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30- Dead Stop
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38- The Catwalk
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Voyager "Endgame" Review
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Enterprise review: "Twilight".
(Episode 60)

Reviewed by Richard Whettestone.

THE PREMISE: The writers prove to viewers that they still haven't learned from the lessons of ''Voyager'' when Archer wakes up in a Reset Button. Evil bearded Reed from the ''Mirror, Mirror'' Universe shows up to lend a hand. You know, it's a real shame that this is pretty much the best episode, and it's a reset button episode.

Written by Mike Sussman, the wanker who insists he's a ''continuity hound''.

T'Pol I'm a Vulcan. Don't get logical with me.

Vulcans are generally stronger than humans are. Yet T'Pol is suddenly SOOOOO weak she can't lift the metal plate off her leg. It's a good thing 50-year-old human Archer was there to lift up some scrap metal.

Admiral Forrest Archer can't even remember the events from his own past episodes? My God, the memory loss is worst than that of the Producers!

And does somebody want to explain how the Enterprise is able to communicate via subspace through an area of space that is infected by both anomallies as well as an Expanse barrier? Yeah, I know that video clip of those insane Vulcans got transmitted somehow, but as if it wasn't bad enough they have ''live'' transmissions with Earth via subspace at such great distances, it makes sense that subspace communications would be difficult here in the Expanse.

They still should have been traveling with a convoy of Vulcan ships in the Expanse anyway. Either the Xindi are no threat at all, or the Vulcans just don't give a damn. Either way, why should we?

Tucker God Damn it, the God Damn Furby Xindi ran off with our subspace beacon again. It's like a God Damn squirrel running off with our God Damn clothes pins off the line!

In this episode we learn they dropped off at least one subspace beacon that they use to communicate with Earth, or at least we're assuming the beacon is in the Expanse. Yeah, sure, they now know where the anomallies are located so they could have avoided them when they planted the beacon in space, but where were all those scenes of them communicating with Earth and Admiral Forrest up to now? Those scenes should have been integral to the stories, story-arc and magnitude of the Xindi threat. No updates? No relaying information? No using this as a way of reminding the viewers of the dangers they face and the desperation of Earth to survive? There was more potential drama and entertainment in those unused communications than T'Pol slurping peach juice for five back-to-back episodes.

And where are those scenes of various Expanse aliens destroying or running off with all those subspace beacons? Why aren't the Xindi taking them?

Imagine the potential for an episode where a Xindi risks his own life to secretly use the stolen subspace beacon to make contact with Starfleet, and we watch the action shift between the Xindi sneaking around the back of his superiors, Starfleet trying to decide if the degraded messages are a trick or not, Starfleet relaying the now more degraded messages to Archer (because it's a snowy transmission of a recorded snowy transmission), and the Enterprise trying to locate and make contact with this specific Xindi within the Expanse itself. That would have been a great episode and also would have given us an opportunity to see Starfleet take action on their end, as well as show us what Earth is doing right now.

Phlox and Archer Don't you remember, Captain? You were telling me about it just yesterday when we were in the hot tub with Malcolm. It was just before he dropped the soap.

Now why kick off with the destruction of Earth, then cut to mundane scenes of Archer having dinner with Tucker and breakfast with T'Pol? They could have taken those scenes they showcased that were scattered throughout the chronology of Archer's future and pumped them up a bit. Why spend the first few minutes of Act One explaining to Archer his situation while we cycle through the least impacting events like forgetting he already mentioned something, when they could have had a confused Archer experience a half a dozen events, each time with T'Pol or someone having to explain his situation to him but have the focus on foretelling the outcome of Earth's destruction and what happens now that it's destroyed?

* - Enterprise and Vulcan starships forced to evacuate Mars and other colonies in our solar systems when those planets would face impending disasters due to the sudden gravitational loss of a planet in the system. The Voyager episode ''The 37's'' did establish there was a Mars colony by the year this season of Enterprise takes place in. That Voyager episode was co-written by Brannon Braga after all. I wish these Trek prequel writers would actually READ the Trek chronology book, since they're not watching or remembering their own episodes they write, let alone being familiar with or watching TOS that they're supposed to be leading up to. Remember, Braga ''prides'' himself on not having actually watched the original series, then insists only he knows Trek best. Whatever.

* - Enterprise in orbit of planet Vulcan seeking refuge. What if Archer woke up in the middle of that. But then the writers ruined that anyway by not only having the Vulcans not give a damn about humanity's survival, they themselves cowardly abandoned Earth before its destruction as evident of Soval's survival.

* - Enterprise making contact with Earth colonies as they make a new homebase for humanity. Remember the conflict on ''Babylon 5'' when Mars wanted their freedom from Earth. But imagine if refugees from Earth and other smaller colonies would flock to a specific colony in large numbers for safety. All we got was a single scene of a convoy. Sure, NOW there's a convoy. Where were you BEFORE Earth exploded like I've been asking all along?

* - Archer and gang as the Vulcan Ambassadors make contact with the Xindi trying to declare peace and get the Xindi to back off of the humans now that they're down. Vulcans were killed on Earth, too.

* - With the Romulan Wars originally just a few years away, what if they got involved with the Xindi? Or better yet, what if Enterprise specifically used the Romulans and the Klingons to hide behind, strategically placing them between the Xindi and humanity? The Enterprise already knew the Romulans don't like invaders, and they know the Klingons like to fight. And Archer wakes up right in the middle.

* - Archer wakes up just as he's about to negotiate with Shran, who doesn't know that Archer lost his memory and will only talk with him. Archer has to think fast to convince Shran everything's fine.

* - And what if Archer, who doesn't have a clue what happened for the last 20 years, suddenly woke up to find himself abducted by Future Guy or Daniel?

It's a real shame these writers can't see the potential of the incredible stories that come AFTER the destruction of Earth, especially since this is really the ONLY time they could have EVER explored it. What a waste of a once in a lifetime opportunity. And since we know Earth won't be destroyed anyway, they wasted a once in a lifetime opportunity on an episode that was completely pointless in content with what they did decide to produce (breakfast scenes?). I hate to say this because it's a reset button episode, but there was enough content to have done a two-part episode. Unfortunately, they only produced content for a half an episode.

Once again we're stuck with one of those ultra-rare episodes of Enterprise that could have been the BEST. So why do they keep destroying them, then claiming they know Trek best or that they're creative enough for a Star Trek series, let alone a prequel? They need to be fired.

Braga and Berman ''We're going to turn this show around a full 360 degrees.''


''Full reverse!''

''We're quite pleased.''

Here's another missed opportunity. First, we know Phlox was looking for a cure of the parasites obtained in Xindi space. And we also learned that the Xindi hired aliens to follow Dr. Phlox if he ever left his home planet. It was never made clear if they just thought Phlox might have lead them to humanity, or if they KNEW Phlox could find a way to destroy the parasites and reset time.

The purpose of the season's story-arc was to send Enterprise on a desperate search to locate the Xindi before they destroyed Earth. But... if the Xindi knew about the parasites' ability to reset time, this means this episode was about the Xindi's desperate search for the Enterprise before they destroyed the Xindi's homeworld like they blamed them for.

It's a shame that was never played up, as it was a complete spin on the season's story-arc that took the two lead players (Earth and Xindi) and switched them around in eachother's places. Thanks to wanker writer Mike Sussman who claims to be a ''continuity hound'', it wasn't even clear if the Xindi knew about the parasites. In fact, it wasn't even clear if writer Mike Sussman even realized the reversal of the story-arc was even there in his own script. Like the follow-ups to Earth's destruction, putting the Xindi in Enterprise's shoes and putting Enterprise in the Xindi's shoes was a once in a lifetime opportunity. And there's no indication Mike Sussman even knew this was in his own story. I have seen him on the internet in the past trying to defend his stories by trying to explain events that occurred off screen to fans to explain his episodes' plot-holes, questions and inconsistencies. I'm sure he can come up with a lot more off-screen crap to explain these, too. Too bad he can't do it on screen before it's actually filmed. Mike Sussman needs to be fired.

Mayweather Hold it! What do you mean there's no brothas among the survivors of humanity?

And Mayweather not only manages to die off screen, when T'Pol does find his body it's not acknowledged verbally. With all the smoke on the bridge, it's hard to tell if it was even him. Then Archer doesn't even notice or ask why he's missing.

Come to think of it, what happened to the dog?

Daniels And it's absolutely vital to the timeline that you don't use or activate my equipment from the future. Unless of course Earth gets blown up and I cease to exist, then just go ahead and knock yourself out. I suggest you start with that glowing gadget. It's cool!

Earth gets destroyed, humanity is wiped out, and only 6,000 humans survive. This is the time to phaser that lock off of Daniels' door.

Actually, I think that moment came when they realized the Xindi planet killer had already launched.

Reed A bearded me from a ''Mirror, Mirror'' universe? Now that's a chap I'd like to meet.

We learn here that Reed was going to be Captain of the Intrepid. And just where exactly did the Intrepid come from? The NX-02 was either launched or was destroyed in orbit incomplete. But suddenly we have the Intrepid in existance?

We've been complaining for two years now that Starfleet doesn't actually have a ''fleet'' and pretty much entirely consists of Enterprise and some cargo vessels (of which we only saw two). But if Intrepid existed during present day of Enterprise, why the hell didn't it travel with Enterprise to help in their mission? Sure, it probably would have traveled slower, but a later Intrepid is better than no Intrepid.

So where is the Intrepid? That question can't be answered, since we still haven't been able to answer why Enterprise never took a convoy of Vulcan ships with them on their mission. If the Intrepid was there, they could have rescued Archer and gang off of that Vulcan ship without having to blow it up, and they could have expanded the Expanse fleet to three ships.

Doctor Who Who the bugger stole my Tardis? I wondered how they got back to Earth before they left.

With a warp engine destroyed, Enterprise is only capable of Warp 1.7, which would make the five month journey from Earth to the Expanse at warp 5 now take something like two years at warp 1.7, yet when they discovered the Xindi planet killer had already launched, they managed to make the two year journey back to Earth just in time to see it emerge from subspace and take out Earth.


Reed and Archer I'm sorry sir, you can't promote me to Commander. You already promoted me to Commander twenty-eight times. I expect you'll promote me again tomorrow, too. But thank you for thinking of me.

If only we had a Suliban Cell ship capable of warp 5 that we could have used on missions in the Expanse and to warn Earth of the incoming planet killer.

And why not drag out that Cell ship during the final battle? Taking place several decades in the future, I'm sure they would have figured out how to fly it by now.

Hoshi Sato Can you hear me now? Good. Kiss my ass.

Since this very episode has now established that even in the Expanse the Enterprise is in subspace contact with Earth, why didn't they warn Earth when the Xindi launched their planet killer? Not one single ship was in orbit of Earth. Not the NX-02. Not any Vulcan ships. Not the Intrepid. Not those little fighter vessels already established.

Even the moon was gone.

Silik and Archer Do I get my ship back?

With Earth destroyed, I'm sure that would have pissed off Future Guy, so why not look up the Suliban and see if they're interested in helping?

The point is, this should have been at least explored by the characters or mentioned that it was explored, even if the outcome was no help from them.

Archer Children on board Enterprise? It isn't Miss Malvin's class, is it? Because she gets around.

Miss Malvin not only was the teacher in "Breaking the Ice", but she was also B'Elanna Torres' teacher as stated in an episode of ''Voyager''. In real life she was probably a teacher of Berman or Braga, explaining how she manages to get written into at least two scripts of two different shows. Anyway, she wasn't mentioned in this episode, but I thought it was odd that Archer wasn't shocked to learn there were school children onboard the Enterprise when T'Pol told him there was.

T'Pol What do you mean ''We need money to buy a new ship, time for me to go hookin'?''

Was there not some raiders a few episodes back that had a whole bunch of cool stuff hidden away in a sphere? Since we're talking about the anihilation of humanity, let's just go back and steal their ship, buy their ship, rent their ship, or hire them. If we're in contact with Earth via subspace as this episode suddenly claims we are, we can wire them the money. It was already established the home planet of those raiders was in regular space that Earth could get into contact with.

And once again we have to ask, what about the Intrepid? Now that Enterprise knows what the inhabitants of the Expanse finds valuable, load up the Intrepid and haul ass out here. In fact, because the Enterprise knows where the anomallies are, I'm sure that information alone is worth a pretty penny to a population that has a space-dock so Enterprise can repair that warp engine in three weeks like Tucker said they could.

Hoshi Sato You better leave the hookin' up to me. I bring in the boys more than you do. That's how I paid for college.

To shield your ship from anomallies, you need that special rare mineral that turns Vulcans into zombies. It's a good thing you know an entire asteroid field where you can load up on it to sell to buy a new warp nacelle, repair your ship, or flat-out buy small warp ships. Archer's memory loss aside, why isn't the Enterprise doing this NOW? Just leave T'Pol somewhere for a few weeks.

Archer Note to self: uhm, I forgot.

Wouldn't this make things easier if Archer himself just recorded a message to himself that told himself he lost his long-term memory? Wouldn't they have had Archer getting around with a computer pad to keep notes on?

T'Pol Oh, no, Captain! They even destroyed the Terra Nova colony!

Nope. They didn't. Sorry about that. T'Pol didn't even mention it among the list of destroyed colonies. Yeah, the Xindi probably wouldn't have known about it, but it was really the only human colony we actually ever saw, so it stood out when it was the only known colony not in the list of human colonies.

Phlox and Archer The cure is to fry your brain with nuclear power. But I can't remember if this is your cure or the cure for T'Pol's Vulcan Aids. We'll stick you in the chamber first to see what it does.

So, did they ever cure T'Pol of her Vulcan Aids she got in "Stigma"? Or are both Enterprise Captains infected with a disease of the mind in the future?

And does anybody find it silly that in order to save humanity, they have to destroy Archer's brain with a nuclear explosion?

Kes Get out of my chamber, old man!

Three words:


Here's another three words:


Been there. Done that. Worn the T-shirts.

Reset Button Gee, fast forward button or Reset Button. I better push them both.

Enough with the fast-forward button in the editing booth. We really don't need to see Enterprise crewmembers getting hit with Xindi weapons and falling down in super-fast motion! It's still going to look silly no matter how many times you do it.

Xindi All right! We blew up Earth and won! Oh, wait. Our planet's still destroyed. Uhm....

Earth in the future will destroy the Xindi homeworld in the past, so by destroying Earth now, it will save the Xindi homeworld. Okay. So you destroyed Earth. So the Xindi homeworld still exists. So why are you still attacking after decades? I think the sudden reappearance of an entire planet would confuse the Xindi right there about if they should keep attacking or not.

It's a shame that the entire season's story-arc is to push a reset button. It's more of a shame that it only resets when the writers want it to.

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