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Voyager "Endgame" Review
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Enterprise review: "Stigma".
(Episode 40)

Reviewed by Richard Whettestone.

THE PREMISE: T'Pol gets Vulcan Aids. Spock was born a rare freak. More continuity and common sense is thrown out the window. B&B prove they can't write within established conditions and rape Star Trek for another pay check. The fans get more pissed. More viewers give up on the show. The ratings drop some more. Paramount hears the sound of another nail being pounded into a coffin they own. Somewhere, a cricket chirps.

Written by Rick Berman & Brannon Braga
(the usual suspects)

Dr. Phlox You've got Vulcan Aids? Ewww!

So the writers once again had the characters do or say stupid things to create a false jeopardy or to lead into a forced dilemma in order to get into a story. In this case, Phlox sucks at lying and the Vulcans catch on awfully quick that T'Pol's got some Vulcan mind-meld syndrome.

Yeah, it's fun when a character screws up and causes an unwanted problem that has to be dealt with, but the Vulcans figured it out too easily. It's also fun to watch a character go out of his way to weasel around something and get caught, but that's not the case here either. Come on. Have Phlox elaborately fake some medical records and stuff, only to have the Vulcans catch him in some inspired Columbo way, like Phlox put the name of a dead guy on the records or something. Not in some stupid way where Phlox goes "A friend of a friend of mine was curious and so I thought I would ask about it..."

As further evidence that the writers write the characters in stupid ways to create a false jeopardy, when Archer first confronted the Vulcans demanding to get the knowledge they have about the disease, he never once brought up that T'Pol was a rape victim, not a much-hated "Melder" that they suspected she was. T'Pol wouldn't ask Archer to keep it from them until after he returned. So why didn't he say anything when he first confronted them?

Braga and Berman Welcome to the Wild and Whacky World of B&B Plot-Holes! Tonight's Plot-Hole: "The Mind Meld"

Every Vulcan has heard of Panar syndrome (or whatever), including T'Pol, which everyone knows can only be transmitted through a Mind Meld.

But in "Fusion", T'Pol had never heard of the rarely performed ancient technique of Mind Melds before. She didn't know what it was.

So how can everybody know of a syndrome that comes from Mind Melds, but no one has heard of Mind Melds?

In other words, this is the equivelant of everybody knowing you get AIDS from sex, but no one has ever heard of sex before. Welcome to the Whacky and Stupid World of Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. They get paid to squeeze this diareah out of their asses, you know.

Phlox We Denobulans are so reclusive, no one in the future will have heard of us. By the way, here's my wife.

The Denobulans are so reclusive, we keep seeing more of them as now Phlox's wife casually shows up on the Enterprise also. Then there's the episode that revealed Earth Doctors were on the home planet of Denobulus as part of a medical exchange program.

So come on, how come everybody in Archer's time knows them but in Picard's time they don't?

Reed Oh yeah, they cured that like weeks ago. It all happened off screen.

Rick Berman and Brannon Braga have said repeatedly in interviews that what they like (lies) to do is take a topic, and "turn it on its ear". They even said this in TV Guide about this very episode. But in reality Beavis and Butthead cowards and weasels around direct topics like Aids, homosexuality and abortion by either hiding it behind some alien made-up crap like they did in this episode, or they just don't go down that road at all. I remember reading when Braga said they don't know anything about Archer's time period, like what world government there is, or when or how they eliminated hunger, racism, greed, etc. Then he said they weren't going to try to figure it out at all.

Quit screwing around you damn cowards. Either Aids exists in Archer's time, or they eliminated it. Pick one. And tell that story. You told neither.

What you DID do is create the twelvth-hundredth gaping plot hole and further ruined the continuity of EVERY Trek series ever produced, at the same time you left another story dropped that will either be "concluded" off screen (remember the Borg Baby?), written up in a throw-away line (Kes), or just forgotten (remember the Caretaker Reactor being tractor beamed from a cloaked ship in "The Voyager Conspiracy"?).

T'Pol in bed with a Vulcan Yeah, it must have been a rape because I didn't enjoy it like my girlfriends told me I would at Cheerleading practice.

I seem to recall T'Pol was a willing participant to the mind meld process at the beginning of it in "Fusion" instead of the "rape" they claim it was. But we'll ignore the rewriting of history yet once again on a B&B series.

What we'll focus on here is the question, why would T'Pol be partially willing to engage in a mind meld if there was such a danger?

Then there's still the question, if all the Vulcans know about the mind meld disease, including T'Pol, why did T'Pol not know what a mind meld was when she first got one?

Archer with Phase Pistol Mind-Meld this you mother!

Archer finds out that some Vulcans have the ability to transfer thoughts and memories from one person to another...

...and he doesn't care?

Why the hell was this scene missing? Where was Archer's astonishment of this capability? Where was Archer contemplating informing Starfleet and Admiral Forest about this new piece of information concerning the one race that he blames for with-holding humanities' space conquests? Damn these writers suck.

Archer I remember my first BJ. Why don't you remember your first Mind Meld?

The only possible explanation for why T'Pol didn't know about Mind Melds was because she didn't know about the disease, although that was never stated (and in fact the opposite was implied). Which would then raise the question, why didn't T'Pol fight the Vulcans in an attempt to spread awareness of the disease among her people (if T'Pol didn't even know about it)? That was the theme of the episode after all: Aids awareness. But instead, they focused in on T'Pol hiding the disease.

Spock I remember in our history books mind melds were dangerous just 100 years ago.

I also remember Captain Archer, the Denobulans, early contact with the Romulans, and the Temporal Cold War.

No, wait, no I don't. Wait a minute...

Saavik A sexy Vulcan? Kirstie Alley's guest-starring?

T'PolThe previews for this episode referred to T'Pol as a sexy Vulcan. When the hell is Paramount going to understand that T'Pol is ugly?

We're tired of the over-used catsuits. She's got a boy haircut. She can't act. She sits in the Captain's Chair funny. One Trekker summed her up best with the line "It looks like someone punched her in the mouth and starved her for a week." Blalock was cast as a novelty and that novelty ran out shortly after the premiere. These Paramount people really don't know what sexy is. Here's your first clue: Truly sexy women DON'T take their clothes off for Maxim. Unfortunately, this goes against what Paramount WANTS 12 year-old boys to believe, so don't expect to see any good looking women on the show for awhile. Enjoy Linda Park because you ain't geting any more.

T'Pol Nothing can be done about my boy haircut. I was born this way.

T'Pol says only a few Vulcans can perform mind melds because they were BORN THAT WAY.

Besides the fact that this once again contradicts "Fusion" when the Vulcan reveals to T'Pol it was an ancient "technique" (something that can be taught and learned as opposed to a double-jointed finger which you're born with), but it also contradicts ALL other Star Trek series yet once again.

In other words, even though such a select small few number of Vulcans happen to be "born" to be able to perform Mind Melds, almost every Vulcan character we ever met just happened to be by chance one of these select few small number of "freaks", such as Spock, Sarek, Tuvok, Vorik, Saavik, Valeris, etc.

Us fans already know this, but I'll say it again. There's a big difference between filling in the missing pieces in history with a prequel series, and rewriting all established facts and common sense that we already know. Exploring Vulcan first contact with Earth is filling in the gaps. Rewriting how and who can perform Mind Melds that effect every incarnation of Trek already produced is throwing everything out the window. How does 3% of the Vulcan population end up being 95% of the Vulcan characters we have ever seen on Star Trek.

T'Pol in bed with aliens I was BORN this way. That makes me capable of performing violent actions such as rape.

And because they're suppose to be an allegory of homosexuals in this Aids story, this is why the episode coincidently was titled "Stigma". Because the writers of this episode believe that's the kind of people they are.

Either that, or B&B are so incompetant they didn't even realize the false "stigma" they created by having the allegory for gays portrayed by the violent characters. Either way, they need to be fired.

Tucker and fat Vulcan I was BORN fat, honest. I really don't eat that much.

And because T'Pol said the entire ship was full of these rare and small-in-number Vulcans who can "Meld", this means Tucker's friend Chunky was one of these ultra rare Vulcans that just happened to be BORN this way.

Spock Only Vulcans who were born with that "special something" can perform Mind Melds. I'm special. Only a select few can mindmeld with rock creatures like me. "Oh, pain!" See?

So B&B is trying to claim that Spock coincidently was one of the small number of freaks who just happened to be BORN with that very special and rare ability to perform Mind Melds?

Sarek I'm special too, because I performed a Mind Meld with Kirk after Spock died. Which means it's probably genetic because my son was "born" that way, too.

Forget Global Warming. The constant increase on the spinning of Gene Roddenberry's ashes due to the blatant and stupid rewriting of Star Trek history at the hands of B&B is increasing Earth's gravitational pull. Soon we'll all be forced down to the floors because of this.

Which is ironic because that's where the Ratings are.

T'Pring Hey, I'm a freak too.

Because I was also BORN with that special ability to Mind Meld, as evident by the fact that I was "mind-bonded" with Spock when we were seven years old. This is how I knew when Spock was going through the Pon Farr, so I arrived at the mating place to perform the sex, er, I mean "ritual". How else did you think I knew when to show up? What, you think I had Spock's Pon Farr schedule written down on my calendar?

And because we were pre-arranged to marry when we were young, this means that whatever "stigma" was in place in T'Pol's time would not only be eliminated later, but us Vulcans would actually support and encourage the marriages of us few "born" freaks to continue the elite small number of offspring freaks.

Sybok And it takes that special Vulcan like me who was BORN with the ultra-rare ability to Mind Meld to find God in the Great Barrier.

Now give me your pain.

Saavik I'm special. Both of me. I can even regenerate like female TimeLords. So Mary Tamm and Lalla Ward can just screw off.

Kirstie Alley AND Robin Curtis. Yeap. Because she performed a Mind Meld on horny teen Spock on the Genesis planet. Then she laid him. That's why she makes the best girlfriend.

Sakkath I was BORN special, too, but do you know who I am?

My name is Sakkath, and I used my Mind Meld abilities that only rare people like me was born with, to help control Sarek's emotions so he can attend a vital peace conference in TNG's "Sarek".

Tuvok I'm unique because I'm one of the elite few Vulcans who can Mind Meld, too. Just as I have done on numerous occasions with both Kes, Seven and Janeway.

I also have the uncanny ability to turn 100 years old twice, as proven by the blatant disregard to continuity on Voyager.

Vorik My mommy says I'm special, because I can Mind Meld, too, just as I did with B'Elanna Torres when I tried to rape her in that one episode.

And my mommy knows, because my mommy was Voyager Producer Jeri Taylor.

By the way, it's illogical to calculate the odds that the only two Vulcans acknowledged onboard Voyager just happened to be rarely born freaks.

T'Pau Yo Hey, I'm special too!

And because I was alive during the lifespan of T'Pol, my incredible gift that I was coincidently BORN with was well hidden from my people due to its harsh "stigma".

I also perform weddings.

Picard Gee, B&B says I was wrong. Sorry.

The Vulcan said about mind melds: "We take great pride in containing emotions. Sharing them is offensive."

Picard said that a mind meld between Spock and Sarek was something that never occurred, implying it was rare for a father and son to NOT mind meld, followed by Picard allowing Spock to mind meld with him, to pick up on some of those leftover thoughts Sarek left in Picard's head when Sarek mind melded with Picard several years earlier.

To B&B: If you suck so much you don't have the talent to write within established history of your own shows, quit.

Tuvok Do I make you horny, Baby? That is most illogical.

Voyager's "Blood Fever" confirmed what we already knew: Vulcan society is willing to admit very little concerning Pon Farr, as the Doctor couldn't find anything about it at all. But in the episode, Vorik initiated a mind meld while suffering the Pon Farr.

Tuvok revealed that they were limited in their options to control Pon Farr. But one of these options involved mind-meld-type techniques. And although Vorik himself was unfamiliar with what he did to Torres until after Tuvok told him, the idea that mind-melding techniques are available to control Pon Farr even though only an elite select few even have the ability to mind meld just doesn't make any sense.

Mayweather Of course I knew she had Vulcan Aids. That's why I haven't been around the last 18 episodes.

That's why I won't be in the next seven episodes either.

Admiral Forrest T'Pol's got some weird Vulcan Aids? She didn't get it from Lt. Reed did she? Because he always seemed ambiguous to me.

Besides the scene missing where Archer contacted Starfleet or Forrest to update them on the situation with T'Pol (since it was obviously going to be a problem for Starfleet's relations with the Vulcans in the future), we didn't see the Vulcan High Command contacting Starfleet to screw over T'Pol by once again trying to force her removal. They keep getting opportunity after opportunity, but never manage to pull it off. The Vulcan High Command trying to remove T'Pol is like Gargamel trying to catch Smurfs.

T'Pol I would say that Vulcans can lie, but that would be lying. Wait... Darn it, I confused myself again already.

Telling "lies" was something that was always tricky among Vulcans. Kirk virtually had to train Spock to lie, and he's half-human. Yet here T'Pol lies to her people about having Vulcan Aids, and she does it so easily and without the action of lying even being given a second thought by anyone.

Silik and Archer fighting By the way, your Sub-Commander has some weird Vulcan Aids. I can't tell what's wrong with your Lt. Reed though. Our scans were too ambiguous.

Hey, wait a minute. Didn't Silik and the Suliban abduct, scanned and tortured T'Pol back in "Shockwave" Part 2? They didn't detect the Vulcan Aids with their technology from the future so advanced they can genetically engineer themselves on a cellular level to squeeze through doggy-doors?

Surely detecting that T'Pol had Vulcan Aids would have given Silik an advantage. Afterall, it will have to be cured within just 150 years in time for Spock and Sarek anyway, while Silik had such enourmous resources to cure it NOW, while at the same time Silik believed T'Pol was hiding information about Archer's location and he desperately needed something to influence her to talk.

Yeah, the writers didn't know they were going to do an Aids story when they produced that episode, but besides the fact that they SHOULD be planning ahead for this series (continuity, what's that?), that door is still open for Silik to tempt T'Pol with the cure. In other words, he can threaten to NOT save her life and control her to get what he wants. He has this option to use ONCE. It would make a great episode watching T'Pol covertly give Silik what he needs in order to get the cure for herself and/or for her people.

Archer Hey, I remember that Vulcan ship. And that's continuity, isn't it? Do you like me now?

Archer says he "remembers" that Vulcan ship they docked with. Since us Star Trek viewers want continuity and we're not stupid like B&B want us to be, we had already made the connection that T'Pol got the Vulcan Aids from that ship before the episode even aired. We also remember she had never heard of Mind Melds before that episode.

Besides Archer's "I remember" seeming out of place (they never remembered continuity before), what also seems out of place is Archer NOT stating he remembered that he lured that Vulcan into a trap and cornered him in his room, where upon he got beat up and pulled a Phase Pistol on him.

Archer You were attacked? I didn't know that. It's a good thing I beat him up then.

Archer is surprised to learn T'Pol was attacked by that Vulcan in "Fusion". What the hell?

In "Fusion", Archer lured that Vulcan into a trap in his room, got beat up by him, and pulled a hidden Phase Pistol on him. If Archer didn't know T'Pol was attacked by him, why did he fight him in "Fusion"? If Archer KNEW that Vulcan had attacked T'Pol in "Fusion", why did Archer not know here? Can somebody explain this one?

Tucker While T'Pol was whining about her Vulcan Aids, I got laid with Phlox's wife! WooHoo!

And the same episode that had the AIDS story weirdly included as a subplot Tucker's sexcapades with Phlox's wife.

You can thank Rick Berman and Brannon Braga for this brilliant attempt at writing a theme to educate people about the spreading of AIDS and freely spending 1/3rd of the episode on loose extra-marital casual sex with multiple partners that has ZERO linkage to the main story or theme. Do these people not know how Aids can spread?

Lost Voyages Book Written by Berman and Braga because we want to keep all the credit and money for ourselves.

I'll remind everyone once again of the two rejected stories written for The Next Generation that featured the theme of Aids and homosexuality. "Blood and Fire" and "Blood and Ice" featured Regulan Bloodworms, the same worms that while TOS once referred to as pure terror, "Enterprise" instead rewrote history a short while back to try to falsely claim they're used for medical purposes.

You can read both of these stories in the book "Lost Voyages of Trek and the Next Generation". These stories were written in 1986 prior to either Berman or Braga's involvement with Star Trek. They're 17 years late in catching up with what Roddenberry and his original team of writers wanted to do way back when. And with the special-effects capabilities of today, "Blood and Ice" would make a bitch'n episode.

Enterprise Six Aids stories that could have been done.

1 - A human colony on the outskirts of alien space has been conducting medical research, including on Aids. An alien threat has forced the evacuation of the colony and Enterprise must come to the rescue. On their way, Archer is informed that among the vital medical research they need to evacuate and take back to Earth is the cure for Aids. This allows for much discussion on the topic between the many characters, including revealing how it fits into history by Archer's time period. On arrival, Enterprise finds the colony has been completely destroyed, all research lost.

Dr. Phlox

2 - We learn a Denobulan that was on Earth with Phlox has contracted Aids. When he returned to Denobulus, he inadvertently spread it to his three wives, and so on. The disease mutated into a more deadly form. With the already established "mating season" on the planet, we learn that within just one year, 65% of the population has already contracted it - and its spreading. For all intents and purposes, human Aids wipes out the majority of Phlox's people, thus explaining why they aren't well known by Picard's time. This would also leave Phlox one of the few survivors, and also provides opportunities for him to try to negotiate with the genetically advanced Suliban for possible treatments and cures.

3 - Enterprise visits a colony with a strict security entrance. They refuse to allow an Enterprise crewmember to enter because he has Aids. This episode writes itself.

4 - Reed has Aids. Deal with it.

5 - Klingon Aids. They like to splatter blood all over everything and bite eachother. Don't tell me this never ocurred to you all those years you've watched the Klingons do this stuff on TNG, DS9 and Voyager.

6 - The waitress Reed and Tucker both once had sex with has learned she has Aids. She now must contact all of her past lovers, and discovers both Reed and Tucker on the Enterprise. Dramatically, this would have pitted both Reed and Tucker against eachother on an emotional level as they fear one or the other may have it, and that one may have gotten it from the other via the waitress. Now they must wait for the results.

Mayweather Look out! Look out! Black man at the wheel!

Does somebody want to explain to me why every scene of every starship in orbit of every planet on every Star Trek series has the ship gliding around the planet with its left side facing the planet, but suddenly in this episode the Enterprise is in orbit of the planet with its top facing the planet? What, are they orbiting it upside down now or something?

Johnny from The Dead Zone

star I want to see what Johnny sees!

Around the same week this Enterprise monstrosity aired, "The Dead Zone" did an episode where Johnny received a blood transfusion and learned one of his six donors is about to die. After desperately trying to figure out which of the six it is, and saving that person in a clever way, the episode ended with a phone number for blood donation.

It was written better, it was acted better, and the theme was promoted better dramaticly. As much as it pains me to say that an Anthony Michael Hall series is any good, damn it "The Dead Zone" is a great show. This show has incredibly strong continuity. It's written in an intelligent manner. Most episodes have great plot twists or clever endings. And they don't talk down to the viewers like B&B does with this catsuit crap.

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