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Ways I'd improve the Sci-Fi Channel.
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Ways I'd improve the Sci-Fi Channel.

By Richard Whettestone.

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Bring back "FTL Newsfeed".
Sure, they took awhile to get into for some people. But think of the possibilities. If you don't see the income options for releasing a three-month or six-month collection on VHS Cassette, then you're a Bad USA Corporate Executive. You already have several years worth behind you backing you up now. You can bring us up-to-date on what's going on with the surviving little visitor, Dr. Kaye Ballard, "R", and President Clarke (No, not that one), and the rest of the gang. Whatever happened to the VR Presence anyway?

Visitors of the Night
Candace Cameron gets
abducted by aliens in
"Visitors of the Night".
Air the Science-Fiction "TV Movies".
There is not many, so look Hard. And the few that do exist may be held by Lifetime. But Richard Crenna did one playing a Therapist dealing with patients abducted by Aliens (one played by Ben Vereen). And Megan Ward from "Dark Skies" was in a "From the Files of Unsolved Mysteries" TV Movie where she was haunted by a dead girl (based on a true story). And in a surprising move, Full House's Candace Cameron was abducted by aliens in 1995's "Visitors of the Night" TV Movie. And who doesn't want to watch a "Full House" castmember abducted by Aliens?

Learn the difference between "Science-Fiction" and "Gore".
Have you ever noticed how half the scenes in their previews promoting the diverse programming that alledgedly airs on the channel are either bloody scenes taken from slasher movies, or they are shots of gorey slimy mutants with puss and teeth trying to eat people?

Art Bell
Art Bell.
"Coast to Coast AM-TV" (The Art Bell Show).
Rush Limbaugh was able to squeeze in a little half hour syndicated TV Show after leaving the radio studio, and he didn't even have any guests. Art Bell would of course say no, but he can give you a list of 100 guests who could knock you on your ass with exciting information that you just don't see on TV today. Mike Seigel? Richard C. Hoagland? Linda Mouten-Howe? How about Whitley Streiber? The night-time radio is the best place for Coast To Coast's guests (the spookiness of the dark gets you in the mood), but a lot of them have things that they would like to SHOW you.

Captain Power
Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future.
Fund new episodes of "Captain Power".
Why on earth would you want to fund new episodes of a show that hasn't even aired on TV in over 10 years, even though it still has an incredibly strong core audience who is only building upwards based on bootleg copies of some guy's video tape collection from 1988? There's no audience there worth bothering with, right? Plus let's forget that the few stations that did air the show in primetime back in 1988 usually got incredible ratings.

Think its return can't be done? In the finale, Corporal Pilot was killed, and Lord Dread was taken off to become a Bio Dread himself. No casting problem there. Soaron and Blastarr were computer generated. Lacki was apparently killed, and was a robot anyway. Overmind was merely a Voice-Over. And Mentor was a Hologram (he can change). That only leaves just 4 actors pivotal to its return. Power, Hawk, Tank and Scout. That's it. And it's been over 10 years. We can forgive a re-cast on one or two. Maurice Dean Wint still looks the same. Peter MacNeill can be seen on "Psi Factor" and still looks the same. You see Sven Thorsen show up every so often on things, still looking the same. And Tim Dunigan ain't a kid any more. After the death of Pilot, the loss of the Powerbase, and the enemy getting stronger, its about time he grew up. Therefore, Tim Dunigan STILL fits the role. As for the original sets, the Powerbase was destroyed and once he becomes a Bio Dread himself, Lord Dread won't be needing his throne room exactly the way it was before, so . . . what sets?

Dark Skies
Dark Skies.
Fund new episodes of "Dark Skies" and finish the five-year story-arc.
One season down. Four to go. You already own rights to the first season now anyway. And the series requires far less special effects than "Farscape" does.

Can it be done? Let's look at where it left off: Actor J.T. Walsh is dead now (heart attack), but his character of Colonel Frank Bach was killed in the finale anyway, so no problem there. Phil Albano was taken over by the Hive. If he can't or won't return, his removal from the series is already in place, no problem there. Remember, we never actually saw Frank Burns leave on MASH, we were only told how he left. What about Jim Steele? In the finale, we learned that he was to become the future Charles Manson. So you can have him come back long enough to show him going crazy and then getting locked up, or not at all (his final fate already having been revealed), so no problem there. Doctor Halligan was killed just an episode or two before the finale, no problem there.

Then there's the two lead actors. The series creator himself stated that the two lead actors could actually get recast with older actors as the series progressed through history (which was picking up speed and skipping more time between episodes as it approached present day). And Megan Ward was booted off the show towards the end as she herself became Hive. Not knowing where her uncertain future was going to lie, you still have the four options (full time, part time, explained away as Hive, or re-cast). Jeri Lynn Ryan joined the cast halfway through the season. Sure, she ran off to play a Borg on Star Trek Voyager, but that show's over. Plus, the last we saw of her, she was left behind on an Alien Ship when she was accidently abducted with John Loengard. We saw John leaving with his son, but not with her.

Bottom Line: The entire series could continue with a completely different cast, as long as the narrator stays the same.

Captain Gideon.
Fund new episodes of "Crusade" and finish the five-year story-arc.
And the Sci-Fi Channel couldn't fund new episodes of Crusade when TNT canceled it because they had already spent all their money purchasing Poltergiest: the Legacy?!?!?!??!

John Edward
John Edward.
I never saw John Edward as a bad thing, believing it gave credibility to the paranormal well beyond what "Miss Cleo's Psychic Hotline" crap does. But a few people believe otherwise.
"The only thing that upsets me with the SFC is they have this "John Edwards" who says he can communicate with the dead on the channel. There was a story on Dateline-NBC about him some months ago. During the show "JE" in one of his sessions he goes to the NBC camera man and JE mentions items about his relatives, etc. However, the reporter & producer while filming this story that a week earlier at another function he was having a private conversation with this SAME camera man. The NBC camera man admitted that he probably gave JE information about his family during this function. Also, there was an article not too long ago in TIME Magazine that questions his claims of be able to communicate with the dead. I wish the SFC kick this guy off the air."

-Alan D.L.

"Please add one more complaint to your next update of this list: GET RID OF JOHN EDWARDS: TALKING TO THE DEAD. I cannot express strongly enough how insulting this is to a true science fiction fan. This so called "show" is just STUPID! I cringe just seeing the ads during program breaks. This show is either staged or there are way too many nit-wits on this planet."

-G Ferrari99.

And Chris below, who actually believed I am the Sci-Fi Channel, wrote me to show his support for John Edward:

"I don't know how you are connected to Sci-Fi Channel however I would like for you to pass on to them that the only reason I and many of my friends watch the Sci-Fi channel is for John Edward's. You now want to move it to 11:00pm. PLEASE!!! Leave it alone. Z93 radio station in Atlanta said they have never in the history of the station received such a response for tickets, including Elton John and Madonna as when they offered John Edward's tickets. You have a gold mine and if you hold on a little longer you will see. More people everyday are learning of John Edward's and his extraordinary gift. It is not like the other make believe programs you have he is real and is catching on like nothing you have ever seem before. Don't be stupid. You have what no one else does, don't screw it up. You can't possibly be that short sighted. I realize you work in an arena of make believe but please try and work in a corporate arena for once and think of the money you will be losing."

-Chris R.

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