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1-2- Broken Bow
3- Fight or Flight
4- Strange New World
5- Unexpected
6- Terra Nova
7- The Andorian Incident
8- Breaking the Ice
9- Civilization
10- Fortunate Son
11- Cold Front
12- Silent Enemy
13- Dear Doctor
14- Sleeping Dogs
15- Shadows of P'Jem
16- Shuttlepod One
17- Fusion
18- Rogue Planet
19- Acquisition
20- Oasis
21- Detained
22- Vox Sola
23- Fallen Hero
24- Desert Crossing
25- 2 Days & 2 Nights
26- Shockwave 1
27- Shockwave 2
28- Carbon Creek
29- Mine Field
30- Dead Stop
31- A Night in Sickbay
32- Marauders
33- The Seventh
34- The Communicator
35- Singularity
36- Vanishing Point
37- Precious Cargo
38- The Catwalk
39- Dawn
40- Stigma
41- Cease Fire
42- Future Tense
43- Canamar
44- The Crossing
45- Judgment
46- Horizon
47- The Breach
48- Cogenitor
49- Regeneration
50- First Flight
51- Bounty
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94- In a Mirror Darkly Pt 1
95- In a Mirror Darkly Pt 2
96- Demons
97- Terra Prime
98- Trip Dies in Riker's Holodeck!

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Voyager "Endgame" Review
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Enterprise review: "Dead Stop".
(Episode 30)

Reviewed by Richard Whettestone.

THE PREMISE: Enterprise comes to a dead stop (for two minutes) after sustaining major damage from the previous episode, and we get a glimpse of what Enterprise would be like if it was actually produced in the correct way with continuity. Then the Teaser ended and all damage is repaired and someone pushes the Reset Button.

"Dead Stop"
Written by Mike Sussman and Phyllis Strong.

Dr. Phlox Don't tell me you're still angry because I tried to murder you.

Phlox injected Regulan Bloodworms into Reed, and actually lost one. What?!?!

Regulan Bloodworms are dangerous. All fans know it. But yet suddenly B&B insist "oh, no, they're really cute and we use them all the time". And for "medicinal" purposes no less. Why the hell would writer David Gerrold establish Regulan Bloodworms into Star Trek history in the 1960's unless there was an implied threat and history behind them? And it was just all thrown away by people who most likely have never met David Gerrold, because they wanted to write some joke or turn them into some medical leech?

You know, when Phlox was plastered in "Two Days and Two Nights", it was funny when Phlox suggested using Regulan Bloodworms because the viewers knew they were a threat. Now they just ruined that joke as well.

The more the writers f*ck the fans, the lower their ratings go. And they still don't get it. This "cute" throw-away line just cost them a few more viewers.

Lost Voyages Book Regulan Bloodworm History:
(Courtesy "Lost Voyages", by Bill Planer - 1992)

  • Regulan Bloodworms was first mentioned in "The Trouble with Tribbles". Then they were never seen or heard about ever again.

  • "The Trouble with Tribbles" was written by David Gerrold, and therefore we must assume Regulan Bloodworms was his creation.

  • ST:TNG was announced October 10th (1986?), and David Gerrold was hired October 20th to write for the new show. Gerrold helped Roddenberry write the Writer's Bible for the show.

  • In November 1986, Gerrold, Gene Roddenberry, George Takei and Robin Curtis were at a Boston Star Trek convention. At the convention, a gay Star Trek club asked when gays would be represented on Star Trek, since they had all the other minorities. Back at Los Angeles, Roddenberry brought it up to the writers.

  • At this same time, AIDS was on the news every night, and blood donorship was down. Gerrold wanted to deal with this on the show.

    TNG Cast

  • Gerrold wrote "Blood and Fire", in which the Enterprise comes across the contaminated starship Copernicus infected by the Bloodworms. Standing order is to destroy these ships on site, because the last three rescue attempts failed and actually spread the disease further. However, they don't learn about the Bloodworms until AFTER Riker leads an Away Team over to the ship. There were two gay crewmen onboard the Enterprise, Freeman and Eakins. In order to keep the Away Team alive, the crew give blood transfusions. The Bloodworms evolve into an energy butterfly, and flies off into space. Also mentioned is an undeclared war between the Federation and the Ferengi Alliance, and that the Ferengi may attempt to unleash the Bloodworm threat into Federation territory. Apparently, everyone loved this script but Gerrold's second hand information has it that Roddenberry's lawyer told him not to do it.

    TNG Cast

  • Later, Herb Wright had a go with "Blood and Ice". Gone was the AIDS allegory, and in its place was suspense, terror and action. The Enterprise meets up with the Copernicus, where they find the ship infected with Regulan Bloodworms. The Bloodworms sucked all the blood out of the crew, and turned them into Zombies. Riker's Away Team is infected, and Picard refuses to beam them back. Data learns the ship broke a 700 year-old quarantine by entering the Regulan system. They learn the ship was purposely infected by an enemy of the Federation. Bevery meets up with her dead husband's brother, Robert Crusher, also a Doctor on the Copernicus. Beverly creates a poison that will kill the Bloodworms, and just before they beam back to the Enterprise, Worf battles it out with the traitor and personally picks him up and throws him at the Zombies. The Copernicus explodes. Apparently this time, everybody loved the script, including Rick Berman, but it was Michael Piller who killed it, because it was a "first season-type of show". What first season was Piller watching?

    THE OUTCOME: Star Trek has yet to do an AIDS story. Star Trek has yet to do a gay story or character. These two great or potentially-great action episodes were thrown out based entirely on one single man in each case. The potential threat, suspense, terror and story of the Regulan Bloodworms are now completely thrown out on an "Enterprise" throw-away line where Phlox uses them as leeches. And Berman and Braga got another raise. God Damn it.

  • Tucker Ten Years to reach Earth!? But that's almost half a decade!

    Most people don't know this, but the higher the warp speed, the faster the ship travels per speed point. Example, Warp 2 is MORE than twice as fast as Warp 1. So if you traveled a month at warp 1, at warp 2 it would take less than half of that, as you're now traveling at MORE than twice the speed from warp 1. The higher the warp speed, the more speed you pick up with each warp. So when Archer and Tucker suggest at Warp 2 it would take them 10 years to get home, that's actually somewhat plausible.

    IF it made sense.

    In order to be ten years out at Warp 2, this would probably mean the Enterprise would have to be traveling for its entire one year in space in a single direction, non-stop, 24-hours a day, at Warp 4 or 5 constant, without stopping EVER!

    But yet Enterprise has been wandering around aimlessly in circles for one year, constantly zigzagging, backtracking, taking unscheduled detours, traveling at standard speed, etc. They even turned the ship around and started back towards Earth TWICE already, both in "Silent Enemy" and in "Shockwave, Part 1". It took them three episodes just to get to Risa because they kept stopping and going off into different directions. Plus then there's all those off-screen stops we've heard about, like the one mentioned in this episode where a crewmember caught the flu on yet another off-screen planet just a month before. And just 4 days before they stopped by the Romulan planet.

    Taking into account the entire first season and all its stops and detours, I'd say at Warp 2 Enterprise would only be 3 or 4 years out at most - IF after every stop they had made they still resumed the same general direction away from Earth every episode. But realistically they're probably still only a year out at Warp 2 non-stop, which would compensate for the constant stops and detours at warp 4. And remember, if they traveled in the same direction for a year, it would still take them the same amount of time to travel back to reach Jupiter Station anyway.

    Dr. Phlox I put the "hospital" in hospitality.

    It's only been 4 days since Reed had a rotating steel bar puncture all the way through his leg, pushing the spacesuit material into it, exposing it to the vacuum of space for 10 seconds as well as the spacesuit sealant for hours, contaminating the inside of the leg with all the material the mine had accumulated over the many, many years Reed had stated it was drifting in space, plus any potential radiation that rickety mine had been building up, and even exposed to human pee.

    And he can return to duty in one week? Maybe two?

    Phlox and Archer It's incredible, Captain. Even when Mayweather is dead, he's still grinning.

    The first crewmember ever to die (excluding Daniels), and the writers expect us to believe it's a main character? This is why the cast needs to be expanded well beyond "seven guys", and also why they needed to have a main character whose entire purpose was to die a year and a half into the series just to throw off viewers and raise the threat level.

    Besides, if Mayweather was really dead, we would have heard about it on the internet four months ago. These Paramount guys can't quite keep a secret you know.

    Mayweather There's always room for Jell-O. Unless you're dead.

    Suddenly, out of the blue, out of nowhere, we hear about these great and hilarious things Mayweather did - all off screen of course. There was an episode of Voyager where they thought Janeway was dead, and Harry Kim talked about a touching moment between him and the Captain, when they were eating pie or something. It sounded like a nice moment. Too bad we never saw it.

    So here we go again. All the endless boring episodes in the past, and we once again find that all the good stuff is being TOLD to us. Maybe if we actually SAW Mayweather doing this little stunt about the Gelatin, or saw him do ANYTHING for that matter, it would have had value.

    Hoshi Sato If Mayweather is alive, then can I keep his duplicate? I have needs you know.

    Mayweather's dead body lies in the sickbay. Then the real Mayweather is found and brought to sickbay. Common sense says scenes where Mayweather confronts his dead body in sickbay, looking it over, freaked out by it, and not sure what to do with it, etc, would have made great psychological scenes. Do you bury it? Do you have a funeral? Can you salvage any organs? What they have is a complete functional human body that was basically born dead. These ethical questions alone had never been touched on Star Trek before. And the writers miss this? This was common sense!

    That's probably why the writers missed it. Because it was common sense.

    T'Pol and Archer I didn't realize a living body can create such vial odors, Captain. Then there's the bodies we found in this room.

    T'Pol takes injections to hide the natural smell of human bodies. But yet suddenly she's in a dark, damp and smelly room with a dozen inanimate bodies lying there for years, some probably dead, and she doesn't smell a single thing?

    Even Archer should have smelled it. And he's stupid.

    Archer If I can find the Vulcan Spy Array, the Naussicaan Storage Facility, and the illegal Mallurian mining facility, then I can find Mayweather. Just give me a minute.

  • The computer had mechanical arms to attach feeding tubes to the bodies to sustain them, but didn't have these mechanical arms when it needed to stop Archer and T'Pol from rescuing Mayweather?

  • The system could site-to-site transport Tucker and Reed, twice, but when T'Pol and Archer take out one single component in a Jeffrey's tube, suddenly all the transporters are down everywhere?

  • If the Repair Station had control of Enterprise, and didn't have a functioning transporter to stop Archer and T'Pol, why not use the Enterprise transporter? It did have access to it.

  • The Repair Station could replicate everything to rebuild transporters, but didn't replicate one when it needed one?

  • Not once did Archer or T'Pol suggest rescuing any other crewmembers at all.

  • When Enterprise first finds the repair station and believes it to be abandoned, they suggest salvaging this unknown station for themselves. But after finding the station has such massively advanced technology, when they blow the hell out of it no one thinks it's important to try to salvage any of it at all? Even though there was at least ONE functioning intact arm? And those arms had Replicators on it!

  • Reed Could you also repair our Vulcan energy shields? They were uhm, completely destroyed. Yeah, that's it. And uh, can you repair our Photon Torpedoes? And while you're at it, can you repair our Tractor Beam? It was mounted where that hole is. Just put another one there.

    Tucker said it would be great to have a matter replicator so they can replicate parts, because all they have is a protein resequencer.

    Uhm, that protein resequencer had in the past already been replicating bowls, glasses, silverware, etc. It ALREADY replicates matter!!! Yeah, we've seen crew grab a fork or cup and walk over to it, but not every time.

    For that matter, why not just ask the Replicator to replicate a Replicator? He didn't even try.

    Archer in Captain's Chair Can you also repair our Ratings? They seem to be broken.

    The Repair Station indicates the scratch the Maneuvar Pod put there in "Broken Bow". While Trip's "I was just about to get on that" was kinda funny, the Enterprise MUST have sustained far more damage than that over the year. There must be hundreds to thousands of "scratches" all over the ship. And Tucker spots that specific one?

    T'Pol Look Captain, the Repair Station even captured the body of a Romul... Er, I mean a Vulcan. Yeah, it's a Vulcan. Pointy ears and all. Look!

    The Repair Station was only one week away (at a measly warp 2) from a planet the Romulans had taken and guarded with cloaked mines for many years, and not only did the Romulans not care about the Repair Station, but the repair station didn't necessarily seem to be receiving damaged ships courtesy of the Romulans either, as evident that Enterprise never located any debris in the mine field from any other ships, and no Romulans or "Vulcans" were located in that repair facility. "IF" those bodies came from other Romulan-damaged ships, then that means all those ships had engaged the Romulans - and survived to tell about it.

    So either a repair station is right next to the border of a hostile enemy and nobody noticed, or the repair station is taking advantage of being next door to a hostile border and every single survivor who escapes the Romulans either manages to still not ever see them, or the ones that did voluntarily decided not to say a single word to anyone ever.

    Mayweather Can you also replicate some script pages for me? I wasn't given any.

    And once again the black guy stands in the background. Sure enough, once Mayweather did get some screen time, he was unconscious in it. And it wasn't even him. It was his dead clone.

    Ten seconds putting his shirt on, and three minutes lying on a bed pretending to be dead. Just one more example of the establishment keeping the brother down.

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