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Star Trek: Voyager
[Dead] End Game.

Reviewed by Richard Whettestone.
On May 23rd, 2001, the final episode of the series of missed opportunities, Star Trek: Voyager, aired.
It stunk.

The Premise in a nutshell was that 26 years in the future, after having been back at Earth for 10 years already, Admiral Janeway decides out of the blue that life is really terrible so she steals a time-device and travels back in time with cool advanced technology from the future, so her Junior can take Voyager through a nearby Borg transwarp hub to get the ship and crew home 16 years early.

Here's some reasons why it stunk.

Everything's coming up Roses.

What was that I heard? Just after Janeway replays the Voyager's return to Earth on the news broadcast, the voice-over begins to talk about corruption... where?

Not only could they have added a few more words to tease the fans, but if they were going this far, why couldn't they have had the voice-over begin to mention Janeway's court-martial, only to be cleared of all.... "Click", and she shuts off the TV.

Janeway screwed up so many times, that being cleared of the charges wasn't the point. It was the fact that she didn't just escape the whole thing without at least a few people thinking she broke some rules. Whatever the recording did say about corruption, we couldn't hear it.




We only lose How Many?

Over the course of the last seven years, Voyager lost what seemed like dozens of crewmembers, including Hogan, Jonas, Suder, Neelix, Carey, Seska, Kes, etc. Yet Old Janeway pops up from the future and informs her Junior that over the course of the next Sixteen years, she'll only lose just another 22.

It seems to me that the percentage of crew she'll be losing in the future actually goes down. How could Old Janeway possibly convince her Junior that this loss is too great. If I was Janeway and learned that we would ONLY lose a crewmember a year, I'd be relaxing on the sofa and deciding which least valued crewmembers to send down on some upcoming missions.

Samantha Wildman Uhm, have you seen my husband around anywhere?

Ignoring the fact that it was too odd that we saw the daughter of Naomi Wildman but never Samantha or Naomi Wildman themselves (also ignoring the fact that we only saw the two together twice on the entire series anyway), what's the point of building up the series of trying to get the crew home, just to not show it? In the present or in the future?

Naomi Wildman Mommy says we have a new daddy now.
His name is Neelix.

"Uhm, excuse me Ms Wildman, but you've been gone a long time. You see, we've had this incident with some aliens from another quadrant ourselves. I'm sorry ma'am, but your husband was killed on the Defiant while defending Deep Space 9 from the Jem'Hadar."

"Jim? Jim!!!" "Samantha, My God, I've missed you! And who is this?" "This is our daughter, Jim. Her name is Naomi." "Hello, Naomi." "Hello... Dad."

Either one would have worked. And the Writer's Guild got pay raises for What Reason?

Borg Battle Borg Battle Borg Battle Borg Battle
Battle? What Battle? Where? When?

And the Voyager went up fighting against the Borg in the episode exactly Where?

Some old bag runs off on her own and gets punctured in the neck, and Voyager gets to fire a few shots that kill Borg Cubes instantly. Yeah, this is the final confrontation we were looking for.

Viper This is the same Shielding they used on "Viper".

"Go Go Gadget Borg Shielding!"

Just exactly how does that shielding work? Is it replicated in place? It looked cool, but believe it or not, this is one time we wouldn't mind having had some technobabble to explain it.

Why not just have the ship transform?

Voyager sets And over here is where Neelix once annoyed someone.
We're walking.
We're walking.

This ship had been blasted to hell for seven years, without one spacedock. Now it's a Museum? More like an archeology dig.

Janeway laughing Then we defeated the Vorlons and took their technology, too.

Wow! 29th-century Holo-emitter technology! Borg defenses from 26 years in the future! A sentient Hologram. A sexy Borg drone to study. And Icheb makes two. You found the Raven and the Equinox. And you even beat Warp 10. Forget the position of Admiral, we're making you President of the Galaxy.

Star Trek: TOS Before we make it home Harry, I want you to read outloud this TOS Episode Guide for the viewers.

The Admiral said Captain Janeway discovered more alien cultures than Kirk. Icheb has a Captain Kirk fetish. Neelix celebrates Zefram Cochrane day. Voyager finds Zefram Cochran's Freedom One warp ship. And now Tuvok has to shove Spock's "The needs of the many...." at us again. Is there an upcoming prequal Trek series someone isn't telling me about?

Wolf 359 Lt. Barclay
Wolf 359? What's that?

THE TIME: The distant future.
THE PLACE: Starfleet Academy.
THE SCENE: Admiral Janeway and Professor Barclay teaching young cadets on the Borg.

Sure, Janeway's confronted them a great deal. But other than the fact that it was Barclay who made contact with the Voyager, what did he have to do with the Borg? What made him the expert? Was it really hard to make a reference to the cadets about how Barclay was on the Enterpise when the Borg first made contact? He was present while Riker was trying to catch up to Wolf 359. He was serving under Picard when the Borg tried to blow up Zefram Cochran. If you're going to make this guy an expert on the Borg (along with Holodecks, Engineering, Transporter Narcosis, Inter-trans galactic telephone calls, and golf), at least put in a throwaway line to justify it. But I guess continuity is too much to ask for.

Admiral Janeway If you're from the future, then you must know when Rick Berman will be fired.

I'm sorry I'm late. But while I was trying to steal the time-device, I bumped into Admiral Picard trying to get his old friends to cross the Neutral Zone with him to look for some space anomally that was threatening all mankind.

Seven frozen
Stop me if you've heard this before.

"Timeless" (Episode 100): Admiral Chakotay and Captain Kim steal a time device to save Voyager in the past, where Seven had died. Admiral Chakotay is startled to see Janeway's body again.

"End Game" (Episode 172): Admiral Janeway steals a time device and with the help of Captain Kim, tries to save Voyager in the past, where Seven had died. Admiral Janeway is startled to see Seven and her body again.

The Delaney Sisters
Four Words: A Delaney Sister dies.

It's not like you were going to get the backlash you did when you killed Lt. Carey. We liked Carey. But with the Delaney sisters, you have a spare. Watching one ball her head off over the body of the other would have been power-drama. Especially if the ship was exploding apart around them in a firefight.

Tom Paris That's because we like Harry more than we like you.

Remember when Tom Paris held a gambling pool among the crew and got in trouble with Chakotay? It was such an evil deed, it was used as a set up to trick Seska and the viewers into thinking Paris was a traitor. Yet this time, Harry has a pool to see when Tom's baby would be born. Not only did Chakotay amusingly tell Janeway about it with glee, Janeway then chose next Friday.

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