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The Thrill of Illinois:

Beyond mere bad roads, explore the awe of Illinois.
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The Thrill of Illinois: Little Egypt.

Is Little Egypt a real town? Maybe not. But it was real for a short time in December 1963 when the Producers of the hit television series "The Fugitive" made it a reality with the episode "The Girl from Little Egypt".

The Fugitive
(The Fugitive)

"The Fugitive" follows Dr. Richard Kimble, who was wrongly convicted of the murder of his wife, Helen. On his way to the death house, a train wreck separates him from his police escort Lt. Philip Gerard, allowing Richard Kimble to escape and go on the run for four seasons as he tries to find a one-armed man he saw leaving the scene of his wife's murder.

Lt. Gerard
(Lt. Gerard)

Out of 120 episodes, there are maybe a dozen good episodes that gives us heavy doses of background information on Kimble. "The Survivors" was one such example that showed us Helen Kimble's family, leading to Kimble having a confrontation with his dead wife's mother. "Nemesis" gave us a glimpse of Lt. Gerard's life, where Kimble ends up bumping into Lt. Gerard's 10 year-old son. Many other episodes dealt with Kimble's sister and family. These episodes all lead up to the series finale, "The Judgment", where Kimble is placed in his final confrontation with the one-armed man in this episode which at the time was the highest rated program of all time, and still stands today at number 9.

The Fugitive
(The Fugitive)

"The Girl from Little Egypt" is no exception. The episode follows Ruth Norton, a 23 year-old Stewardess from Little Egypt, Illinois who, after getting into a fight with her boyfriend, balls her head off as she's driving to the airport and manages to hit Kimble as he stands on the side of the street taking a smoke. Delirious in the hospital, he is hit with flashbacks from the unaired pilot that set the series up. For the first time in the series, we not only get to see Helen Kimble alive, but we see all the key events play out, including the trial and the first appearance of the one-armed man on the show. Some of these scenes would later be used as still images in the opening credits for the second, third and fourth season episodes. The flashbacks continued for Kimble as the Girl from Little Egypt, Illinois decides to take Kimble in for a week until he recovers.

One-armed man Helen Kimble
(The one-armed man and Helen Kimble)

Although not actually taking place in Illinois, this key episode centered on the girl from this small Illinois town, as well as "Search in a Windy City" which followed Kimble once again in Illinois (Chicago), for Kimble's first encounter with the one-armed man since the murder. And although Kimble was from Indiana in the series, the 1993 Harrison Ford movie was relocated to Illinois as well.

"The Girl from Little Egypt" was so filled with backstory, that in 1993 when NBC decided to pull out some of these old episodes to air for a week long run to tie in with the publicity of the movie, out of 120 episodes NBC chose this episode to air along with the series finale.

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