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Episode Reviews
1-2- Broken Bow
3- Fight or Flight
4- Strange New World
5- Unexpected
6- Terra Nova
7- The Andorian Incident
8- Breaking the Ice
9- Civilization
10- Fortunate Son
11- Cold Front
12- Silent Enemy
13- Dear Doctor
14- Sleeping Dogs
15- Shadows of P'Jem
16- Shuttlepod One
17- Fusion
18- Rogue Planet
19- Acquisition
20- Oasis
21- Detained
22- Vox Sola
23- Fallen Hero
24- Desert Crossing
25- 2 Days & 2 Nights
26- Shockwave 1
27- Shockwave 2
28- Carbon Creek
29- Mine Field
30- Dead Stop
31- A Night in Sickbay
32- Marauders
33- The Seventh
34- The Communicator
35- Singularity
36- Vanishing Point
37- Precious Cargo
38- The Catwalk
39- Dawn
40- Stigma
41- Cease Fire
42- Future Tense
43- Canamar
44- The Crossing
45- Judgment
46- Horizon
47- The Breach
48- Cogenitor
49- Regeneration
50- First Flight
51- Bounty
52- The Expanse
53- The Xindi
54- Anomaly
55- Extinction
56- Rajiin
57- Impulse
58- Exile
59- The Shipment
60- Twilight
61- North Star
62- Similitude
63- Carpenter Street
64- Chosen Realm
65- Proving Ground
66- Stratagem
67- Harbinger
68- Doctors Orders
69- Hatchery
70 - Azati Prime
71 - Damage
72- The Forgotten
73 - E2
74 - The Council
75- Countdown
76- Zero Hour
77- Storm Front 1
78- Storm Front 2
79- Home
80- Borderland
81- C-12
82- The Augments
83- The Forge
84- Awakening
85- Kir'Shara
86- Daedalus
87- Observer Effect
88- Babel One
89- United
90- The Aeanar
91- Affliction
92- Divergence
93- Bound
94- In a Mirror Darkly Pt 1
95- In a Mirror Darkly Pt 2
96- Demons
97- Terra Prime
98- Trip Dies in Riker's Holodeck!

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Enterprise review: "Damage".
(Episode 71)

Reviewed by Richard Whettestone.

THE PREMISE: There's some damage.

Written by Phyllis Strong

T'Pol No, no, build Up the Suspense!

T'Pol is incompetant and causes the near destruction of the ship. Over the break of repeats between this episode and last, it was leaked out that she wasn't just naturally incompetant, she was incompetant for the reason that she is on smack. Specifically the smack that turns Vulcans into Zombies as seen in a previous episode.

However, instead of laying this (alledged) shocker of a plot twist at us, its revealed in advance on the show itself with the opening segment that goes "Previously on Enterprise...", by showing clips of the Zombie Vulcans. Yeap, they set it up so viewers had it all figured out before the actual scene in this episode that actually revealed it dramatically.

Then oddly, on the weekend repeat, those opening scenes of the Zombies were cut out. Did they realize this too late and re-edited the opening? Or were they just trying to sell more commercial time. I don't think they even know what's going on.

Mayweather The battle's over? Does that mean my screen time stops?

They spent the ending of the previous episode building up an intense battle cliffhanger, then in the first one minute of this episode, not only does the battle stop, but the ships attacking aren't even seen at all.


Xindi The humans are such a threat to us, that we're just going to hurt them a little bit and let them go.

The Xindi finally has the Enterprise smashed to hell and...

...they leave?


T'Pol I'm a Vulcan on smack. Don't get logical with me.

The Enterprise is IN the Xindi solar system. They are attacked and left for dead IN the Xindi solar system right near a planet with a Xindi outpost. The Enterprise is crippled and loses its warp capabilities IN the Xindi solar system.

Then some aliens-of-the-weeks show up IN the Xindi solar system and not only have they never heard of the Xindi before, AND the Xindi don't seem to detect them at all, but they live SO CLOSE to the Xindi solar system that their home-world is just three years away at IMPULSE!

At impulse you're just three years away and you never encountered the Xindi before? At impulse you're just three years away and you've never seen the red star before? At impulse you're just three years away and you've never encountered the spacial anomallies before? Because at warp speed that's just days and weeks away, and yet it's all news to them?

Then because the Enterprise does not have warp drive, they use impulse to reach the aliens-of-the-week IN the Xindi solar system and manage to have a space battle that STILL goes undetected by the Xindi INSIDE their own solar system. Then the ship is left stranded IN the Xindi solar system and STILL the Xindi don't see them.


Tucker If only we had a Suliban Cell Ship with warp capabilities so we can race to the coordinates to meet up with Degra.

If only we explored the option of whether the Suliban Cell Ship had a warp core we can use. If only we bothered to check to see if it was compatible with the aliens' ship.

Tucker It'll take those aliens three years to get back to their homeworld!

Because their entire planet only has one ship and can't call for a second ship to make the one month journey to bring over a warp reactor?


Archer We're stealing your warp core, but we're leaving you a big pile of smack that turns Vulcans into zombies. Use it wisely.

However we're not going to leave them a map of the Spheres and the locations of the spacial anomallies.

Especially knowing that their ship already sustained enourmous damage from these spacial anomallies.

And also knowing that since these aliens will have to travel through the anomallies at IMPULSE speed for a really long time.

To calculate the location of the Spheres was a work of math on T'Pol's part, and should have already been recreated after the database was deleted because the writers and characters are dumb.

Reed and Archer Major Hayes and I have an understanding. He commands the Macos Monday through Wednesday, and I command the Macos Thursday through Saturday. We both get Sundays off. Whether you're in trouble or not.

Archer had Reed prepare the Macos strike team to attack and board the alien ship. They obviously didn't have a problem with the attack because they went anyway. So why wasn't Major Hayes put in charge of his own strike team? He wasn't even mentioned.

It was especially odd that Archer put Reed in charge and not Hayes considering this was the Macos' first offensive assault they ever performed.

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