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Never Forget:

Beyond mere "cancelation", these series were screwed!

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Never Forget!

Brisco County Jr. to The Flash.

  • FOX NETWORK delayed 1 episode. In fact, it was delayed so much that they had to film new 'Bookends' to the episode and air it as a flashback. It was actually the 3rd hour produced and the 22nd hour to air.
  • During its one season FOX NETWORK bounced it to a new night.
    Money Men
  • Captain Power, one of the most original Science-Fiction series ever, had an interactive toy system that actually worked with the show. The problem was Mattel, who funded the series, had over-sold the toys. So even if the show had went into a second season, the original toys would still be sitting on the toy store shelves. So Mattel pulled out for the second season. The Producer fought hard to keep the show on the air, even acquiring all legal rights to the show himself. But the show was over. Several of the people who worked on the show went on to do Babylon 5, including J. Michael Straczynski. This is why they refused to merchandise Babylon 5. Virtually no B5 toys existed until they were in their fifth and last season.
  • ABC NETWORK never aired the last episode.
  • ABC NETWORK never aired almost half the episodes.
    -- CUPID --
  • Here's a surprise, ABC NETWORK never aired the last episode. But on the plus side, according to the writers the episode did air in Israel. Somewhere.
    -- DARK SKIES --
  • NBC pre-empted the penultimate episode and the season finale by 9 weeks.
  • NBC NETWORK kept pre-empting, then finally canceled Dark Skies, the only program that was in NBC's 'Thrillogy' line-up that (surprise!) was NOT owned in whole or in part by NBC.
  • Dark Skies was replaced by 'Wind on Water', which I believe was canceled after just one broadcast.
    -- DOCTOR WHO --
  • Many of the older episodes of Doctor Who were lost, some by accident and some intentionally destroyed by the BBC when they were trying to remove the show's Black and White Era from people's memory. In 1992 there was 110 missing 30-minute Doctor Who episodes.
  • In September 1977, while the Doctor Who Appreciation Society were negotiating with the BBC to borrow prints of the William Hartnell episode "Galaxy Four" for their first covention, the BBC destroyed all copies, as their purge of B&W Doctor Who continued.
  • In 1979 the Doctor Who episode "Shada" stopped production due to a technician's strike. By the time it could resume, all the actors were off doing other things. The Producer tried to find a way to salvage what they had shot, but BBC refused. To this day "Shada" is the only incomplete and unaired episode of Doctor Who ever.
  • On February 27th (Wednesday), 1985 an evil BBC EXECUTIVE named Michael Grade canceled Doctor Who. So many fans complained that the phones wouldn't stop ringing. Former Doctor Who actors showed up at BBC offices to help answer the phones.
  • When British reporters contacted then-Doctor Who companion Nicola Bryant (Peri) and asked her about "the death of Doctor Who", she broke down crying. Not having heard of the cancelation, she thought that actor Colin Baker who played Doctor Who had died.
  • BBC received over 80,000 complaints by letter and telephone about the cancelation.
  • The American Doctor Who Fan Club united all the fans and raised $1.5 Million to bring the show back. BBC refused.
  • BBC NETWORK replaced Doctor Who with a show that never came as close to half the ratings Doctor Who was getting. Later, they discovered that Doctor Who repeats were getting higher ratings than the other shows they tried to replace it with.
  • 18 months later BBC brought it back.
  • In 1987(?), when BBC wanted to introduce the 7th Doctor Who, they filmed the regeneration scene with a look-a-like, not allowing the 6th Doctor (Colin Baker) to return to film his own death scene.
  • In 1989, BBC canceled the show again.
  • In the early 90's, the fans were placed under a moment of terror when Steven Spielberg almost acquired rights to take over the series, when it was discovered that he wanted the ability to refilm the older episodes to his liking.
  • In 1993, to celebrate the series 30th anniversary, BBC1 allowed a 50 minute documentary to be produced just months prior to the anniversary. Less than two weeks before airing in November, BBC cut out a very great deal of the best of the footage in an attempt to "Dumb-It-Down" for the "average person" instead of the loyal fans, who would have tuned in anyway. They removed interviews of actors, actresses, writers and musicians who were involved with the series going back to 1963 (including a segment with the current (7th) Doctor at the time). Also thrown out were special recreations of scenes from classic episodes from the 60's and 70's, including the Dalek Emporor set, which hadn't been seen on the series since the 1960's, from an episode that I believe is still lost today.
  • In the mid 1990's, an American Science-Fiction Magazine (Starlog?) refered to one of the actors as 'the late Nicholas Courtney', when in fact he was still alive.
  • In a Promotional ad for Early Edition, CBS NETWORK put the wrong cat in the picture.
    See for yourelf by Clicking Here. (Opens a New Window).
    Money Men
  • They killed off their number one lead actor after just one year. They didn't tell him until weeks before production of the second season.
    -- EARTH 2 --
  • NBC NETWORK kept insisting on so many different directions, the show was delayed in its broadcast, not airing until several months into the season.
  • Of 22 episodes, NBC pre-empted over half of them.
  • NBC only repeated two out of twenty-two episodes.
  • NBC aired many of them out of order, including the series finale cliffhanger, still airing several new out-of-sequence episodes after the cliffhanger was broadcast.
    -- FARSCAPE --
    Sci-Fi Channel
  • After picking up the show for a fifth season, the Sci-Fi Channel backed out and canceled Farscape while the fourth season was only half aired, claiming it was low rated and too expensive, even though it was their second highest rated show on the air, and the expense only went up because they had purchased rights to repeat the episodes more often. The highest rated show (Stargate SG-1) was expected to be in its last season, and would be off the air by the time Farscape's fifth season would have premiered. The show's cancelation caused a massive immediate fan response over the internet that was reported by CNN Headline News. Sci-Fi Channel refused to comment on the situation, and the news was actually broken by the Producers in a chat room.
    -- FIRST WAVE --
    Sci-Fi Channel
  • Due to the ever increasing lateness of the Sci-Fi Channel, First Wave is a year ahead in airing in the rest of the world than the Sci-Fi Channel here. Which means by the time the show was ready to begin production of a fourth season, the Sci-Fi Channel only just premiered the third. And since foreign countries and Canadian production companies often wait to see how it does in America first before they go ahead with it, due to the Sci-Fi Channel running behind, and therefore not commiting to the actual production schedule, many shows could be canceled even when they're a success. The Sci-Fi Channel has got to stop dragging behind on things.
    -- FIREFLY --
  • Even though the first broadcast is usually the highest rated episode of a series, the FOX NETWORK decided to pre-empt the two-hour series movie premiere instead to air a regular single self-contained hour-long episode. Even if the two-hour premiere sucked, a two-hour movie would have generated more ratings for this (expected) high-rated premiere than a single hour would have. In other words, FOX purposely lost ratings, at the same time they confused viewers who didn't understand the background of the show and some characters that was set up, introduced and explained in the two-hour pilot movie.
  • FOX NETWORK pre-empted one episode two times before finally airing it on their third attempt.
    -- THE FLASH --
  • CBS NETWORK kept airing the episodes out of order so much, the producers were forced to drop a recurring character.
  • CBS pre-empted several episodes (including the one with Billy Mumy).
  • Halfway through its run, CBS bounced it to a new night.

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