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Never Forget:

Beyond mere "cancelation", these series were screwed!

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Never Forget!

The Questor Tapes to Sliders

  • In 1973 Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry created another Science-Fiction Series. Called "The Questor Tapes", it was about an android named "Questor" and an Engineer who befriends him as they try to find out why he is here. Stupid NBC NETWORK EXECUTIVES kept insisting Roddenberry drop the Engineer and just have the series follow just Questor as he's being chased by evil bad guys in every episode, in NBC's endless attempt to water down the intelligence of another TV Series and to recycle another typical 1970's series premise. Gene Roddenberry refused and let the series die. Only the Pilot Movie exists.
    -- ROAR --
  • FOX NETWORK never aired 5 episodes.
    -- SALVAGE 1 --
  • NETWORK never aired the last 4 episodes.
    -- SCI-FI VORTEX --
    Sci-Fi Channel
  • A half-hour Science-Fiction news program on the SCI-FI CHANNEL, this grand show included a segment called the "War Room" where various people in the field of Science-Fiction would discuss the state of television, movies, and Studio's ineptness. The guests included Producers, Writers, Directors, Media Analysts, Studio Heads, and Actors from various Science-Fiction series and Movies. It was such a hit that they had to keep expanding the "War Room" segments.
  • But because the guests involved were bashing Hollywood Sci-Fi instead of praising them, SCI-FI CHANNEL canceled the show.
    -- SEAQUEST DSV --
  • During the first season of SeaQuest, Steven Speilberg went out of his way to declare SeaQuest was NOT Science-Fiction, it was in fact "Science-FACTion", or "Science-Future". And if you dare label the show Science-Fiction, he'll come after you !
  • After the first season was done, NBC EXECUTIVES insisted on new Directive's. They immediately killed off half the cast and replaced them with "Younger & Sexier" characters. They also moved production from California to Florida to take advantage of nearby SeaWorld (which they only did in the closing credits), and to give them more shots of girls in bikinis to lure in that all too important Baywatch audience.
  • They also threw out all Science-Faction/Science-Future Speilberg kept babbling about (who easily went along with it, the wuss), beginning with removing Technical Consultant Oceanographer Robert Ballard from the ending credits who would end the first season episodes with a little educational segment placing the episodes in its Scientific context. And Bob Ballard knew what he was talking about. He found the Titanic.
  • The first season dealt with Eco-Terrorists and Lost Submersibles and SeaQuest performing Scientific experiments (it was after all being converted from a Military Vessel to a Research Vessel). NBC EXECUTIVES screwed it up, giving us second season stories including Man-Eating-Plants, 200 foot long Crocodiles, giant fire breathing Earth Worms, aliens (on a Submarine?), ESP, androids, telepathy and even a battle with the Greek Roman God of the sea Neptune.
  • The Educational Segments over the ending credits were replaced with the actors talking about Otters from nearby SeaWorld. Halfway through the second season, NBC NETWORK dropped these entirely and used this space to promote NBC comedies (which also didn't last).
  • Of the second season of 22 episodes, NBC NETWORK pre-empted 18 of them, usually because of Sports. Only 3 episodes ever repeated, at least one of which was also pre-empted. One episode was aired out of order.
  • The second season was so drastically different (and stupid) from the first that Roy Shieder himself wanted out of the show, and wasn't afraid to let people know it by trashing his own show during interviews.
  • After screwing up the show, it was picked up for a third season only because the Producers promised NBC they could save it, and because at the last minute NBC had discovered that a show they had wanted about a truck was actually no good. Also, SeaQuest had the core demographics of male viewers that NBC needed to combat those female sitcoms of their competitors.
    -- SEAQUEST 2032 --
  • The Premise of SeaQuest changed again. While the first season's premise was based on Science-FACT, and the second season was based on silly 'Sci-Fi', the third season's premise now had the theme - WARRR ! ! !
  • Retitled "SeaQuest 2032" and bounced to a new night, Roy Shieder happily left, returning for only 3 episodes. The Emmy winning theme music was dropped for something different to reflect the new attitude. And Steven Speilberg himself abandoned the show. His name now no longer appeared anywhere in the credits, which explains why the Sci-Fi Channel airs the first two Speilberg seasons intact and in their proper order, but the third season airs out of order and edited to sell more commerical time.
  • Two more main characters were dropped who between them had 3 years on the show. Their absense was only summed up with the throw away line "We lost some friends". A new Captain was introduced, along with a new character. The Educational Segments were dropped entirely. The third season was a combination of the first season's Science-Fact and the second season's Action Adventure. It even went so far as to flood the episodes with an incredible sense of continuity, which is the number one most important thing to Science-Fiction fans. But it was too late.
  • Out of only 13 episodes, NBC only aired 10. They too were aired out of order and included several more pre-emptions. They never went more than 2 or 3 episodes before being delayed another week or two. This included the episode that NBC announced all day long it was not going to be on because of an Exclusive post-trial interview with O.J. Simpson. The interview never took place and nobody tuned in to watch SeaQuest because they thought it wasn't going to be on. The episode opened with Dan Rather apologizing.

    Sci-Fi Channel
  • Due to the fact that the SCI-FI CHANNEL is late with even catching up, Jules Verne is airing on the SCI-FI CHANNEL on such a delay from its original production (and broadcasts in other countries), even the opening credits say "1999" when the show premiered on SFC in January, 2001.
    -- THE SENTINEL --
    UPN Paramount
  • Knowing that 65 episodes is usually considered the required number of episodes needed for Syndication, UPN NETWORK canceled The Sentinel after 50 some episodes, even though PARAMOUNT STUDIOS had already sold the back episodes to SCI-FI CHANNEL. So PARAMOUNT STUDIOS purposely canceled a show through their own NETWORK that they were making Money on. WHY?!
  • The Fans flooded UPN NETWORK with so many letters and E-Mails that UPN began returning the letters unopened and unread. But they did finally reluctantly agreed on a new season of The Sentinel - for 8 whole episodes! The number needed to bring it up to 65.
  • NETWORK never aired the last 4 episodes.
    -- SLIDERS --
    FOX Sci-Fi Channel TV Guide
  • The first season was a mid-season replacement for the FOX NETWORK (only 10 episodes). FOX NETWORK aired them out of order every chance they could, resulting in most episodes picking up and concluding a 'cliffhanger' weeks before the cliffhanger itself actually aired. Nevertheless, it caught an audience.
  • The Producers kept trying to put on the series the recurring character "Bennish", who was in the Pilot, but FOX EXECUTIVES insisted they drop him, losing a taste of more continuity.
  • The season actually ended with a cliffhanger where main character Quinn Mallory was shot and a new Slider (X-File's Ratboy Krycek) potentially joined the cast.
  • FOX picked it up a year later as another mid-season replacement (13 episodes). The producer wanted to resolve the cliffhanger but FOX NETWORK EXECUTIVES didn't want him to. They thought the viewers would be too stupid to remember the cliffhanger anyway. The producer had to fight them just to wind things up in the Teaser, but even then most of those scenes with the 'fifth Slider' were cut as he was left behind on a new world.
  • FOX EXECUTIVES insisted on a bit more goofiness, resulting in episodes about Mystics, Dinosaurs, Cowboys and Aliens. The show went down hill.
  • FOX realized it had an audience anyway and picked it up for a third season, the show's first full season. The season kicked off with an incredibly dull boring episode filled with gun fights and lame action. By this point actor John Rhys-Davies started complaining loudly. He didn't like the direction the show was going, which was now doing "Twister World" and "Zombie World" stories stolen from various bad movies. John Rhys-Davies had some ideas of his own but the producers wouldn't do them. Instead, they introduced some pointless story about his character dying of some rare blood disease. This never went anywhere and they soon dropped it without an explanation.
  • They then killed John Rhys-Davies off the show, replacing him with someone "younger and sexier" (Kari Wuhrer), which made it a bit more obvious when FOX NETWORK aired another episode out of order.
  • FOX NETWORK canceled the show, leaving the series with another unconcluded cliffhanger.
  • The SCI-FI CHANNEL bought the back 48 episodes and realized that had the show gone on just one more season, they would have had enough episodes to air 5 times a week, so they picked up a fourth season. (Never underestimate Hollywood's Greed).
  • They dropped Wade Wells so the Star-turned-Producer could hire his brother as a castmember. SCI-FI CHANNEL picked up a fifth season (its last), now dropping the two lead stars, and introducing some silly recurring story about a Mad-Scientist apparently obsessed with destroying every world.
  • SCI-FI CHANNEL canceled the show again, leaving the series with another unconcluded cliffhanger.
  • TV GUIDE, in their infinite knowledge with television, would occasionally refer to Sliders as a "Time-Travel series".

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