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Star Trek: Voyager
[Dead] End Game.

Reviewed by Richard Whettestone.

Continued from Page One.

Janeway and a Borg
Where were you a year ago?

Of all the opportunities Voyager has had to make it home, Old Janeway chooses to travel back to the one opportunity that involved 47 Borg Cubes hiding in a Nebulae.

Borg Cube Borg Cube
And then we went back in time and tried to blow up Zefram Cochran's warp ship. And let me tell you about the time when we...

Janeway reveals that Seven had once told her that there were only 6 Borg Transwarp Hubs in the entire galaxy.

Did I miss this episode?

How about this:

What is it?

It's a Borg Transwarp Hub.

Why didn't you tell us about them before?

There are only 6 in the entire Galaxy.
The odds of you coming across one was infinitesimal.

For that matter, if Seven knew there were only six, wouldn't she have known where they were? Even when they learned there were 47 Borg Cubes in the Nebulae, she still couldn't make a connection? 47 Borg Cubes knew they were there. What else did they think 47 Borg Cubes were doing there?

Borg Queen Give me a minute. I'm being assimilated.

Sure, you just stuck your Borg assimilation nodules into my neck, and even as I stand here Borg Nano-probes are spreading throughout my body and rewriting my DNA. But that's not going to stop me from having a clear mind and holding a conversation with you long enough to gloat as I watch you fall apart as my younger version blows up your Borg Transwarp Hub.

Maquis Because of your immense help in getting our Starship back home, we're cutting your prison time down to only 10 years.

Hello? Maquis? Hello? Hired Mercenaries. Thieves. Outlaws. Murderers. Demolitionists. Baby Killers. Assassins. Hello? Trials. Pardons. Investigations. Hello?

Getting some I miss Kashyk so much.

I hadn't been with a man in seven years. What do you mean I'm not going to have sex in the next 26?

Tuvok and Janeway
Can't talk right now. I'm writing a spec script for "Enterprise".

Just what was Tuvok working on?

Tuvok 1,000 Writer's Guild monkeys at a typewriter will eventually write Shakespeare.

All those scenes of Tuvok shouting Stardates and Captain's reports, complete with Janeway's disappearance, and they never went anywhere. This, tied with whatever he was working on, was a huge missed opportunity. Nothing came from it other than Tuvok babbling. Big things should have come from this. Voyager writers miss another potential.

I want a raise, too.

You made who our Delta Quadrant Ambassador?!?!?!

Voyager We can travel back in time to Dallas 1963 and stand on the grassy knoll and yell "Duck!"

The Borg Queen said: "Captain Janeway is about to die. If she has no future you will never exist. And nothing you will have done here today will happen."

I don't think it works like that. They were in the present and the future had already changed. You think they would have had all of this stuff figured out by now after having tried to blow up Zefram Cochran.

Borg Queen No, no. Build up the suspense.

The Borg Queen showed up 8 minutes too early. The Voyager encountering Borg Cubes in the Nebulae alone was worth fading to commercial on instead of cutting to the Borg Queen seeing the Voyager and saying "I'll keep an eye on that". What should have been her first scene was what became her second scene, where she was monitoring Old Janeway talking to her Junior on the viewscreen. Not only has Old Janeway traveled back in time, but the Borg Queen knows it. That's a double-whammy. Instead we got one watered-down whammy.

Chakotay and Seven Hey. We made it back just in time for Worf and Troi's wedding.

'Nuff said.

Janeway & Chakotay
I never told you how I really felt about you.

While it may have been Chakotay's death that convinced Janeway to take the actions that she did, we didn't see it. We didn't see her loss. We didn't feel her loss. But we should have. Instead, we got to see Professor Barclay mumble about golf with the Doctor. What's the point of showing the future where Admiral Janeway is coming from, if we're not going to see why she wants to change it?

Chakotay Shot to death in the line of duty.

We know his death was only recent, as Kim missed the funeral while he was on a four year deep space mission. But HOW did Chakotay die?

Of course, if they played out the scene above, we would have already known.

Janeway and Seven
I never told you how I really felt about you.

That's two characters who Janeway never confessed her love for.

And let's not forget that Seven is a virgin.

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