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  • "Wishbone" had a budget of $500,000 per half-hour episode when they were in Production (according to the PBS magazine "Current"). Two half-hour episodes back-to-back equals a Million Dollar Budget per hour. Yet "Babylon 5" only had a budget as little as $850,000 per hour-long episode early on (as Bruce Boxleitner stated on a TNT Special). This means "Wishbone" had a bigger budget per hour than "Babylon 5".
  • The First Season of any TV Series is the most expensive to produce, with an average Television season consisting of 22 episodes. Yet Wishbone's first season never the less consisted of a high number of 28 half-hour episodes, producing 6 episodes more than usual.
    Babylon 5 Crusade
  • An independant fan-run "Save Babylon 5: Crusade" Website raised over $6,000 just to buy two ads in Newspapers.

  • "Babylon 5" doing 22 episodes per season at $850,000 per episode (as stated by Bruce Boxleitner on a TNT Special) is less than $20 Million for a full year. "Sesame Street" has a yearly annual budget of $20 Million (which they themselves claim when defending why they needed "The Discovery Zone" as their first Sponsor). This means "Sesame Street" had a bigger annual yearly budget than "Babylon 5"'s annual yearly budget during its first season.
    Jack Horkheimer
  • Virtually every second of every five-minute Episode of "Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer" is an Optical Special Effect.
  • "Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer" Episodes are given to the PBS Stations absolutely FREE.

  • During its 12 year run, "Playhouse" produced 218 programs. However, they had a total budget of $213,700,000 during its entire run. This means that "Playhouse" had a budget of $980,000 per episode, which was incredibly huge for a program from the 1980's, and still greater than Babylon 5's 1994 budget.
  • With $213 Million for its 12 year run, "Playhouse" had nearly $14 Million more than the budget of Titanic. If Titanic, the most expensive movie ever made, could make money, than surely with 218 episodes, Playhouse could have at least broken even. Where is that money now? Where did the 218 programs go?

    I'll Fly Away
  • Of the $213,700,000 budget Playhouse had over its 12 year run, $98,900,000 was funded from the PBS Network. At a Million Dollar budget per hour, that shows PBS could have funded more than 8 hour-long episodes a year for 12 years of their own weekly drama series. Sixty-five episodes is what is needed for syndication, where the real money is made, yet PBS already funded the equivelant of 99. You figure it out.
    Jack Horkheimer
  • Virtually every second of every five-minute Episode of "Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer" is an Optical Special Effect, and yet "Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer" Episodes are given to the PBS Stations absolutely FREE. This shows that Special Effects don't HAVE to be expensive, even if they were done on a small level.

  • In November 1998, PBS aired the WGBH presented documentary called "Anatomy of a Homicide", a behind the scenes look at the filming of an episode of Homicide: Life on the Street. Within the 2 hour documentary was broadcasted the complete unedited Homicide episode it is based on. The PBS documentary about the filming of this episode got higher ratings than the NBC broadcast of the actual episode itself.
  • "Anatomy" was so successful, it was released on video, which is odd considering only just 4 of the 122 episodes of the entire Homicide series are on video.
    Lathe of Heaven
  • A Science-Fiction film produced by WNET in 1980, based on a novel by Ursula LeGuin, with the invention of the Internet, a massive fan base for this film kept bugging WNET about it so much, they had to spend two years clearing rights to bring it back.
  • The fan requests of this film was so massive, PBS had to list it among its "Frequently Asked Questions" on their website.

    I'll Fly Away
  • PBS was able to produce a Two-hour Finale Episode of "I'll Fly Away" AND purchase all 39 of the back episodes with absolutely NO Sponsors funding the program at all. ALL of it was paid for entirely by the Corporation For Public Broadcasting alone.
  • I'll Fly Away's 2 hour finale consisted of 98 minutes of actual New footage. That's the equivelant of 4 and 1/2 half-hour episodes (22 minutes of new footage each). The first season of my Blind Girl Series would be 6 to 12 half-hour episodes. Which means CPB alone has already produced the equivelant of 38% to 75% of one of my two shows, without any Sponsors at all. And that's not even counting the money they also spent to purchase the 39 back episodes.
  • "I'll Fly Away" was one of PBS's highest rated programs, yet for an unknown reason they've made no attempt at obtaining another Drama. How... odd.
    Star Trek cast
  • An Alliance of Latino Groups (including the National Hispanic Foundation of the Arts and the National Council of La Raza) called for a week long boycott of the major 4 Networks (ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX) September 1999 due to the lack of Latino Characters on Network Television Series. This would NOT have been a problem with my show.
  • The NAACP is complaining loudly about the lack of Black Characters on new Network shows, which forced the Networks to quickly add Black Actors to the casts at the last minute. This also would NOT have been a problem with my show.
  • PBS promotes themselves on "Diversity". My Science-Fiction Series has THE MOST Diverse cast EVER for a Television Series (And no, I'm not talking about the aliens).

  • When BBC tried to cancel "Doctor Who" in 1985, the American Doctor Who Fan Club raised $1.5 Million to try to offer funding for the program in place of BBC.
  • Fox Network funded the $5 Million "Doctor Who" TV Movie in 1995 because they believed it had an American Audience for it - an Audience that only knew of the Science-Fiction Series through PBS.
  • Because BBC does not have any Sponsors but PBS does, this year's season of PBS's "Zoom" has already collected more money from its Sponsors than Doctor Who had ever received from any Sponsors at all during its entire 26 year run in England.
  • "Doctor Who" has more Websites than George Clooney.
    Red Green
  • In March 2000, it was announced the Series "Red Green" would be making their way to the Theatres with a Theatrical Film. According to the Toronto Sun, production of "Red Green's Duct Tape Forever" will be produced in Ontario with a budget in the $4 Million range. The film will star series cast members Steve Smith, Patrick McKenna, Peter Keleghan, Graham Greene and Gordon Pinsent.
  • Now Think about this. They're putting Four Million Dollars into a Canadian Comedy that airs on PBS? How usual is this? I got a feeling they're a bit bigger of a success on PBS than most people realize. They're spending almost as much on a movie based on a Series as I would need to do the actual first season of my Series itself. They would have only made the movie if they expected a profit, and the majority of the Film's Ticket buyers would be Americans. Which means they could be expecting to make a minimum of Five to Ten Million Dollars from the American PBS audience at least.
  • Iowa Public Television (IPTV) raised 1,141% of their Pledge Drive Goal to purchase Red Green. This means that for every $100 they needed to raise to pay for the show, they actually raised over $1,100.

    CPB Logo
  • In the year 2000, after CPB had spent "just under" $1 Million Dollars in research on a second PBS Network called PBS-2 (similiar to BBC2 in England) and discovering it was possible, the PBS Network decided they didn't want to do that after all. Which means they just wasted a Million Dollars on absolutely nothing.
  • ... and we have to send PBS $35 for a Coffee Mug for what reason?
    Teletubby Po
  • Teletubbies are Baby Aliens!
  • Teletubbies live in a grounded UFO!
  • Can't do Science-Fiction for PBS? You already have!

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