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Fun Stuff
My Show with a Hollywood Pitch.
The Pitch is everything in Hollywood. Thank goodness I'm in Illinois.

Lost Scene from "The Empire Strikes Back".
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Sexy Cartoon Babes!
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The Diary of
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But who is Lauren?

Differences between Network Executives and Science-Fiction Fans.
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The Day I Whacked too many Ewoks.
What the Hell?

You know you're an American Doctor Who Fan when...
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The Sci-Fi Hokey Pokey.
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Robert Beltran Gripe Generator.
Now you too can bitch like Robert Beltran.


By Richard Whettestone.

Paul McGann

  • You spent $11 for a Dapol "K-9" Action Figure through the mail that people in England only have to pay $4 for.
  • When you watch an old episode of the Cybermen, it makes you want to watch one of the newer ones to see how they've changed.
  • When you watch a new episode of the Cybermen, it makes you want to watch one of the older ones to see how they've changed.
  • You recognize some of the actors when they guest-star on Blake's 7.
  • You thought about buying a Tom Baker scarf, but then realized you'd look like a fool if you actually wore it in public.
  • Your local PBS Station has aired every Tom Baker episode 3 times, but only aired the Jon Pertwee episodes just once.
  • You bought "Shada" on video, thought it was boring, but yet don't regret buying it.
  • You want to name your daughter Perpiguliam.
  • You know what the Speedbird Concorde is, yet your friends don't.
  • When you see an old man slumped forward in a wheelchair covered up in a blanket with only one arm sticking out, someone comes to mind.
  • You have to spend $20 to buy a Hartnell or Troughton episode on tape that you've never seen, because your local PBS Station will only air the Tom Baker episodes.
  • Your local PBS Station forgot to air a 20 minute segment from the middle of an episode when they returned from a Doctor Who Pledge Drive. (WTVP - Channel 47, Peoria, Illinois for example)
  • Your local PBS Station that used to air it all the time in the 1980's now refuses to even air Red Dwarf.
  • You're now a Blake's 7 fan, too.
  • You know by heart the names of all the companions, except for the Hartnell and Troughton ones, because you've never seen them.
  • You recognize Doctor Who actors when you watch A&E.
  • You spend a great deal of time trying to figure out all the different future outcomes of Earth, such as the Dalek Invasion of Earth in 2150, the movement of the planet by the TimeLords in "Trial of a TimeLord", the destruction of Earth refered to in Hartnell's "The Ark", the destruction of it refered to in "Frontios", and the repopulation of it in "The Sontaran Experiment".
  • You wonder what happened to Ace.
  • You accept Paul McGann as the eighth Doctor.
  • You consider it a moment of powerful Television Editing when you saw the black background with Adric's broken gold star on screen while the credits rolled by.
  • You know who Michael Grade is and what he did.
  • You know everything about the show, but can't understand the country England itself where the show is from.
  • Cheasy monsters only appear on Star Trek.
  • When the Nimon costume's head almost fell off the actor, you chose to over look it.
  • When Tom Baker opens the door to let K-9 in or out off screen, you ignore the fact that K-9 himself can't actually fit through the Tardis door.
  • You know that the Cybermen came before the Borg.
  • You have a fantasy of finding a lost Doctor Who episode at a flee market.
  • You have to read the Target Novelisations of the Hartnell and Troughton episodes just to find out what happened in them.
  • Your local PBS Station only aired "The Five Doctors" during a Pledge Drive.
  • You know Kate O'Mara, who played The Rani, was a regular on Dynasty.

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