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Never Forget:

Beyond mere "cancelation", these series were screwed!

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Never Forget!

Fortune Hunter to Lexx.

  • Of only 5 episodes produced, FOX NETWORK pre-empted at least 3 of them.
    -- FREEDOM --
  • UPN NETWORK never aired at least 3 episodes, possibly more.
    -- FRIDAY THE 13th : THE SERIES --
    Sci-Fi Channel
  • SCI-FI CHANNEL cut off the opening sequence off the old episodes that explains who Uncle Lewis Vendretti is and how the cursed antiques came to be. They cut it off to sell more commercial time.
    -- FUTURAMA --
  • As reported by Ain't it Cool and confirmed by the TV Guide, FOX NETWORK pulled a Christmas episode ("A Tale of Two Santas") at the last minute for being too violent. Two things immediately come to mind. The first, too violent for FOX? What the hell was in this episode? The second, doesn't the Network approve scripts for a television program prior to their going in production? How many fights with Network Executives have we heard about over stories and scripts yet to be produced? So what happened? CBS takes on Harlan Ellison over unfilmed scripts of the 1980's Twilight Zone revival, but FOX lets a million dollar cartoon produce anything and isn't aware of the content until just prior to broadcast? There's something missing here.

    Obviously from fan reaction below, even Science-Fiction cartoons aren't immune from being screwed by Hollywood.


    Leela on Futurama.

    "Futurama was given a bum timeslot by Fox....constantly pre-empted, etc......"

    -Michael K.

    "This last season had Futurama and several other Fox Sunday night shows screwed. The Season premiere for God's sake got delayed because of football on the East Coast. At 7:25, viewers were treated with the opening theme and then a commercial. After the commercial "We join this program already in progress". WTF? We got to see the last 3 minutes! Of the season premiere! And for the rest of the NFL season, Futurama was pre-empted or not shown at all."

    -Liz B.

    -- GALACTICA : 1980 --
  • All the replacements for Battlestar Galactica failed, so ABC NETWORK forced Universal and Glen Larson to bring back the series. Universal and Larson didn't want to, but ABC made them. The result was Galactica : 1980.
  • After a three part premier, ABCpicked up the show for more episodes. Gone was everything the fans loved. In its place were stories about a group of Galactican children on Earth learning about Farming, Baseball and even Polution ! The Cylons were virtually gone, and only Lorne Greene from the original cast came back. He still had hopes for the show. He was tricked.
  • Writers Allan Cole and Chris Bunch were forced into the role of Story Editors on the show by Universal. They HAD to take the job or they would not be allowed to work on future projects. Rooting for the show to fail, they put a sign near their trailer door that said "13", indicating that when the ratings got down to a 13 share the show would be canceled. ABC NETWORK let it drop down to a 9.
  • Considering everybody wanted Battlestar Galactica to survive and ABC canceled it in the top 20 of the ratings, nobody wanted to do Galactica 1980 and ABC didn't cancel it until it was in the bottom 20 of the ratings.
  • Galactica 1980 was canceled in mid-production of an episode. However, after it was canceled, ABC aired the final episode - "The Return of Starbuck" - the best episode of the series.
    Sci-Fi Channel
  • The Producers apparently knew it was going to be a Limited Series but they went ahead and purposely filmed a Cliffhanger knowing that it would never be concluded.
  • SCI-FI CHANNEL and VIDEO CASETTE Versions have been severily edited from the original CBS broadcast. Entire episodes have been dropped and edited out, including an episode which featured a Cameo Appearance by Stephen King himself. Both the SCI-FI CHANNEL and VIDEO CASSETTE versions also feature an alternate ending instead of the original cliffhanger so that the series now ends on an uppy hip-hoppity happy-crappy Star Trek ending where everybody's okay now and we're all friends now so we can put aside our indifferences and our guns now and hug now, okay? I love you. Hold me.
  • High School Teacher Ralph Hinkley reluctantly fights crime with the help of FBI Agent Bill Maxwell when aliens give him a Supersuit with SuperPowers. Then one day in 1981 during Production, a real man named John Hinckley shot President Reagon. Either the ABC NETWORK or the STUDIOS decided to change the Teacher's name to "Hanley" by redubbing some lines of dialogue in old episodes and changing dialogue in new episodes being filmed. Eventually, they stopped trying to change his name and left it alone. Today when you watch the series, his name sporadically changes back and forth throughout the episodes.
  • ABC NETWORK never aired the last four episodes.
  • Apparently for a long time in Syndication the original 2 hour Pilot Movie was not available, but an unsold Pilot for The Greatest Amercian Heroine was.
  • CBS NETWORK or the Producers (depending on what story you hear) changed the main character's name from "Bruce Banner" to "David Banner" for the television series because they thought viewers would believe he was gay if his name was Bruce. This was the only time "David Banner" was ever used in relation to The Incredible Hulk character.
    -- HARSH REALM --
  • FOX NETWORK canceled the show after only 3 episodes aired.
  • FOX NETWORK never aired the last SIX of the Nine Episodes.
    -- HOLMES & YO-YO --
  • ABC NETWORK delayed the show for eight months before finally airing the last two episodes.
    -- HYPERNAUTS --
  • NETWORK never aired the last 5 out of only 13 episodes produced.
    -- JOHN DOE --
  • FOX NETWORK pre-empted one episode at least twice before finally airing it on the third attempt.
  • FOX NETWORK did not air 1 episode.
    -- LEVEL 9 --
  • UPN NETWORK never aired at least 2 episodes, possibly more.
    -- LEXX --
    Sci-Fi Channel
  • Assuming you count the original four TV Movies as the "first season", which the SCI-FI CHANNEL skipped entirely for the longest time, the SCI-FI CHANNEL aired most second season episodes out of order.
  • When the SCI-FI CHANNEL begun airing the television series, they began by jumping several episodes into the season first, only to start over again from episode one a month or two into the broadcasts. They had to specifically promote this as "View Lexx from the beginning" to help newer viewers understand what was happening.
  • SCI-FI CHANNEL, in their infinite wisdom who obviously knows what's best for us fans, decided that the story of the two episodes "The Net" and "The Web" was so close to eachother, they decided not to air one at all. If the SCI-FI CHANNEL really cared about us that much to not air episodes that were too much alike, they wouldn't have aired many second season episodes of War of the Worlds, whose new Producers recycled many elements already dealt with in the first season. If they ever obtain rights to the newer Star Trek series, do you think they'll use this excuse to not air all of those Holodeck Malfunctions, Time Travel, and Quantum Flux anamoly episodes?

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