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Episode Reviews
1-2- Broken Bow
3- Fight or Flight
4- Strange New World
5- Unexpected
6- Terra Nova
7- The Andorian Incident
8- Breaking the Ice
9- Civilization
10- Fortunate Son
11- Cold Front
12- Silent Enemy
13- Dear Doctor
14- Sleeping Dogs
15- Shadows of P'Jem
16- Shuttlepod One
17- Fusion
18- Rogue Planet
19- Acquisition
20- Oasis
21- Detained
22- Vox Sola
23- Fallen Hero
24- Desert Crossing
25- 2 Days & 2 Nights
26- Shockwave 1
27- Shockwave 2
28- Carbon Creek
29- Mine Field
30- Dead Stop
31- A Night in Sickbay
32- Marauders
33- The Seventh
34- The Communicator
35- Singularity
36- Vanishing Point
37- Precious Cargo
38- The Catwalk
39- Dawn
40- Stigma
41- Cease Fire
42- Future Tense
43- Canamar
44- The Crossing
45- Judgment
46- Horizon
47- The Breach
48- Cogenitor
49- Regeneration
50- First Flight
51- Bounty
52- The Expanse
53- The Xindi
54- Anomaly
55- Extinction
56- Rajiin
57- Impulse
58- Exile
59- The Shipment
60- Twilight
61- North Star
62- Similitude
63- Carpenter Street
64- Chosen Realm
65- Proving Ground
66- Stratagem
67- Harbinger
68- Doctors Orders
69- Hatchery
70 - Azati Prime
71 - Damage
72- The Forgotten
73 - E2
74 - The Council
75- Countdown
76- Series Finale?

Enterprise Characters
Breakdown of who's who.

Enterprise Actors
Breakdown of who's ugly.

Star Trek History
Quick summary of what came before.

Detachable Saucer
Classify this under "What If?"

What other people think.

Voyager "Endgame" Review
Their last episode. Our first review.

Star Trek History.

A quick run-down of the Treks past, compiled by Richard Whettestone.

Star Trek
The original program now distanced from us by 35 years, no one would have known that Star Trek would some day be labeled a "franchise".

It gave us the first toys in the playground: the Enterprise, Federation, Vulcans, Klingons and Romulans.

Animated Trek
Because "Star Trek: The Cartoon" sounds undiginified, christend "The Animated Series" it would occasionally pop up on Nickelodean in the 1980's. Not officially considered canon and with many of the episodes being silly sequals to original episodes, even poor Checkov was left out when he became the only crewmember not allowed to return because of budget reasons.

Winner of several awards, "TAS" became the first children's program to deal with euthanasia of a pet when little Spock had to put his hurt animal down.

Trek Movies.
With half the movies being big events and the other half being small-time fluff, a tradition gets started on the big screen that has yet to be broken: Even-Numbered Trek films are good, Odd-Numbered Trek films are not good.

We got to see the Enterprise refitted, the Enterprise destroyed, Spock killed, Spock reborn, Kirk meets his son, Kirk's son is killed, the Klingon's new face, Spock's phsyco brother, Sulu becomes Captain, Sulu gets a daughter, Enterprise-A gets comissioned, Enterprise-A gets decomissioned, Enterprise-D gets destroyed, Kirk dies, Geordi gets eyes, Data gets emotions and Uhura does a striptease (an odd-numbered film).

Next Generation
The Next Generation was at its best in their third season with an unusually high level of conflict (Worf refuses to give blood and a Romulan dies, Data fires his phaser to take out Kivas Fajo, the Borg pummels Starfleet at Wolf 359), yet the show fell apart in its final two years by the still-in-power Trek regime of Berman and Braga (Lwaxana Troi, Alexander, emotional Borg, "Masks").

It gave us the Ferengi, Q, Cardassians, Bajorans, Borg and Holodeck malfunctions. It also showed fans that maybe 26 episodes a year isn't necessarily a good thing.

Deep Space 9
Dull, dark and often boring, this Trek series turned "spin-off" into "franchise". Deep Space 9 took three years just to get watchable, only spending a few token episodes on the other side of the wormwhole, instead deciding to mess with fantasy or Bajoran religion. It also took DS9 three years to introduce anything new, relying on the already existing Cardassians, Ferengi and Bajorans, as well as continuing the Holodeck malfunctions.

The later episodes were good, but even then it took copying war concepts from Babylon 5 to get there, plus the introduction of the Jem'Hadar and the Dominion. As a side effect of ripping off Babylon 5, it proved you can successfully have building stories on a Trek series, something that the Producers still can't comprehend.

Voyager stalled after its premiere. Dramatic conflict was dropped by episode four labeling it the show of missed opportunities. Continuing storylines that were common on other programs were labeled too "experimental" for Voyager and dropped. Recurring characters were killed or forgotten. Every dilemma was escaped via techno-babble. Spacial anomalies ran rampant.

It took a babe in a catsuit to carry it to its final season. Voyager gave us the Kazons, Vidiians, Species 8472 and the Hirogen, all now left behind and forgotten. When they weren't continuing the Holodeck malfunctions, Voyager was devaluing the greatest threat in the universe: the Borg.

Star Trek Enterprise Enterprise Logo
After running out of ideas, the Producers decide to backtrack in an attempt to recapture the old series that was done by other people. Will Enterprise have powerful conflict like NexTrek's third season? Will they build up a war like Deep Space 9's later episodes? Will they waste hours upon hours on useless spacial anomalies like Voyager?

Or will they end up accomplishing something not already done before on its predecessors? We'll have to wait and see.

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