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Never Forget:

Beyond mere "cancelation", these series were screwed!

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Never Forget!

Lone Gunmen to Quantum Leap

    -- LONE GUNMEN --
  • FOX NETWORK aired the episodes out of order, resulting in an out of sequence broadcast of an episode AFTER the season finale cliffhanger.
  • FOX bounced the show to a new night just one episode after its premiere. It kept alternating back and forth from Fridays to Sundays for half its run.
  • The series has an unresolved cliffhanger.
    -- MANN & MACHINE --
  • In the middle of the 9 episode season, NBC NETWORK went nearly two months without airing it at all.
    -- M.A.N.T.I.S. --
  • FOX NETWORK never aired the last two episodes, including the finale.
  • FOX revamped the series so much from the Pilot episode, that it's offered separately from the back episodes.
    -- MAX HEADROOM --
  • In the middle of the season, ABC NETWORK went many months without airing it at all.
  • ABC NETWORK never aired 1 episode.
    -- MERCY POINT --
  • UPN NETWORK canceled the show after only 2 episodes aired.
  • UPN NETWORK never aired one episode.
  • NBC NETWORK pre-empted one episode.
  • NBC NETWORK never aired one episode.
    Sci-Fi Channel
  • The SCI-FI CHANNEL canceled the show. That's just plain Evil.
    TV Guide
  • The night it premiered, TV GUIDE (at least where I lived) wrongfully listed the show as a Repeat instead of a Premiere.
  • While its completely understandable that an hour-long episode (comprised of two half-hours) was pre-empted due to the World Trade Center attack two days prior, it doesn't explain why the FOX NETWORK did not air three full episodes (comprised of six half-hour episodes).
    -- NOWHERE MAN --
  • UPN NETWORK started tampering with the direction of the show halfway through the first season. Then the ratings began to go down after they tampered with it. So UPN NETWORK canceled it. (You don't leave behind witnesses !)
    -- THE OTHERS --
  • NBC NETWORK aired the episodes out of order.
  • After a four year successful run, NBC NETWORK canceled the show out of the blue, not even allowing the Producers to wrap up any storylines with a final episode. While this is common with Science-Fiction to be screwed, The Pretender was a successful show, and had been on NBC for four years. This of course lead to TNT airing several Pretender TV Movies. We'll wait and see if TNT butchers it like they did Crusade.
    -- THE PRISONER --
  • CBS NETWORK never aired 1 episode, which featured a character pivotal to the series finale.
    -- QUANTUM LEAP --
  • NBC NETWORK kept bouncing the show around the schedule, eventually having the series almost air every night of the week steadily during its five year run. This included placing the show on a Friday night, where it got its lowest ratings ever. Fans had to flood NBC offices with letters before they would move it again.
  • NBC NETWORK delayed 1 episode from one season into the next before it finally aired.

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