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Never Forget:

Beyond mere "cancelation", these series were screwed!

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Never Forget!

Twin Peaks to The X-Files

    -- TWIN PEAKS --
  • The Series was doing very well in its Thursday Night Timeslot. So well that ABC EXECUTIVES had the brilliant idea to move it to Saturday Nights instead. The Fans complained to ABC in massive letter writing compaigns, and the Series Creator/Producer David Lynch complained publicly during Interviews. Finally deciding to listen to its own viewers (they had to think about that?), ABC did move Twin Peaks back to its Thursday Night Time Slot - for its last episode.
    -- UFO --
    ATV NETWORK aired the episodes out of order, including airing many episodes featuring the character Colonel Paul Foster before his introductory episode was aired, an episode all about him discovering the SHADO organization for the first time to begin with.
  • ATV delayed the last two episodes for nearly two years. Episode 24 aired July 1971, but the last two, episodes 25 and 26, didn't air until March 1973!
    -- V --
  • After the first was a success, NBC NETWORK wanted a second mini-series. Producer Kenneth Johnson told NBC EXECUTIVES they were making a mistake in not doing it as a series of TV Movies instead. But NBC EXECUTIVES insisted they were right. AFTER the deal was made, suddenly they demanded the budget be cut by $5 Million. They kept harrassing the Producers so much that Kenneth Johnson left the mini-series even though he had a 12 hour guaranteed commitment from NBC to do any series he wanted. He purposely gave up a half a million dollars to let NBC know they were screwing up the mini-series. NBC couldn't believe it.
  • The new Producers were able to cut the budget by re-using certain special-effects from the first mini-series (forcing them to rewrite some scenes). Once it aired, it did good enough that NBC wanted to go into production of a weekly series. Again, the new Producers told them that this would be a mistake, but NBC EXECUTIVES insisted they were right. 19 episodes were filmed.
  • 5 episodes into production, all of a sudden NBC pulled $250,000 out of the budget with no explanation, leaving -V- with a smaller budget than "The Fall Guy".
  • During the season, 1 episode was delayed for nearly a year and didn't air until after the series was canceled. The following episode had to be re-edited to close the gap, leaving a story anomally still present today when viewing the episodes.
  • NBC EXECUTIVES kept demanding the writers put a talking car on the show.
  • The Series has an unresolved cliffhanger.
    NETWORK never aired the original color version of the Pilot.
    -- VOYAGERS! --
  • NBC Network canceled Voyagers! after 13 episodes, only to bring it back for another 7 when they were harrassed by a massive fan letter writing campaign. Why can't the Networks just leave Television Shows alone to begin with? They can save a hell of a lot of stamps.
    -- VR.5 --
  • Of only 13 episodes, FOX NETWORK only aired 10.
  • And they aired them out of order.
  • A massive fan campaign convinced people behind the show to do a TV Movie for FOX to continue the series, and it sounds like they even had European Funders, but at the last minute FOX pulled out again. And not surprisingly, while the fans are still here, the President of FOX has changed three times since VR.5 was canceled.
  • To get cheap quick ratings, PARAMOUNT put a bunch of gore in a lot of first season episodes. After the first season, PARAMOUNT EXECUTIVES got rid of the father-son producing team that was heading up the show and replaced them with a moron.
  • The first thing the Moron did was kill off two of the four castmembers, which between the two included the Indian, the Black Guy, the Vietnam Vet, and the Wheel-Chaired guy. This only left the white man and the white woman. The two dead characters were replaced with another white man, leading many fans to question whether the new producer was a racist or not.
  • But that didn't matter, because Moron producer threw out all continuity and dropped the original premise, screwing up the show so much, that the second season didn't even last as many episodes as the first season.
  • In Fact, the two seasons are so different from eachother, that most episode guides list them as two entirely separate series.
    -- WEREWOLF --
  • Werewolf, a half hour Drama, was one of the few hits the FOX NETWORK had on the air during 1987-88. However, FOX EXECUTIVES wanted to expand it from a half hour to an hour. The Producers complained that this would make his Wolf transformations as predictable as Bill Bixby's "Hulk-outs" on The Incredible Hulk. Then they started fighting.
  • FOX EXECUTIVES had some of their affiliates in major cities air the show at rediculous time slots like 3:00 AM in the morning and purposely caused the show to be canceled just to get rid of the producers.
    -- WITCHBLADE --
  • Even mainstream critics are confused as to why TNT NETWORK canceled Witchblade, which apparently has been doing well for the channel.
    -- THE WIZARD --
    There may be unaired episodes.
    -- WOLF LAKE --
  • FOX NETWORK never aired two of the episodes.
    -- WOOPS! --
  • FOX NETWORK never aired three of the episodes.
    -- THE X-FILES --
  • The Producers of both The X-Files and Picket Fences agreed to do a cross-over during a Second Season episode of The X-Files. If you watch these two specific episodes of both shows that aired within two nights of eachother, there are numerous references to the same events in both of them, and David Duchovny's Character Fox Mulder was intended to make an appearance at the Rome, Wisconsin Police Station at the end of the Picket Fences episode. But at the last minute CBS NETWORK EXECUTIVES forced the Producers to drop it, oddly leaving all the cross-over references intact, but replacing Mulder with a Generic FBI Agent making an appearance instead.

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