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Enterprise review: "Sleeping Dogs".
(Episode 14)

Reviewed by Richard Whettestone.

THE PREMISE: Exploring a Nebulae, the Enterprise discovers a Klingon ship with a crew who became unconscious after becoming drunk. They decide to help them.

"Sleeping Dogs"
Written by Fred Dekker

Lt. Reed Since I have a cold I'll be the first to remove my helmet on an alien vessel with unknown occupants.

Not having a clue as to what they were going to find onboard, Archer should have at least been concerned about allowing a sick crewmember heading over to an alien ship. Especially aliens that were unidentified.

Instead, they spent their scenes on Hoshi wanting to go.

Lt. Reed Yeah. I Must have gotten it from that packing crate in spacedock five months ago.

How the hell can Dr. Phlox and Lt. Reed conclude that Reed must have obtained the virus from opening a packing crate five months earlier onboard space dock? Reed's been to countless worlds, such as Terra Nova where he was shot in the butt by a 70 year old gun stored in a moldy cave. He landed his shuttlepod in a snow storm in Broken Bow. He fought off Andorians in the Vulcan underground burial grounds in The Andorian Incident. And on occasion had opportunities to encounter various aliens onboard the ship, both good and bad, such as the invading aliens in Silent Enemy and the visiting aliens in Cold Front.

A hermetically sealed ship doesn't help if you open the door.

Captain Archer in his chair
You don't get to become a Captain by making intelligent decisions, Ensign.

Like trying to grapple a ship and pull it out of a Nebulae BEFORE it sinks too far to get to with the Enterprise.

Or sending an Away Tream over to an alien ship that is going to be crushed without an Engineer whose knowledge will allow an evaluation of the ship's hull integrity.

Hoshi Sato
That's because my Captain likes me more than he likes you.

Well how about that? The very first time Hoshi WANTS to go to an alien ship, and T'Pol had already requested her for it. Now let's try a better version of the scene:

Hoshi tells Archer she wants to go. Archer, seeing how much Hoshi wants it, lies and tells Hoshi that T'Pol already requested her. When Hoshi happily leaves his room to go on the mission, Archer frantically calls T'Pol over the intercom and tells her Hoshi will be joining the away mission.

This would have showed that Captain Archer had a heart, despite the fact that he caused the uncountable deaths of millions of families and children just last week in "Dear Doctor" due to the inexcusable demands of stupid Network and Paramount Executives, by showing that Archer cares about his crew. Since Paramount Executive interference established that he doesn't care about anybody else.

Shuttle Pod
They're called Shuttle Pods. We wanted to call them Starfuries but Starfleet said no.

Once the Enterprise grappled the Klingon woman's escaping Shuttle Pod, how did it get into the bay? She wouldn't have piloted it in. And I don't think Enterprise could have grappled it all the way through boarding procedure.

If they could have piloted those things by remote, it's never been established, would have been great to show (especially the frantic Klingon inside unable to control or stop the ship), and would have given more options by piloting a string of Shuttles grappled one to the other to form a chain to pull the Klingon ship out. You don't need a sturdy hull and life support for a ship with no occupants.

And since the Klingon woman believed Archer and gang attacked them, once grappled, why didn't she try a ramming procedure?

Klingon Woman
Give me some sugar, baby.

After Archer asks the Klingon woman for help, he then realizes that he showed a sign of weakness to Klingons. He then decides to be forceful and demands she help him.

Wouldn't this have added a little more fun by making her believe he was initiating a mating ritual with his forcefulness? We had to sit through a Deep Space 9 episode where a Cardassian woman believed O'Brien was coming on to her - for no reason. There was a Voyager episode where a Klingon woman kept coming on to Harry - and it was actually kinda funny, especially when Neelix got ahold of her.

This was a great opportunity to not only convince her to do what he asks (being her mate in her eyes), but it would add to the confusion Archer has of Klingons, as well as forcing him to have to take this route to save his crew.

T'Pol I'm a Vulcan. Don't get logical with me.

Only Hoshi can translate the Klingon written language.

Yet all over the bridge we seem to be surrounded with scenes where Reed says "If I'm reading this correctly" or T'Pol saying "I found navigation".

Lt. Reed Because I've never heard of Photon Torpedoes before, I therefore conclude that they create shockwaves when they explode.

Because I'm that good at what I do.

Even when I'm sick.

Decon scene Decon scene
Money Shot? That's what Blalock in her undies was.

This whole episode was about trying to pull this Klingon ship out of the Nebulae, yet when they finally succeed, they don't show it. Instead we just get a scene of Archer on the bridge of the Klingon ship saying they are ALREADY out of the Nebulae.

We're Klingons! We're not suppose to make sense in this Era! Now Death to you All!

Why am I getting the feeling that the writers can just take any angle on what's honorable and what's not and just spin it to fit the current Klingon story?

T'Pol says it's honorable to let the Klingons die passed out. Then Archer decides it's not honorable to let the Klingons die passed out, and even convinces the Klingon woman of the same. Then it's honorable again to have let them die passed out and saving them was a violation warranting a war.

I remember one of the problems the Deep Space 9 comic book writers had with Bajoran religion was that it kept changing, forcing them to steer clear of it in their stories. With already a wide interpretation of what is logical and what isn't among the Vulcans, I fear a widening gap among the many interpretations of Klingon honor as well. It seems it can be spun to fit the writer's needs.

I hate to suggest this because of the wild murderous intentions of the Klingons towards the hidden alien ship in "Unexpected", but knowing (and reminded to us in this episode) that Klingons move up in rank by killing, and knowing that the Klingons believe we violated them, wouldn't the head Klingon had killed the woman for helping Archer and gang "violate" their ship? It was consistant with Klingons, it would have shocked and scared the hell out of Archer, reinforcing to him how dangerous the Klingons were, and the Klingon woman wasn't in the last scene anyway when the Klingon Captain spoke to Archer.

A simple line.

Lt. Reed Because I'm still ambiguously gay, I'm not going to sit between the two scantily clad women in Decon.

Or at least I think I'm ambiguously gay.


Before I even posted my review, someone beat me to it with this e-mail. Hey, he made reviewing this episode easy.

- Richard Whettestone.

"Hi Richard,

I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy your comments and plan to visit the site often. Your comments are funny and right on the mark. If you don't mind, I'd like to contribute a comment or five regarding last night's episode "Sleeping Dogs". You've probably caught onto these so forgive me if I repeat that which you already know...

1) The title: What exactly was this title supposed to mean? Are the Klingons being regarded as dogs? (A line from "When Harry Met Sally": 'Is one of us supposed to be a dog in this situation!?'). Really, this title had pretty much no explanation or relevance to the story.

2) Another lame, going nowhere, who cares, teaser. 'nuff said.

3) LT. Reed's cold. Is there ONE actor in Hollywood that can succesfully act like they have a cold, without overplaying it for humor? And is it me, or is the "character with a cold" joke a little too trite these days? I don't know what I'm trying to say here, other than it just seemed to be cheap storytelling.

4) Ok. You're dehydrated. You need water. I suppose the smart thing to do is to drink whatever filthy Klingon water you can find. After all, the surroundings are clearly dirty and decayed, but I suppose the water is safe to drink. There is a scene missing where Reed is on the toilet suffering from "Kahless' Revenge" and cursing Hoshi for making [him] drink that diseased Klingon water she found in a bowl underneath the gutted Targ carcass hanging from the ceiling.

5) Another decon scene. Unnecessary for two reasons: One is the OBVIOUS sex appeal (but I do admit that Blalock and Linda Park are not entirely unattractive). The other is that they were supposed to be lingering in the decon chamber because they were finally glad to be clean.

Hello? I wasn't aware that the dirty klingon ship bothered you! Sure, it smelled bad, but that's pretty much ALL you said about it. This scene would've made more sense if, throughout the episode, the three of them kept making comments about the dirtiness of the Klingon ship. It just seemed a cheap, tacked-on way of getting the three of them in their undies.

Anyway, that's about it. I hope I have mentioned something that you might have missed or forgotten.

BTW, you might want to consider decreasing the font size (and eliminating the bold) of the text on your site, so there is less scrolling. Also, reading white text on a black screen can get a little tiring after a while. Maybe a new color scheme would help with that (black text on a more neutral colored background).

Ok, I've rambled enough. If you're receptive, perhaps I'll contribute comments to future episodes. Good luck with your TV series! I hope it gets produced!"

- Ken.
January 31, 2001

A lot of people probably don't get the title. It's a reference to the phrase "Let Sleeping Dogs Lie". As in, don't wake them up or you'll have to deal with an iritated dog. The Klingons were just fine sleeping. It was when they woke up that they became a threat. With stupid or generic titles like "Civilization" and the upcoming "Fusion", this is one of the few titles that I thought was clever. But Ken can't be the only one not to get it, so it was worth explaining.

As for the text I use, I rarely use bold. Since one of the two shows I am trying to do is about a Blind Girl, I learned that people partially blind have a hard time reading things in bold, as in it makes it worst, not better to read. I was also told that white text on a black background was just as good as black text on a white background. I think it looks better. The regular text in the reviews is sized 4, but the "heading caption" in each box (in yellow) is sized 6. It probably gives the illusion to many that it is in bold. It is in fact just two sizes bigger and a different color.

As for too much scrolling, if you have Internet Explorer, try "View", "Full Screen". It's great. "F11" gets you in and out of it easily.

With the bulk of my site being text, I always assumed that a background graphic would be an annoyance. But I'll try it here to an extent. The Linda Parks background is for you, Ken.

- Richard Whettestone.

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