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(Original Airdate: November 18, 1986)



This episode featured Fourty-One Main Characters, all of which were made into Action Figures.

  1. - Grimlock. - A T-Rex, The Leader of the Dinobots.
  2. - Snarl. - A Stegasaurus Dinobot.
  3. - Swoop. - A Pteranodon Dinobot.
  4. - Sludge. - A Brontosaurus Dinobot.
  5. - Slag. - A Triceratops Dinobot.

  6. - Galvatron. - The Leader of the Decepticons (A Canon).
  7. - Cyclonus. - Galvatron's second-in-command (a Space Jet).
  8. - Scourge. - The leader of the Sweeps (Space Hovercrafts).
  9. - A Sweep (One). - They don't have names.
  10. - A Sweep (Two). - They don't have names.
  11. - A Sweep (Three). - They don't have names.
  12. - Soundwave. - A Cassette Player.
  13. - Trypticon. - The Decepticon City which can transform into a fat Black, Grey & Purple T-Rex.
  14. - Ravage. - A Dog/Panther Cassette.
  15. - RatBat. - A Bat Cassette.
  16. - Slugfest. - A T-Rex Cassette.
  17. - Overkill. - A Stegasaur Cassette.

  18. - RazorClaw. - A Lion, the Leader of the Predacons. It takes all Five Predacons to mirge into PredaKing.
  19. - Rampage. - A Tiger Predacon.
  20. - Tantrum. - A Bull Predacon.
  21. - Headstrong. - A Rhino Predacon.
  22. - DiveBomb. - An Eagle Predacon.

  23. - CutThroat. - A Vulture Terrorcon. It takes all Five Predacons to mirge into Abominus.
  24. - Blot. - A Monster Terrorcon.
  25. - Hun-Gurrr. - A two-headed Dragon Terrorcon.
  26. - Sinnertwin. - A two-headed Dog Terrorcon.
  27. - Rippersnapper. - A Lizard Terrorcon.

  28. - Rodimus Prime. - The Leader of the Autobots, who took the Matrix of Leadership from Optimus Prime, who was killed in the Movie.
  29. - Ultra Magnus. - Prime's next in line, he's a semi and car trailer. In the movie he was voiced by Robert Stack.
  30. - Springer. - A green Triplechanger, he can transform from a Robot into a Race Car into a Helicopter.
  31. - Blaster. - A Boombox.
  32. - Sky Lynx. - A Space Shuttle that splits to transform into both a Pteradactyl and a Tiger. Sky Lynx is highly intelligent, as he constantly reminds people.
  33. - Jazz. - The Race Car Autobot.
  34. - Kup. - The "old man" Autobot.
  35. - Bumblebee. - The Yellow Volkswagon Autobot.
  36. - Wheely. - The 2006 version of Bumblee.
  37. - Ramhorn. - An animal Cassette.
  38. - Steeljaw. - An animal Cassette.
  39. - Aerobot A. - One of the five Aerobots I have yet to identify.
  40. - Aerobot B. - One of the five Aerobots I have yet to identify.

  41. - Unicron. - A Transforming Planet that tried to eat the Transformer's home planet Cybertron, but was destroyed. His head and debris now orbits Cybertron, which is ruled by the Autobots.

Each Character is in Bold as they show up for the first time in the Episode.

The episode opens with an Alien Scientist creating an Energy Being ("Torkutron"), that grows on Energon.

"You shall succeed where the other failed. He was matter. You are not. You are energy. He forgot who ruled him. You shall not." - Alien Scientist, referring to both his old and new creations

Meanwhile, Autobots and Decepticons engage in a massive battle on the moon. The Autobots are lead by Rodimus Prime, Springer and Ultra Magnus.

Springer and Rodiumus

Meanwhile, on Cybertron, Torkutron arrives and starts draining the planet of Energy. Kup goes to Red Alert as frantic Autobots run around in the background, including Jazz and Bumblebee. Wheely and two Aerobots are attacked by Torkutron who now took the form of a Spider.

Back at the battle on the moon, as three Sweeps head to the moon to join in the attack, a Mysterious Voice begins calling all of the "Primitives" - the "Animal" Transformers - beginning with the Dinobots (Grimlock, Slag, Sludge, Snarl, Swoop), distracting them from the fight.

Seeing that the Dinobots have stopped fighting, Galvatron, with Cyclonus and Scourge nearby, orders the Terrorcons (CutThroat, Blot, Hun-Gurrr, Sinnertwin and Rippersnapper) to mirge and form into Abominus.


The Predacons (RazorClaw, Rampage, Tantrum and DiveBomb) can't mirge into PredaKing until they wait for HeadStrong to show up.

"I'll get there when I'm good and ready." - HeadStrong

Shortly afterward, both PredaKing and Abominus also hear the call of the Primitives, and stops fighting. Galvatron orders Typticon to attack since the other two weren't. Trypticon is intercepted by SkyLinx, but then both also receive the call.

"Both of you. Put down your hostilities. There are more important battles for each of you to fight." - Mysterious Voice

At which point Soudwave has a malfunction when his cassette tape holder opens on its own, and Rampage, RatBat, Slugfest and Overkill eject on their own. Blaster has the same problem when Ramhorn and Steeljaw eject on their own.

Casettes Casettes Casettes
"Me Grimlock must answer call. Even though Grimlock don't know who call, or where from." - Grimlock

All the Animal Transformers load up in Trypticon, and SkyLinx leads them away into the direction the call came from.

The gang's all here.
The Primitives hear the call.

Shortly afterward, Torkutron arrives and drains dead both the Earth and the Moon of its energy, shutting down both the Autobots and Decepticons who were fighting on the moon.

Trypticon the Decepticon City.

As SkyLinx tracks the signal waves to the center of the galaxy, inside Trypticon, things heat up among the primitives when Headstrong makes a smart-ass crack about Grimlock's intelligence. Naturally, chaos insues.

"Stupid Decepticon Rhino make fun of our leader." - Snarl
"Sludge no like Predacons. Let's stomp." - Sludge
"Predacons stomp Dinobots first." - Tantrum

They all begin fighting.

"Terrorcons fight everybody!" - Hung-Gurrr

Robots start flying.

At the suggestion of SkyLinx, Trypticon starts shaking his body around, knocking everyone all over inside, stopping them from fighting.

"Me Grimlock think maybe it better to fight later." - Grimlock

Trypticon and SkylynxDinobotsTerrorcons

When they arrive on the planet and exit Trypticon, they find nothing but rocks and desolation on the old planet's surface.

Sky Linx, with Trypticon in the background
"If Grimlock knew calling was from place like this, would not have answered." - Grimlock

Fighting almost begins again when SkyLinx suggests he propose a battle plan.

"Only RazorClaw commands the Predacons." - Razorclaw
"You command Terrorcons over my rusting carcus." - Hun-Gurrr

But then a Gorilla Creature shows up briefly, causing the aurguments to stop. Searching for the Gorilla Creature, they all wind up in a cave, where they find the Caller - a White Glow.

GrimlockReceiving the Call

The White Glow explains that long ago, Primacon built some of the Primitives, but as his creatures grew, so did his ambitions, until he built Unicron. When Unicron rebelled, he left everything in ruins, and that's when the Caller, who was the Primacon's assistant, escaped to this dead world. Then Primacon created Torkutron. He called the Primitives here, hoping they can stop Primacon.

[Though it is not explained how or why, we see the Caller in Flashback as looking exactly like the Autobot Matrix of Leadership that Optimus Prime, and now Rodimus Prime now holds within them.]

Outside the cave, Torkutron arrives in the form of an energy Dragon, and attacks Trypticon, draining his energy and causing him to fall on Grimlock, leading the others to believe Grimlock was killed.

Trypticon falls.

To take the Transformers on individually, Torkutron divides into four different creatures and splits up. After SkyLinx is drained of his energy, the Predacons wonder who will lead them now (finally admitting SkyLinx knew what to do and should have been leading).

DinobotsRavage goes downRazorclawTerrorcons

One of the energy creatures forms into a Tiger, who easily takes out all the cassettes, including Ramhorn, Steeljaw, RatBat and Ravage. Deciding to go out fighting, the Predacons mirge into PredaKing to fight another creature - a horned Robot. They lose. In another action sequence, the third energy creature, a three-headed snake, takes down all five of the Terrorcons. The final creature, another Dragon, is battled by the Dinobots who also lose and are drained of their energy. Now no one is left.

Underneath Trypticon, Grimlock blasts himself out.

"Good thing Grimlock has hard head, otherwise would now be dino-splatter." - Grimlock

Seeing Torkutron leave the planet, Grimlock follows him back to Primacon's base. When Torkutron turns against Primacon, Grimlock arrives.

"Grimlock here to save Universe!" - Grimlock


Long story made short: after a brief conversation and realising Torkutron will kill them all, Grimlock flips the reverse switch and Torkutron disperses, returning power to everything Torkutron drained. As he's dancing around celebrating the fact that he just saved the Universe, Grimlock ends up ruining Primacon's Lab.



This episode contains many impressive well detailed battle scenes, using more frames then usual, with a few occasional hints in the designs of the original Japanese "Anime" its sister series in their homeland may contain. This is because it was produced by a different animation studio than most other episodes were.

Plus some great fun watching what happens when all the "stupid" Transformers are left on their own without supervision and placed together in a contained space (inside Typticon), virtually always resulting in egos, arguments and fights among themselves involving missiles.

There's some compassion for the enemy when SkyLinx falls, and the Decepticon Predacons question how they will survive without the Autobot to lead them.

The Mysterious Caller being shown in the Flashbacks to resemble the Autobot Matrix of Leadership implies that the Matrix may once have been an entity on its own, and just "ended up" becoming the Matrix through time. It also clearly shows that there is more than one, and therefore unintentionally implies to the viewers that there may be others.

The origin of Unicron is revealed.

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