viper Pilot.
  6. (Lt.) Athena - The Commander's daughter, a Bridge Officer, and a rarely used Viper Pilot.
  7. Cassiopea - A former "Socialator" (hooker), now a Medical Assistant.
  8. Colonel Tigh - The second in command of the Battlestar Galactica.
  9. Baltar - Former member of the Council of the Twelve, who betrayed the human race to the Cylons, causing the Cylon massacre of most of humanity.
  10. Boxey - Apollo's adopted son.
  11. Lt. Sheba - The daughter of the Commander of the Battlestar Pegasus, which went missing in battle from a previous two part episode.
  12. Flight Corporal Rigel - A Bridge Officer who appeared in most episodes.
  13. Dr. Wilker - The main Scientist in the fleet. He built Muffit the robot Dog.
  14. Muffit - A Robot Dog.
  15. Patrick Macnee - Not a character, but an Actor important to the Series, as he did the voice of the Imperious Leader, the opening Narration on half the episodes, and he played Count Iblis in this episode.

Each Character is in Bold as they show up for the first time in the Episode.

Viper Fighter

The Council of the Twelve informs Count Iblis (Patrick MacNee) of the first two of their three miracles they want Iblis to perform (they couldn't decide on the third). The first task, to deliver their enemy to them. The second, to plot a course towards Earth.

Hours later, Baltar arrives under a flag of truce in his Cylon Fighter and is brought before the Council. Count Iblis' first miracle is completed. They sentence Baltar to life on the prison ship, but Baltar complains because he believes they must team together to fight the Ships of Lights. As Baltar tries to remember where he heard Iblis' voice before, Count Iblis uses his mind to make Baltar kneel, and Adama has the guards escort Baltar away.

On the prison ship, Count Iblis arrives and Baltar tells him that he remembers where he heard his voice before, that of the Imperious Leader. Count Iblis talks to him about how that is possible when the Imperious Leader was created to replace the real living Cylons who died long ago, the realization hits Baltar that in order for Iblis' voice to have been recorded, he would have had to have been present a thousand years ago at the time the real life Cylon beings were wiped out.

Ship of Lights

As the fleet celebrates Baltar's capture, Boxey, with Muffit by his side, asks Apollo why he's not playing in Triad. Iblis begins insisting that Apollo would lose to Boomer to a game of Triad. Adama convinces Apollo to play in the game, even though his fellow pilots are missing. As Iblis watches the Triad game with Sheba, Iblis uses his mind to have Boomer and his team mate beat Apollo and Starbuck in the game. Iblis grants more people leway to join in the celebrations, making the bridge short-handed when the white lights appear again. Apollo has a confrontation with Iblis when most of the Fighter Pilots are drunk and can't answer the alert klaxon. Blue Squadron investigates consisting of Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer. This time the lights capture Boomer.

Tigh and Adama on the Bridge

Apollo talks to Dr. Wilker about how the plants in the Agro Ship could grow so quickly to try to get a scientific explanation.

In only a few days the fleet began depending on Iblis almost totally and the council is ready to elect him to presidency.

Apollo walks in on his father as he attempts to move an object across the table with the power of his mind, something he learned at a Telepathic Institute when he was younger. Adama explains that he believes Iblis may be a being that evolved from life forms similiar to humans. Adama knows that he must stop Iblis before disaster strikes and orders Apollo to secretly return to the red planet and investigate the wrecked ship to learn its secrets. Starbuck unexpectedly joins him and the duo quietly shuttle to the planet. Knowing that Iblis can read minds, Adama tells Tigh to let Apollo's Shuttle go, without giving him details. The shuttle is barely out of scanner range before Iblis senses it. He stops by the Bridge to try to find answers, where he learns from Athena that Apollo's shuttle is heading towards the planet. Iblis transports himself to the planet. When the others try to find Iblis, Rigel explains that Sheba took off in a Viper without permission and heads to the planet as well.

On the planet, Apollo and Starbuck enter the ship and see something horrible. Sheba arrives moments later and is about to enter the ship when Iblis appears. Sheba is instantly mesmorized by him again. Apollo tries to break his spell on her by telling Sheba who Iblis really is: The Prince of Darkness. When Apollo challenges him, Iblis declares that he will kill Sheba. Apollo dives in front of Sheba and dies in her place instead. Iblis quickly disappears and Starbuck and Sheba shuttle Apollo's body back to the Galactica - but before they are half way there, they are enveloped by the Ship of Lights.

Captain Apollo

The Light Beings on the ship revive Apollo, explain that Iblis must pay for his killing Apollo which he was not allowed to do, and explains that the missing Vipers will return.

Back at the Galactica, Adama, Apollo, Starbuck, Athena, Cassiopea, and Sheba are having dinner. Apollo and Starbuck tries to remember how they got back to the Galactica, and vaguely recalls the Ships of Lights. When Adama mentions Earth, Starbuck, Apollo and Sheba recite the co-orinates of Earth, giving to them by the Ship of Lights.



This was Part Two of a Two Part episode. The Fact is, over half of the Battlestar Galactica episodes ever made were multi-part episodes. Out of the 24 hours produced, only 11 episodes stood on their own as single self-contained episodes.

Many fans consider this to be among the best episodes of the series, although some have trouble accepting the mystical aspects of it.

It's not clearly mentioned what is inside the wrecked ship, but some speculate it was the wreckage of the missing Battlestar Pegasus. In an interview in a magazine, a Writer for the series stated it was suppose to be a cloven hoof of a demon god, but the Networks wouldn't allow it, so they left it vague.

Up until now, the Galactica was traveling in a general direction they thought Earth was, but now they have exact co-ordinates, thanks to the Ship of Lights.

Now that Baltar is a prisoner within the fleet on the prison barge, this gave the writers the ability to do different stories with him for the rest of the season, including an episode where he teams up with two other groups of villians as they all try to escape (some do, some don't), and an episode where Starbuck is blamed for a murder comitted by Baltar's former second in command that only Baltar can identify.

The Ship of Lights appear again in the episode "Experiment in Terra" where they capture and use Apollo on a mission to prevent a war on an Earth-like planet. They were also intended to be used once again in the spin off series "Galactica 1980" in an unproduced script called "The Wheel of Fire". It was hinted at by many that the Ship of Lights was where the woman came from in Galactica 1980's "The Return of Starbuck", causing the birth of Dr. Zee.

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