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Battlestar Galactica Logo

Writen by: Glen A. Larson
Directed by: Daniel Haller

(Original Airdate: January 14, 1979)




This episode featured Twenty-Two Main Characters. Although many of them were credited as Guest-Stars and were considered "recurring characters", that did not change the fact that they appeared in most episodes of the Series.

  1. Commander Adama - The last surviving member of the Council of the Twelve, and Commander of the last surviving Battlestar.
  2. Captain Apollo - The Commander's son, and the best Viper Pilot.
  3. Lt. Starbuck - The second best Viper Pilot.
  4. Cylons - High-chrome Robot Warriors who want to destroy all mankind.
  5. Lt. Boomer - The third best Viper Pilot.
  6. (Lt.) Athena - The Commander's daughter, a Bridge Officer, and a rarely used Viper Pilot.
  7. Cassiopea - A former "Socialator" (hooker), now a Medical Assistant.
  8. Colonel Tigh - The second in command of the Battlestar Galactica.
  9. Baltar - Former member of the Council of the Twelve, who betrayed the human race to the Cylons, causing the Cylon massacre of most of humanity.
  10. Lt. Sheba - The daughter of the Commander of the Battlestar Pegasus, which went missing in battle from a previous two part episode.
  11. Flight Sgt. Jolly - A rotund Viper Pilot, the Battlestar Galactica equivelant of Star Wars' "Porkins". You can easily imagine Jolly having to roll out of the cockpit to get out of his Viper, or seeing him fly a Viper at the same time he's eating a jelly doughnut.
  12. Flight Corporal Rigel - A Bridge Officer who appeared in most episodes.
  13. Flight Officer Omega - a Bridge Officer who appeared in most episodes.
  14. Dr. Salik - The main Doctor in the fleet.
  15. Dr. Wilker - The main Scientist in the fleet. He built Muffit the robot Dog.
  16. Brie - a Female Viper Pilot.
  17. Captain Bojay - He served onboard the Pegasus with Sheba, now stranded on the Galactica as well since the Pegasus went missing.
  18. Ensign Greenbean - Viper Pilot.
  19. Lucifer - A Cylon liason on Balter's Basestar to work with Baltar in his pursuit of the Galactica.
  20. Patrick Macnee - Not a character, but an Actor important to the Series, as he did the voice of the Imperious Leader, the opening Narration on half the episodes, and he played Count Iblis in this episode.
  21. Carmichael - The guy in charge of the Agrocultural Ship, although he's ONLY seen on the Agro ship in the Series.
  22. "Warrior Paul" - Actor Paul Coufos, who seems to keep reappearing in every fourth episode or so as a Viper Pilot or a Guard or whatever. Close enough to a main character to me.

Each Character is in Bold as they show up for the first time in the Episode.

A Viper Fighter

Bojay leads a sqadron of Vipers, including Jolly and Actor Paul Coufos on a Patrol when they are suddenly overwhelmed by small ships of Light. The unknown craft appears to move at the speed of thought and runs rings around the Vipers. The Squadron tries to escape, but are enveloped by an enourmous Ship of Lights and vanish from the Galatica's scanners.

Sheba watches Starbuck, Apollo, Boomer and some other guy get done playing a match of Triad when Colonel Tigh arrives to have them go to the Galatica Bridge. On the Bridge, Adama and Tigh explain that they lost contact with the Squad, and that they also picked up siesmic readings from a planet, indicating an explosion.

Apollo, Starbuck and Sheba scramble to investigate and come upon a red planet close to where the Pilots disappeared. They set down near the wreckage of an enourmous space ship. Before they can explore the wreckage, they are confronted by a forceful man who introduces himself as Count Iblis (Patrick Macnee). He says that there is no need to investigate the crash as he is the only survivor. Iblis is very evasice of his background, saying only that he has great knowledge and power that can help the humans in their quest for Earth.

Lt. Sheba

The warriors take Iblis back to the Galactica where he quickly becomes the most popular man in the fleet. The usually tough-as-nails Sheba becomes totally entranced by him, which greatly disturbs Apollo. He declines medical scans, for fear that they may be harmful to him. When Sheba gives Iblis a quick tour of the Bridge, the instruments go offline when Iblis walks by.

When Adama interviews Iblis, he speaks vaguely about being pursued by "enemies". He then claims that he can lead the fleet to Earth if he is given total command of the fleet.

"Is this civilization strong enough to help us defeat the Cylons?"
- Commander Adama.

"Your people will be safe, under my Leadership."
- Count Iblis.

Starbuck and Apollo talk to Dr. Salik, trying to find out why they can't get a scan of Iblis. Salik explains that every scanner that gets close enough to him breaks, and that he even sent Cassiopea after him.

When all of our medical technology fails, we still resort to blatant feminine wiles.
- Cassiopea

When they question Dr. Salik as to the possibility that Count Iblis may be an android, he leads them to Dr. Wilker, who would be the expert on that subject. As they're talking to Dr. Wilker about it, Starbuck and Apollo have to report to duty when the white lights buzz the fleet in search of Iblis. Adama has Omega send out a Squadron of Vipers (Red Squadron) to investigate. Rigel's on the Bridge somewhere, too. These Pilots, including Brie and Ensign Greenbean, also encounter the Ship of Lights, and disappear shortly after launching. About to send out Blue Squadron, Adama has them return when Athena tells him they lost contact with Red Squadron.

Count Iblis

With more Pilots missing, Adama questions Iblis in the Council room, with Starbuck, Apollo, Athena and Sheba present. Iblis explains that he can lead the fleet to Earth, and protect them from the lights. To prove he has such powers, he slides in object across the table with the power of his mind, and explains to Adama that he can perform three miracles at their request.

The small ships lights begin flying around Baltar's Basestar. As Cylons march down the corridors, Baltar talks with Lucifer about what the ships are. When Baltar ponders if it was Adama's doing, Lucifer tells him that he hopes they were created by Adama, otherwise the alternative would be that they had encountered another race much more powerful than themselves.

As Sheba shows Iblis around one of the freighters, he encounters the poor and hungry survivors. He explains to them that he can multpiply their food if Adama requests it as one of his miracles he will perform. When Starbuck and Apollo question him as to how he intends to do this, he tells them to go go the Agro ship, where Starbuck, Apollo and Dr. Wilker talks to the Carmichael, the man in charge of the Agro ship, who explains that the fruits just started blossoming overnight.

The Council of the Twelve informs Count Iblis of the first two of their three miracles they want Iblis to perform (they couldn't decide on the third). The first task, to deliver their enemy to them. The second, to plot a course towards Earth.

Baltar's Cylon Basestar

At Baltar's Basestar, Baltar decides that his life is threatened by the light ships, being far more powerful than the Cylon Empire or the Galatican fleet. He has Lucifer prepare his personal ship, transmit a signal to the Galatica's general direction, and takes off.

Hours later, Baltar arrives under a flag of truce and is brought before the Council. Count Iblis' first miracle is completed.



Because she was just introduced several episodes before when the Galactica encounters the Battlestar Pegasus believed to be lost, this is the first episode that featured Sheba in the opening credits as a main character.

Because Lucifer was to act as a liason with Baltar, at the end of this episode when Baltar surrendered himself to the Galactica, Lucifer was never seen again.

This was Part One of a Two Part episode. The Fact is, over half of the Battlestar Galatica episodes ever made were multi-part episodes. Out of the 24 hours produced, only 11 episodes stood on their own as single self-contained episodes.

Many fans consider this to be among the best episodes of the series, although some have trouble accepting the mystical aspects of it.

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