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Star Trek: Voyager
[Dead] End Game.

Reviewed by Richard Whettestone.

Continued from Page Four.

Janeway I got the idea from Captain Braxton.

How come those Federation time-travel guys from the future kept showing up out of the blue to show us a problem we never knew existed before, but when Janeway blatantly goes Scott Bakula on us, the time-ship crew are on vacation.

Borg Queen and Janeway I'm going to flip you like a cheese omelet. I'm going to beat you like a bad step-child. I'm going to make you my Bitch.

I'm going to defeat you in our final epic confrontation ever by sitting here on the floor wheezing for air while you fall apart as you watch your television monitor.

Admiral Janeway Collateral Damage.

Where was the scene of Admiral Janeway at the reunion sitting alone in the corner as she stares off at little Sabrina Wildman running around while she contemplates wiping her from existance? That's power-drama. Learn to use it.

Alfred E. Newman Plenty of room for Janeway in Tuvok's new quarters.

According to these Captain's reports, less than one year in the Delta Quadrant you met Amelia Earhart?

Tuvok, Janeway & Torres We're all the family he needs.

Janeway visits on Sundays. The Doctor visits on Wednesdays. And Barclay's visits are irratic. Wife? What wife? What kids? Where?

What the hell happened?

I don't even understand the ending. As the Voyager is making a run for it, first the chasing Borg Sphere's doors open, and then Voyager says their damage is too great and they can't keep ahead of the pursuing Borg ship. The next Transwarp Hub opening lead back to the Delta Quadrant so they didn't take it. Instead, we then see the Voyager all calm with no battles anymore, followed by Federation ships attacking the Sphere, which then explodes as Voyager flies through the burning debris. I don't get it. Were they behind the Sphere? Were they inside it? There didn't look like there was enough room inside to hold Voyager, and the Borg surely would have had weapons inside if needed. If Voyager was on the inside, they still would have been rocked a bit by 18 Federation ships blasting away. And with the Transwarp Hub exploding behind them in the tunnel, Voyager couldn't stop to let the Borg Sphere pass. I'm confused. Either outcome clearly had options for cool scenes. What we get is confusion.

And Tom Paris replying with the line: "We're right where you would expect us to be" didn't clarify the situation either. It was poorly edited, poorly executed.

Defiant We were in the Neighborhood.

When all the ships arrived to take on the Borg, was that the Defiant? Was I seeing things?

Janeway and Borg Queen The Transwarp Hub? Oh, I forgot about that.

With all the advanced technology Old Janeway had available to bring from the future to fight the Borg, clearly the Transwarp Hub wasn't that much of a threat to the Federation or Old Janeway would have made an attempt to destroy it. But instead it's Junior Janeway who demanded to destroy it, with Old Janeway throwing a fit yet not once even saying "It was never a problem for us".

Earth Yes, we wanted to go to Earth, but this isn't what we meant.

The Voyager flying towards Earth in the last shot was nice and all, but we want something more dramatic. We want the Voyager to be flung out of the Borg tunnel and hurdle out of control towards Earth. Tom fights valiantly to stabilize the ship. As Harry informs Janeway they're in orbit of Earth, Janeway is only happy for a few moments when she sees Earth spiraling towards them on the viewscreen. Tom is able to level the ship and make a really cool crash landing that everyone is able to walk away from but which takes Voyager forever out of action. Voyager is home.

This would have made a good contrasting shot from the opening where Voyager was flying around California while fireworks go off in the sky. Plus a crash landing worked for Enterprise D.

Belanna Torres Dad, this is my wife. Just don't piss her off or she might bite you or punch you or something.

With all the hoopla and troubles between Tom and his father thrown in our face over the years, and with Admiral Paris showing up periodically, wrapping it up with the following line was something both Tom and the viewers have earned over the last seven years. Too bad the writers are stupid. So I put it here for you in script form:

Son, I'm proud of you.

Janeway I've come back for my Dog.

Janeway rings the doorbell. Mark and his new wife answer.


Hello Mark.

I heard you made it back.
I'm glad you're safe.
Oh by the way, this is my wife, Nancy.


(lunging towards her)
You Bitch!

Seven with her Mom
Mom? . . . . . Mom!?!?!?!

Way back in "Dark Frontier" when the Borg Queen presented Seven with her assimilated Dad, the fans have wondered "Where's her mom?" Even the fans have speculated that in the finale, the body the Borg Queen would choose for the final confrontation would be Seven's mom. Unfortunately, not only is it NOT her mom, the two don't even get a confrontation. It's a shame when the fans get better ideas than the Producers can.

To make matters worse, it's blatantly thrown in our face when the Borg Queen tells Seven "We're more than friends. We're family!"

No you're NOT!

Borg Queen and Old Janeway Seven in her catsuit
Cat Fight! Cat Fight!

Three Women.
Three relationships.
One final confrontation.
Cat Fight?
So where was it?

Continued on Page Six.

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