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Why PBS?
It's actually the best choice.

Who's who in the PBS system.
Think of it as a cast listing.

Science-Fiction on PBS.
Science-Fiction has aired in abundance on PBS. Take a look.

PBS: The Movie.
And you thought Titanic was good.

Facts to

Don't think it can be done? Take a look here at the past.

Proof that Hollywood isn't that important.
Divided by each State, except for California.

PBS Drinking Game.
If you don't laugh, you don't watch Pledge Drives.

Why "First TV Drama"?
Exploring the website's name.

The PBS Pledge Drive Drinking Game.

When two Worlds collide... The classic Drinking Game combined with the classic PBS Pledge Drive.

Take a Drink when...

  • Someone offers you a Coffee Mug.
  • Someone offers you a Tote Bag.
  • Someone offers you a Program Guide.
  • A local Radio persona hosts the Pledge Drive.
  • A local Newscaster hosts the Pledge Drive.
  • Red Green appears live in the studio.
  • The Pledge Drive host gets the names of the Doctor Who actors mixed up.
  • The Pledge Drive host gets the names of the Doctor Who companions mixed up.
  • A guest-Pledge Drive host pauses to try and remember the station call letters.
  • A guest-Pledge Drive host gives the wrong station call letters.
  • The word "Quality" is used.
  • PBS is referred to as "an experiment".
  • A Pledge Drive host tries to make a crack about the proper plural pronunciation of Doctor Who (Example: Doctor Whose, Doctor Who's, Doctor's Who).
  • The word "Premium" is used to describe the "Gifts".
  • A reference is made to the Television Station's sister NPR Radio Station.
  • The Pledge host reminds you that you are not "buying" the item, it is a "Gift" for your financial support.
  • The station claims they are here for YOU.
  • You are reminded that you can pledge with your Credit Card.
  • Pictures of various Credit Cards appear next to the phone number to call.
  • A reference is made to the lack of "Quality" programming on Network Television.
  • The Gift offered is a VHS tape of the program you just saw.
  • The phrase "active supporter" is used to refer to members.
  • The phrase "passive participant" is used to refer to non-members.
  • The Pledge hosts claim YOU program the station.
  • A Pledge host claims THEY are a member.
  • A Pledge host removes from their wallet the Station's Membership card to prove they are a member.
  • They refer to your Pledge as a "Vote". Examples: "A Vote for Quality Television" and "You Vote with your Dollars".
  • A Pledge host reads about upcoming programs from the Program Guide to convince you it's worth having.
  • You hear the Pledge Hosts attempt humour by saying the exact same things about PBS you heard Red Green say during his Pledge Drives.
  • A group of American Legion volunteers are answering the phones.
  • The "Gift" that is offered has the Station Logo on it.
  • Someone mis-pronounces a Doctor Who Monster's name.
  • You see someone in the background answer the phone, then hang up a few seconds later because someone just prank called them.
  • Someone is seen wearing Red Green suspenders.
  • Someone is seen wearing Doctor Who suspenders.
  • The phrase "Matching Gifts" is used.
  • You see a cute girl answering the phones you would like to call just to talk to her.
  • The "Gift" that is offered can be found at Sam Goody or Music Land for 1/7th the pledge price.
  • The Pledge host claims they were just in your local town last week.
  • The Pledge host has an item that is not offered as a Gift because it was left over from the last Pledge Drive and they only have one left for display.
  • A Pledge host tries to make a joke about the appearance of a Doctor Who Monster. Example: A Doctor Who Monster resembles their neighbor's cat.
  • The Pledge host has a letter in their name. Examples: "H Wayne" or "Wayne R".

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