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Never Forget:

Beyond mere "cancelation", these series were screwed!

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Never Forget!

Space: Above and Beyond to The Transformers

    -- SPACE : ABOVE & BEYOND --
  • FOX NETWORK kept pre-empting the show, including its Premier, and an episode that aired the week TV Guide even did an article about the show with several actors on the cover.
  • Halfway through the season, FOX NETWORK started bouncing the episodes to a Friday Night timeslot instead of its original Sunday night.
  • FOX NETWORK canceled the show after only one season, even though it was getting higher ratings than Babylon 5, Star Trek: Deep Space 9 and Star Trek: Voyager.
  • After 22 episodes aired, everybody thought that the season was over because it went off the air. After two months of NO Broadcasts, FOX EXECUTIVES decided to finally air the last two episodes, with absolutely NO promotion and NO previews. Even die-hard fans missed them. The stupid thing is, FOX NETWORK decided against renewel based on the poor ratings of these little advertised two episodes.
  • But the saddest thing about it all was that these two episodes were very pivotal to the storylines. Of the main six characters, 1 died, 1 was seriously injured, 2 went missing and 2 made it back alone. And the fate of the war went uncertain. And most fans didn't even know they were even produced.
  • Most stations that aired Space Precinct in SYNDICATION aired the program at rediculous time periods. KLJB Fox-18 in Davenport Iowa aired it Saturday mornings at 1:00 AM, while WPIX-11 in New York aired it Saturday mornings at 3:00 AM.
  • Of only 6 episodes produced, CBS NETWORK only aired 4, two of which were pre-empted where I lived because of Football, and those 4 episodes that did air were aired out of order.
    -- SPIDER-MAN --
  • CBS NETWORK aired the second season episodes as fillers for sudden unexpected gaps in their schedules. The only 7 episodes of the second season aired sporadically over the course of Ten Months.
    -- SPY GAME --
  • ABC NETWORK never aired the last 4 episodes.
    -- STARCOPS --
  • Apparently a 10th episode of Starcops was written, but BBC never produced it. Luckily, we still have the first 9 available to PBS.
    -- STAR TREK --
  • NBC NETWORK kept cutting the budget every year to the point to where they had a budget of a Radio Show (according to Bill Shatner).
  • NBC aired early episodes out of order and kept tampering with the show so much that series creator Gene Roddenberry quit after the second season.
  • During its run, NBC bounced it to a Friday night, insisting that was the night and timeslot that has the audience of young people they were looking for, even though the previous show in that timeslot was the Bell Telephone Hour.
  • When UPN NETWORK aired a 30th Anniversary Star Trek Special, PARAMOUNT STUDIOS screwed it up so much, several Key Actors didn't want to do it. One didn't. One would only do a Videotaped segment. And others only agreed on certain conditions. It was hosted by typical Hollywood Sitcom Actors to try to lure in the mainstream general audiences instead of trying to please the core fans who would have tuned in anyway, right?
  • UPN even got Kenny G. to play his Saxaphone for 10 minutes while various stock footage special-effect shots played on a large screen TV in the background to showcase the cutting edge special-effects. Instead, they ended up showcasing Kenny G. music because they wouldn't keep the camera on the special-effects monitor.
  • When promoting the new series "Enterprise", a commercial consisting of a collection of clips of Star Trek's past Captains skipped Deep Space 9 Commander/Captain Benjamin Sisko completely. The PARAMOUNT higher-ups defended this by claiming they just meant to include the more well-known characters in the Star Trek saga because character recognition by the viewer was important to put the new series in perspective. This may have had some merit, if it weren't for the fact that Janeway was included, the Captain on the lowest rated Star Trek series in history (Voyager). Two things resulted from this. The first, due to the complaints of DS9 fans, PARAMOUNT re-edited the commercial to include Sisko in the second broadcast a week later. And the second, since the only Captain not to be included happened to be the only black Captain, the word "Racist" was used a lot.
  • Susan Oliver, best known as Vena the Orion Slave Girl (the original Green Chick herself) wanted to Direct an episode of Star Trek : The Next Generation. PARAMOUNT STUDIOS said no. Now she's dead ! Good going Paramount, you Bastards !
  • In 1992, BBC banned the third season episode "The High Ground" from airing because Data (and Picard?) spoke a throw-away line referencing Terrorist Activity in Northern Ireland.
  • As if the fact that Voyager sucks isn't enough...
  • Starting in 1999, UPN NETWORK started editing up to two solid minutes and more out of the repeat broadcast of each Voyager episode to sell more commercial time, then later started editing the two minutes out of the new episodes as well. This got so severe that the New York Post and Entertainment Weekly wrote articles about the edits.
  • Eventually, UPN announced that the program was going to be permenantly edited down to 42 minutes instead of the usual 45 or so.
  • After wasting millions of Dollars on Voyager while refusing to listen to the complaints of the fans, after the loyal ones tolerated the series for seven years, at the last minute UPN decides to pull a retrospective of the series, which would have consisted of interviews and clips of previous episodes (stock footage), citing it would be too expensive to produce. Apparently UPN Executives don't know how to produce stock footage in an inexpensive way. Huh? That, or they don't want to rewatch the show again to select the key clips to be used.
  • PARAMOUNT EXECUTIVES demanded the ending to the episode "Dear Doctor" be rewritten to remove all conflict and drama, because they wanted everyone to happily agree and love eachother. Unfortunately this resulted in Captain Archer's actions causing the deaths of millions of aliens on a planet. In other words, the Executives felt it was more important to portray Archer as someone who is always right, even if he causes genocide.
  • Enterprise continues the Star Trek tradition of lying and misleading previews, including an episode which falsely gave the illusion that T'Pol was having sex with people, when in the actual episode it was just a brief dream.
  • Paramount Pictures constructed a website to promote their programs for Emmy consideration, where it stated Enterprise was airing on NBC, even though the show airs on UPN. They don't even know what Network they're on.
  • In a three-minute promotional clip for the second season that aired on UPN, they referred to Captain Archer as "Commander" Archer, and actually referred to the original series as Captain Kirk and "Doctor" Spock, confusing the fictional Vulcan character with the famed child expert.
    -- STRANGE LUCK --
  • Even though Strange Luck ran its complete 17 episodes and was canceled, I really don't see it as having been screwed too much, merely "canceled". Never the less, the flood of e-mails below proves FOX NETWORK obviously did something wrong.

    Chance Harper from Strange Luck
    Chance Harper from
    Strange Luck

    Audrey from Strange Luck
    Audrey from
    Strange Luck

    "Strange Luck, starring D.B. Sweeney as Chance (Harper?), a pretty cool and quirky show about this guy who is cursed/blessed with unusual luck in life.
    Series was pre-empted constantly and eventually cancelled, another bummer is that it promised an x-files crossover as Chance's brother who was some shady type of govt agent told him in one episode that if he ever got in big trouble to go to the FBI and contact his 'good friend' Fox Mulder. ah well.


    "One of the best sci-fi series I ever saw was "Strange Luck", starring D.B. Sweeney. The show debuted on FOX on Friday, September 15, 1995 and ran for one complete season of 17 episodes. It was not renewed for a second season due to low ratings, despite a large fan base and Internet-lead renewal campaign. The show also ran on Sci-Fi during the 1997-8 season, and fans continue to ask for the series to be rerun or brought back in some form on Sci-Fi Channel's website."

    -Tom D.

    ""Strange Luck"! This awesome FOX show about a man who was the living embodiment of Murphy's Law--weird things happened to him *every* day--was cancelled after seventeen episodes in February or March of 1996."


    "Strange Luck was axed by Fox before the first season ended, same with Brimstone."

    -Al C.

  • ABC NETWORK canceled Strange World just 3 episodes into the 13 episode season, leaving 10 unaired until the Sci-Fi Channel got them and tried to claim it was a brand new series.
    -- THE TICK --
  • FOX NETWORK bounced the show around the schedule and never aired the last episode.
    -- TIMECOP --
  • ABC NETWORK canceled Timecop 5 episodes into the 9 episode season. They didn't air the remaining 4 episodes until 8 months later.
  • To screw with the Show's Cast and Crew, ABC NETWORK announced that there would be a Second Season of the Series, placed it in its National advertised Schedule, then pulled it at the last minute.
    Sci-Fi Channel
  • SCI-FI CHANNEL airs the episodes out of order, actually skipping entire episodes some times when airing, and edits them to sell more commercial time.

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