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Never Forget:

Beyond mere "cancelation", these series were screwed!

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Never Forget!

3rd Rock from the Sun to Blake's 7.

  • Although most people don't consider it "Science-Fiction", and it was actually considered a successful show, the fact that the premise of the series concerned Science-Fiction elements may explain why NBC NETWORK has bounced the show around the schedule so much, the show has the dubious distinction of appearing in 18 different time slots during its run. That's more than any other show in TV history. And it's about aliens.
    -- ALIEN NATION --
  • FOX NETWORK aired 1 episode out of order.
  • FOX canceled the show but under estimated the strength the show had and tried to replace it with cheaper shows as they attempted to expand their network to another night of programming. The other shows never did as good and failed miserably so much that FOX had to pull out and delay their plans until the next year and had to apologize to all their affiliates who suddenly had several new vacant hours to fill.
    -- ALL SOULS --
  • UPN NETWORK never aired at least 1 episode, and possibly many, many more.
  • CBS NETWORK pre-empted the show for about six months in the middle of the season.
  • CBS never aired the last 2 episodes.
    -- ANDROMEDA --
    Money Men
  • Andromeda star Kevin Sorbo, who's an idiot, demanded that Executive Producer and head writer Robert Hewitt Wolfe be fired. Wolfe is also the developer of the show. Wolfe was the man who turned Gene Roddenberry's Arby's napkin scribbles into a television series. To quote Sorbo: "Robert is a genius, but he was writing stories too complex and too complicated for the rest of us to follow." In other words, the head writer and man responsible for getting the show on the air and making it the "Highest Rated syndicated action show" as it was advertised, is now suddenly wrong. To put it in more words, Wolfe was writing stories that viewers could follow but Kevin Sorbo couldn't, and he had him fired. Needless to say, after the removal of Wolfe, the program received "record lows" in the ratings. Or to quote Media analyst Marc Berman: "The ongoing erosion of sophomore Andromeda this season was the biggest surprise of the first-run weekly hours." Well, it wasn't a surprise to all the upset fans.
  • Kevin Sorbo continues his ruining of Andromeda by constantly changing the direction of the show. After already announcing the show "needs more humour", he then followed that with the announcement that it needs more "hand-to-hand stuff, the Jackie Chan style of fighting", plus "the right amount of explosions to keep all the sci-fi geeks happy." He then later backed this up after the ratings fall with "It's not being promoted enough". Forget it Sorbo, you don't know what you're doing.
  • Tribune Broadcasting also forced some changes with the show, including the removal of an entire character, and alterations to several more, upsetting still more fans.
    -- AUTOMAN --
  • ABC NETWORK never aired 1 episode.
    -- BABYLON 5 --
    Warner Brothers
  • In the first season, WARNER BROTHERS forced the Producers to put a brand-name Motorcycle on the show to please an advertiser by giving them product placement.
  • They fired Michael O'Hare after one season.
  • From the very beginning, everybody knew about the show's five year story-arc they had worked out in advance.
  • Every year WARNER BROTHERS would wait until just days before the cancelation deadline to renew it. In 1997 WARNER BROTHERS finally canceled it four years into the five-year story-arc.
  • - even though at the time they had already worked out a deal with TNT to purchase the back episodes, which means a fifth season would have been Guaranteed Profit !
  • - even though TNT also worked out a deal for a series of Babylon 5 TV Movies (More Profit !).
  • - even though they had already been in talks with the Producers for a spin-off series AND a theatrically released Babylon 5 motion picture (More Profit !).
  • - even though the episodes were just now being released on Video Cassette (More Profit !).
  • - even though only just now were Babylon 5 merchandise beginning to be made (More Profit !).
  • - plus the Fact that with Babylon 5 airing 5 times a week on TNT, more people would tune in to see the new fifth season to get a glimpse of what is to come (More Ratings).
  • - plus the Fact that even casual viewers would have tuned in to see the final episode, knowing full well that Babylon 5 will get blown up real good, promising a high rated series finale and quite possibly the highest rated episode of the program ever (had it stayed in Syndication).
  • - plus the Fact that when the show was canceled, its ratings had actually gone up by 14%.
  • Yet WARNER BROTHERS canceled it. WHY?
  • Luckily, TNT saved it. But then They went stupid.
  • Anybody out there know why there's an "Old Emperor Mollari" Doll, but not a Doll or Action Figure of Commander Sinclair?
    -- BABYLON 5: CRUSADE --
    TNT Sci-Fi Channel
  • In mid-production, TNT NETWORK cut back the original order from 22 episodes down to 13 when the Producers refused to dumb down the show with wrestling and sex.
  • Then TNT screwed over the fans by canceling the show before it even premiered, making Crusade generally accepted to be the first series in the history of television to be canceled before anyone even had a chance to watch. How come they don't do this stuff with cop shows?
  • When the fans found out and complained, TNT insisted that if the show does well, they will seriously consider picking it up for more episodes. Yet once TNT started advertising the series, they promoted it as "A Limited Series".
  • Already into production, TNT insisted on some early changes, including the changing of the uniforms, causing the original airing order to be altered with the addition of new episodes.
  • Later, because the season was unexpectedly cut short from 22 to 13 by TNT, more changes still had to be made to the airing order when episodes that were supposed to be inbetween the first 13 produced were never made at all.
  • When TNT demanded new episodes air upfront, work was done to reconfigure the running order to accomodate the changes, only to have TNT air those episodes out of order, too.
  • TNT's commercials promoting Crusade included scenes taken from early seasons of Babylon 5.
  • TNT kept insisting on an "intro" episode because they claimed they were never going to air the movie prior to the series, only to repeat the movie one week prior to the series premiere. Though admittedly JMS's idea of not bothering with an intro episode instead choosing just to "jump right in" the series already in progress was one of the dumbest things Straczynski ever did. But his career ain't over yet so he might make some more mistakes.
  • TNT mysteriously "forgot" to send out a review copy of the pilot movie to most reporters, despite the fact that copies of all three earlier Babylon 5 movies were sent to the press. This makes it more odd by the fact that "A Call to Arms" was considered to be the best among the TV Movies by the reviewers who did get a copy.
  • When the January TV critics press tour came around, TNT listed a "Crusade" panel as part of its plans. Straczynski and his cast would appear before critics to answer questions about the new show. At the last minute, TNT canceled the panel, with publicists saying the network wanted to wait until the July press tour. But that made no sense if "Crusade" was set to premiere in June. Networks want to get the most press before a new series premieres, not a month later.
  • One TNT commercial for the series referred to the ship "Excalibur" as the "Victory", which was the name of the sister ship destroyed in the pilot movie prior to the series.
  • The SCI-FI CHANNEL tried to pick up both Crusade and the Babylon 5 reruns when Crusade was canceled by TNT in early 1999, however TNT was charging an extremely high price to release their airing rights to the shows and the SCI-FI CHANNEL was unable to find the money to buy them. Recent information has indicated that TNT was intentionally charging an unreasonable price in order to keep Crusade from being picked up by another network, because if the show was a success on another network, the suits at TNT who had canceled it would have been in big trouble.
  • Norway continued to keep the TNT tradition alive by also airing Crusade in the wrong order. TNT was so insistent with having an intro episode that explained everything up front, Norway television (TV Norge) decided to air the first episode second, and the eleventh episode first. Huh?
  • And now that it's been announced that the SCI-FI CHANNEL will be airing the series (why they didn't purchase it with Babylon 5 a year earlier to begin with is beyond comprehension), they also revealed the airing order, announcing the first introductory episode as the twelveth of the thirteen episodes to air. Huh? Sure, they chose this order because this is what series creator J. Michael Straczynski had decided on, but worst yet it was placed in order as he states "as best I could remember it when they called and asked". Good God, he's f*cking up the entire series order because of his bad memory. You know, I don't care if Straczynski himself wants the series aired out of order (as it appears he does), but to air the episode in which the crew meet for the very first time and board the ship for the very first time as the second to last episode is the most stupidest thing in the world. On the plus side, we get to see Captain Gideon meet Captain Lochley for the first time TWICE?!?!?!?!
  • Originally intended as a series of TV Movies, already into production ABC NETWORK decided to expand it into a weekly series instead. The show had very little planning time, interferrence by ABC EXECUTIVES, and the largest budget for a television series at the time. But the producers pulled it off. ABC NETWORK showed them their gratitude by pre-empting the 3 hour premier.
  • ABC EXECUTIVES kept interferring by insisting on gimmick stories like "Shane in Space" and "The Towering Inferno in Space".
  • Battlestar Galactica had such high class actors as Lorne Green (fresh off of Bonanza), an unknown named Jane Seymour, and well known guest-stars including Lew Ayres, Ray Milland, Rick Springfield, Red West, Patrick Macnee, Roy Thinnes, Dan O'Herlihy, Britt Ecklund, Lloyd Bridges, Brock Peters (To kill a Mockingbird), Ray Bolger (Wizard of Oz), Edward Mulhare and even Fred Astaire ! The Producers even had Isaac Asimov set to join the show for the second season. So ABC canceled the show even though it was in the top 20 of the ratings. Why?
  • ABC was airing Mork & Mindy at the time, and being a cheap comedy, thought "See. That's what good Science-Fiction is suppose to be !", so they moved Mork & Mindy from Thursdays and into Battlestar's Sunday night timeslot. But because ABC NETWORK had overlooked how powerful Battlestar was actually doing (in the top 20. You think they would have noticed that), Mork & Mindy never did as good in the ratings as Battlestar did, so ABC lost Sunday night in the ratings. Not only that, they lost Thursday night too. ABC had to move Mork & Mindy back to Thursday and try to rebuild that night, but because they also canceled The Hardy Boys, another Glen Larson series at the time, they still didn't have anything to put in Sunday either.
    Sci-Fi Channel
    In their infinite wisdom, the SCI-FI CHANNEL has decided to f*ck over all Battlestar fans by greenlighting a mini-series that throws out all established history of the show and "revision" everything from scratch, pissing off all fans everywhere.
  • CBS NETWORK wanted to lure in the male audience that Beauty and the Beast was NOT getting, so they threw out the romance and love stories that got the show into the third season to begin with (but with a female audience) and replaced them with gun fights and action. They killed the Beauty on the show, then had the Beast pursue her rich phsyco killer. They bounced it to a Friday night, then canceled the show in its third season after just 12 episodes.
    Sci-Fi Channel
  • Putting aside the fact that the show is crap, SCI-FI CHANNEL delayed the show for so long, it premiered in 2001 with episodes dated 1999.
    -- BLAKE'S 7 --
  • BBC EXECUTIVES and critics alike both hated Blake's 7, but that didn't change the fact that it was one of BBC's higher rated shows. Even after Blake himself left the show after the second season, the show still kept going strong.
  • BBC EXECUTIVES insisted to the Producers that the 3rd season would be its last. So in the finale the producers killed Blake, they killed their number one adversary, blew up the ship and left everybody stranded on an alien planet with fierce monsters. Cast and crew went home.
  • As everybody involved with production of the show sat at home and watched the final episode air, they all knew it was over. Then as the ending credits started playing, the BBC voice-over announced that Blake's 7 was going to return for a fourth season.
  • A Fourth Season? But we killed Blake ! We blew up the ship ! We even killed our major adversary ! What do we do now?
  • When talk came around in England of doing a reunion movie, the British Media reported that Paul Darrow, who played Avon, "would return to play Blake". Huh? This is like reporting that William Shatner would be playing Spock.

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