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Star Trek: Voyager
[Dead] End Game.

Reviewed by Richard Whettestone.

Continued from Page Five.

Battle-ready Chakotay All right, we'll do it the Easy way then.

"Captain, it's of paramount importance that we help defend this alien transwarp hub from the invading Borg Cube! If the Borg get ahold of this, they will be unstoppable! Their Cubes will spread across the galaxies like a plague. We need to help in the defense long enough for the Droth scientists to permenantly take it off line. We must stop the Borg. The line must be drawn here. No further. We'll lose a lot of good crew. And we may even lose the ship. But if we're lucky, and we survive, we may be able to make it home ourselves."

"Or we could just accidently stumble across a Borg transwarp hub and use theirs after we upgrade our ship with free technology from the future."

Under Construction
It took longer to upgrade since we lost Lt. Carey.

Big long technologically advanced constructs that had to be built from scratch, assembled, and welded on the hull, then powered up in a Nebulae that interferes with scanners, just took too quick to build. Even with Junior Janeway revealing that the Nebulae was 3 days back by the time Old Janeway had arrived, how long did this episode span? A month?

Harry & Tom But it'll work, Tom. While the Borg are assimilating you, I'll be able to make it through to Earth and get help.

And what was in that proposal Harry came up with? For a guy who actually came up with a few good ideas earlier, Janeway sure cut him off in a hurry. As did Tom. Apparently, ideas from crewmembers is now suddenly a no-no.

Harry I just discovered them.
They're made of Brass.
And I have two!

And while Harry Kim was talking to Tom in the corridor, was he about to imply that he and Tom steal the Delta Flyer and go at the Borg Nebulae on their own? How brave is this guy? You pick the final episode to have Harry willing to take such a bold step? This, in combination with both Tom AND Janeway shushing him up, just doesn't make any sense.

Lt. Shelby You're in the wrong classroom again, Mr. Barclay.

And who should really be teaching the Borg class? Gee, I haven't a clue.

Jeri Ryan Actually, I'm feeling kinda randy right now.

Voyager's core audience was young boys. Seven was added to increase the number of boys, which increases the ratings. As the series finale, you want high ratings. And it was already in place in the story and UPN-approved about Seven and Chakotay's relationship. Was one roll around on the floor too much to give us? With her skin tight cat-suit, she was already dressed for the part. And we already accepted Chakotay as sexually non-threatening, so none of the boys would have had their feelings hurt.

And let's not forget that Seven is a virgin.

Homer of Borg Oooh, I'm shaking in my Regeneration Alcove.

The Borg Queen was so adamant to Seven that she gets Janeway to keep the Voyager away from the Nebulae, yet at the same time makes claims both now and later that not only does she not care about Voyager, but they couldn't possibly destroy the Transwarp Hub anyway. Make up your mind.

In a battle Geez, Captain, you brought back Voyager in a better condition than it was in when you left.

We wanted Voyager to make it home battered. Not the prestine condition it arrived home in. The ship took more beating from space anomalies and giant jellyfish than in the finale. Crazy Kes alone took out several decks in "Fury". 47 Borg Cubes? Not a problem. We even added anti-Borg shields to raise the value of the ship.

Voyager Party We're putting the confetti back in the Bag. Let us know when you've made up your mind.

First, Voyager was destroyed as only Chakotay and Kim made it home. Then, everybody made it home except for Seven and 21 others. But now they changed history yet again and now they all get home. If at first you don't succeed, try and try again until you get it right. With 172 episodes, it's nice to see the writers tried this same approach. Except for the last part about getting it right. But hey, it's the journey, isn't it?

Delorean I'll be back just after I make a quick trip to the future to see what kind of man I marry.

Admiral Janeway sent Miral Paris on a mission to obtain a device she needs to travel through time. Miral Paris said "It works". How did she know it works? Did she test it?

Janeway & Kim Are they all stupid?

Knowing that their entire lives over the last 26 years will be wiped out from existance, Barclay, Miral Paris, and Captain Kim all allow Admiral Janeway to take off through time. Even Miral should be throwing a fit. It's her entire life. Who's stupider, them or all the Klingons that at first were willing to sell the device to Janeway. "That's right. For the right price, we'll let you screw up the timeline and wipe away everything in our small trading empire we've been building up the last two decades."

Janeway Assimilated Wait, I got an idea Now.

So, Old Janeway travels back in time, and during the Doctor's examination of her he discovers a little microchip (a synoptic transceiver) in her head allowing her to pilot ships with the power of her mind (off screen, which we never saw). Then this little piece of information is dropped, after the viewers are informed the Doctor is so good at what he does, he will later invent the thing himself.

Later, after Junior Janeway decides to take on the Borg, the two get an idea at the last minute to infect Old Janeway with a pathegen that would take out the Borg after her own assimilation.

Here's a dumb thought. Wouldn't it have been more dramatic if the chip in Janeway's head WAS the Pathegen, or some other form of Borg-Killer, and one of the purposes of her traveling to the past to save the ship was also to wipe out the Borg? After all, she had the weapons, the shields, and the information, and once she succeeded in saving Voyager and changing history, what was the old bag to do? Fade from existance? Retire on an Island? Janeway herself said "I always assumed it was a one way trip." It all fit. She had a mysterious object in her head. She kept hiding information from Junior all the way through. She KNEW the Borg was there. It all made sense. That's probably why the Voyager writers missed it.

Jeri Lynn Ryan Next, on a very special episode of Voyager....

In case it wasn't mentioned before, I just wanted to reiterate that Seven is a virgin.

Voyager Cast It's the Journey? The Journey sucks, pull over!

It's not the destination, it's the Journey? That doesn't mean you have to screw up the destination you've been leading to for seven years. Not only did the journey suck, the destination sucked, too.

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