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Star Trek: Voyager
[Dead] End Game.

Reviewed by Richard Whettestone.

Continued from Page Three.

Harry Kim Damn. Harry's back. Let me do the talking, Ted.

Didn't Kim have a girlfriend waiting for him at home?

Yes. Yes Harry DID have a girlfriend waiting for him. Her name was Libby.

These long-awaited scenes almost write themselves. And yet the Voyager writers STILL felt they needed to ignore the crew's home-coming in exchange for wasted future scenes that don't support Admiral Janeway's actions at all.

Old Janeway Meanwhile, in Gotham City...

There wasn't much effort made in the transition from future scenes to present scenes, were there? Admiral Picard in "All Good Things" had his craziness and confusion to signify the time-changes. Kes had some pain and dizzyness in "Before & After". Ditto with Chief O'Brien in "Visionary". It's almost as if they wrote the future scenes and present scenes separately and randomly tossed reels of film at the editor. You think the writers could have come up with better time transitions than "Cut To: Scene 17".

Robert Beltran Beltran's acting again?
Quick, Shut the Camera off!

The fans all know Robert Beltran had problems with the show. For that matter, several actors spoke up against some of the problems, including Robbie McNeill and Garrett Wang. But when Tom Paris gets called away to sickbay and Chakotay takes the console to pilot the ship to Earth, that itty bitty one-second scene was priceless.

When Chakotay took the seat, looked at the buttons, and waved his hands up as if to say "Yeah, I guess", why did they cut away so quickly? This was Beltran's last hoorah. His last scene. And it was HIM that flew the ship home. Producers screwed him into the background for seven years. And here was an opportunity to give him the final say, and you couldn't hold for another second? This scene was Voyager's equivelant of Harrison Ford ad-libbing "I know" to Leia's "I Love You" in The Empire Strikes Back. And they butcher it.

Beltran's right. It's a shame Russ and Mulgrew still don't see the problems that the fans have seen since episode three.

Rick Berman
Rick Berman.
It's Earth!
Cut Away! Cut Away!!!!
Now put my name up there.

Speaking of bad editing. As soon as we see Voyager cruising towards Earth in the final scene, they slap Producer Rick Berman's name on the screen and fade out, go to commercial.

That was the shot WE WERE LOOKING FORWARD TO FOR SEVEN YEARS!!!!! And you start fading out just as Earth comes into focus?!?!? This is the equivelant of Mr. Zapruder losing focus just as Kennedy's motorcade passes the School Book Depository.

Icheb the Borg


And when one stubs his toe, the other feels it, too

What happens when the ultimate adolescent logic machine encounters the ultimate adolescent logic machine?

We will never know because the writer's failed to see the potential of this meeting of galactic proportions. The youth and inexperience of both Icheb and Vorik, at the same time poccessing the most intelligence onboard the ship next only to Tuvok and Seven, was full of potential for great writing (once again almost writing itself). Would they fight eachother with logic and reasoning, each one one-upping the other with a battle of wits like two evenly matched Terminators? Or would they have been so fitting for eachother that both would always congratulate eachother on brilliant ideas as they finished eachother's sentences. Either way, it was a meeting we waited dearly for.

Still waiting.

City on the Edge of Forever But I thought it was just one way. Honest.

Admiral Janeway uses the time-travel device to not only travel back in time, but across the galaxy to show up at Voyager's front door, but once there she can't use the device on Voyager to merely allow them to travel across space back to Earth?

Obviously the device is capable of carrying secondary ships, as well as larger ships, because Admiral Janeway demanded Junior Janeway fire Voyager's weapons to close the doorway to prevent the Klingon ship(s) from coming through. The first sign to Voyager that the door was even there was Voyager picking up Klingon signatures after all. And the device did work a second time, because she used it to travel further across space to get to the Borg Queen.

Lt. Carey But if I saved Carey too, I wouldn't have been able to sell his one-nacelled Voyager model on Ebay for $10,000 as a piece of starfleet history.

Janeway was so adamant about changing history to save just 22 people, she couldn't have shown up 30 days earlier to save Lt. Carey? What, he wasn't part of the family or something?

That's why we put Barclay on the front line.

The Borg Transwarp Hub aperture Voyager and the Borg sphere traveled through opens up at Earth's door step? Even if the Federation did know about it, several Borg Cubes could have taken Earth on a bad day, and one Cube could have on a good day. With a supply of 47 Borg Cubes stockpiling in the Nebulae, makes you wonder if the Borg weren't having their own problems on the Dominion front in the Gamma Quadrant.

Baby Bottle And baby makes three.

Professor Barclay taught Borg class and Admiral Janeway was the special visitor, and with the loss of Seven, this is all that starfleet had to work with? What, Icheb didn't make it? And wasn't there a Borg infant onboard the ship? Rescued in season six's "Collective", that kid's got to be two years old by now.

And whatever happened to Hugh? You think the Federation would have had a powerful interest in the fate of those surviving ex-drones, still showing all of Barclay's hype about how unique and special Seven is was mis-aligned.

Reset Button Reset, Damn it, Reset! I'm not going out like this!

Voyager ended how it lived. Punching that Reset Button like it was a big Whack-A-Frog game.

Durst Time to correct the dates on the Tombstones.

MRS. HOGAN: What do you mean my son was eaten by a giant worm? Then how did you get his skeleton back?

MR. DURST: Vidiians did What to my son's face?

MR. DARWIN: Where is this Suder person that you say murdered my son?

MRS. JONAS: We know our son died on your journey home. But he's not getting a medal posthumously for What reason?

MRS. CAREY: And you say my husband died valiantly in battle? You say he personally saved not only the ship but that he also saved the "Zelda Quadrant"?

Tubby, the wondrous spirit-guide
"I ate the Wolf.
I'll be taking over now."
Marriage? I'll have to consult my spirit-guide Tubby first.

Why, I remember way back when Voyager was first announced that the "Indian male" would have a wolf as a spirit-guide. Even TV Guide reported it. We not only got to see Janeway's lizard spirit-guide, but we learned comedicly that Torres tried to kill her animal spirit-guide. But Chakotay's Wolf? Sadly, we never saw it.

You think with an impending marriage with Seven that is still baffling fans, Chakotay would need guidance now more than ever.

Another broken promise.

Continued on Page Five.

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