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Series One: The Science-Fiction Series
Introductory look at the Science-Fiction Series.

The Aliens.
General info on the Aliens.

The Robots.
General info on the Robots.

The main space Vehicle.
General info on the Space Vehicle.

The Characters.
General info on the Characters.

The Stories.
General info on how the Stories will be implemented.

Episode Guide.
General info on the planned First Season.

Cool Things to Ponder.
Cool things about my show, listed five at a time.
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6 to 10
11 to 15
16 to 20
21 to 25

Our Previews.
Fixing Star Trek's problems, one preview at a time.

The Honored Dead.
Actors I wanted who died already.

The Thrill of Illinois.
Where my show would be produced.

Proof a Large Cast can work.
Examples from other Television Series.

TV Series Premiere Announcements.
Compare what I am giving you to what little they gave you.

What is a Presentation Film?
How some shows began.

Letterbox Format Explanation.
What's with those black bars?


I can't put much detailed information here about my Science-Fiction series until production time comes. Until then here are some elements to ponder over. These alone show that my series is a step above most other programs.


How do you get away from the Hollywood crap? You get away from Hollywood!

The fact is about half of the Television Series produced for the major Networks now aren't even filmed in the entire state of California, let alone Hollywood. While the money-men may be there for most of these shows, the real work and talent lies elsewhere. Didn't you know Touched by an Angel is filmed in Utah? Maybe you didn't know Early Edition was produced in Illinois. And The Profiler was produced in Georgia, Dawson's Creek is produced in North Carolina, NoWhere Man was produced in Oregon, SeaQuest DSV was produced in Florida, Christy was produced in Tennessee, etc, etc, etc.

Early Edition
Early Edition
is produced in


Once again Star Trek is the leading culprit with really cheesy fake planets. Going all the way back to the original series, the tradition followed with Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager. On the rare occasion they did go on location, it was usually followed by critical appraise. Babylon 5 NEVER went on location at all. How come Hollywood finds it too expensive to go on location yet low budget shows like Doctor Who and Blake's 7 never had this problem?

Being produced in Illinois, we are geographically located in the center of the country to take advantage of locations in other states, including Canada. Canada is just an hour away from Illinois by plane. On Star Trek: Voyager it takes several hours just to fix Neelix's hair.

I'll remind you that there are forests in Illinois, and Illinois is also known as "The Prairie State". The first alien planet we come across is in Episode 2.

Star Trek cheesy planet
Tasha Yar meets
the Chocolate Monster.


My show will have real alien looking aliens, at least compared to all the Star Trek Bajorans out there now. This means complete rubber masks, full body costumes, complete heads, animatronics, computer animated, and NO Rubber Head Prosthetics.

Gene Roddenberry once claimed in his early proposal versions of Star Trek that some of their aliens may actually have tails. We could. But they never did and never will.



Babylon 5 pretty much covered everything already concerning Telepaths. So it looks like that's a road we won't be traveling down anytime soon. Don't expect to see any on my show.

Interestingly enough, that didn't seem to have stopped Earth: Final Conflict from going down that same road, and I'm sure Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda is following right behind with their own telepaths to suck the crew's emotions dry.

Lyta Alexander
Babylon 5's
Lyta Alexander.
You can't get
much better.


The only Science-Fiction Series to have a Three Hour Movie Premiere was Battlestar Galactica. It's Premiere was going up against the Emmy Awards, the Television Debut of King Kong (big event for 1978), and was also pre-empted half way through because of an historical news announcement. Yet its premiere still obtained incredibly high ratings, and was the fifth highest rated program for the entire week. The show was canceled because of its budget, not because of ratings. Its ratings were so high that CBS panicked, booted Mary Tyler Moore out and rearranged their entire schedule less than one month into the season. They took four of their five top series and formed a wall against Galactica. NBC was too dumb to move, and they lost that entire night in the ratings.

Now I'm not saying we'll get anywhere near that, but it will get you hooked into the show more. Our 3-Hour Premiere will consist of Episodes 1, 2 and 3 back-to-back. They span the first three days of the series.

Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar fleet.

Battlestar Galactica
Starbuck, Adama
and Apollo.

Battlestar Galactica
Battlestar Galactica
on TV Guide.

Still Not Enough?
Another Five More Things to Ponder.

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