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Series One: The Science-Fiction Series
Introductory look at the Science-Fiction Series.

The Aliens.
General info on the Aliens.

The Robots.
General info on the Robots.

The main space Vehicle.
General info on the Space Vehicle.

The Characters.
General info on the Characters.

The Stories.
General info on how the Stories will be implemented.

Episode Guide.
General info on the planned First Season.

Cool Things to Ponder.
Cool things about my show, listed five at a time.
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6 to 10
11 to 15
16 to 20
21 to 25

Our Previews.
Fixing Star Trek's problems, one preview at a time.

The Honored Dead.
Actors I wanted who died already.

The Thrill of Illinois.
Where my show would be produced.

Proof a Large Cast can work.
Examples from other Television Series.

TV Series Premiere Announcements.
Compare what I am giving you to what little they gave you.

What is a Presentation Film?
How some shows began.

Letterbox Format Explanation.
What's with those black bars?


I can't put much detailed information here about my Science-Fiction series until production time comes. Until then here are some elements to ponder over. These alone show that my series is a step above most other programs.


If you hear the words Emitter, Particle, Polarity, Quantum, Neural, Ionized, Singularity, or Flux, then shut off the TV because you're watching Star Trek.

Star Trek Voyager
Voyager crew about to
use the word "Flux" again.


What the Hell's a Quantum Flux anyway?

It doesn't matter, because we won't have any.

Star Trek Voyager
Starship Voyager
encountering their 736th
space anomaly.


Ooops. We have No Holodeck!

Anyway, it begun with the Star Trek Peabody award winning episode "The Big Goodbye", in which Picard tries out his Dixon Hill role for the first time. Very well done and one of the best of the first season, it was recycled again and again and again throughout The Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager. Who knew watching that first broadcast in January 1988 that we were watching the first of a patented Star Trek cliche. The majority of what Star Trek ever did with the Holodeck never came close to it, forcing us to sit through litterally dozens of hours of Holodeck malfunctions.

These include the following episodes: "Elementary, Dear Data", "Cost of Living", "A Fistful of Datas", "Ship in a Bottle", "Homeward", "Emergence", "Shadowplay", "Our Man Bashir", "Heroes and Demons", "Projections", "Fair Haven", "Alter Ego", "Real Life", "The Killing Game, part I & II" and "Spirit Folk". And it doesn't even stop there.

Star Trek Holodeck.

Captain Janeway on the
NON-malfunctioning Holodeck.
The writers dropped this continuing
Holo-Novel in mid-story and
replaced it with malfunctions again.


You kow them as Flashback Episodes or "Collection of Clips" episodes to cut the budget. Star Trek: Next Generation did it. Buck Rogers did it. Recently Earth: Final Conflict did it. You think Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda won't?

We won't. Print this page up and you'll have that in writing.

Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers:
Flashback Culprit.

SeaQuest 2032
President Borne
and Captain Hudson.

SeaQuest 2032
SeaQuest DSV.


We have recurring characters, not "Aliens-of-the-week".

On SeaQuest 2032, seen at left, one of the drastic improvements over the second season was the addition of recurring characters. While not aliens, the addition of Michael York as President Alexander Borne, the leader of the Macronesian Alliance increased the threat on the show considerably. Not only was he the first to challenge the return of SeaQuest in the waters, he was present during the first death of a SeaQuest crewmember when they tried to rescue another crewmember captured by the Macronesian Alliance.

Another threat was Larry Deon with Deon International, a very powerful business. His henchman, Mason Freeman also returned in the penultimate episode as a threat on his own. Lucas described him best with the line "He tried to kill some of us a couple of times."

A third threat was introduced in the final episode with the Chaodai. Not only did they spin circles around the SeaQuest, they also caused the death of only the second main character we saw get killed. Had the series continued, the Chaodai would have appeared in the immediate next episode, the unfilmed "In Father's Footsteps", and many others as they continued to threaten not only the UEO but the Macronesian Alliance as well.

What?! You still want more?
Here's another Five Things to Ponder.

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