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Ways I'd improve the Sci-Fi Channel.

By Richard Whettestone.

Sci-Fi Channel Logo

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Remove the Saturn Logo.
If your Viewers don't know what channel they're watching (especially with all that "Sci Fi Me" crap), then you have a bigger problem than the need for a permanent logo. Notice how they don't paste the logo over paid advertisements.

Quit that "Sci Fi World" crap.
The purpose of "Sci-Fi World" is to air a 6 hour mini-marathon of a different program every day, divided in themes (Example: Monday is "Creature World", or something). What could be wrong with that? Plenty. For starters, we have no way of knowing what program is going to air when. If "Earth 2" airs Monday, something else airs Tuesday, and something completely different airs the next Monday. There's no way to pinpoint when your favorite show is on.

Secondly, the broadcasts are ruined with pop-up windows (like on the Internet) that have stupid facts about the show. Most of these aren't even real facts that would be remotely interesting. Many of them are along the lines of "Hot Babe in 5 seconds..." or "Cool explosion in 10 seconds...", and some of them are even off in the timing. And the few they do have they found by looking up names of actors on the Internet Movie Database. Wow, this episode's lead actor once guest starred on Barney Miller? Cool!

Thirdly, you'll NEVER see a complete series on Sci Fi World. If they air episodes 1 through 6 the first time, you think they're going to pick up again the next time with episodes 7 through 12? WRONG. They aired 6 of the 8 episodes of Otherworld. The next Otherworld run-through will probably air them, at the loss of two others.

They also skip episodes. They aired Dark Skies out of order, so next time will be either the same episodes when they start over again, or the remaining episodes out of order again. They skipped the first of two back-to-back episodes of Space:A&B that told the story of the Chig Red Baron.

No matter how you look at it, you're screwed. SciFi World is a good idea to introduce somebody to a new series, but not like this, not for six hours every day haphazardly randomly airing incomplete series out of order.

And let's not forget those constant pop-up reminders to visit the Sci-Fi Channel's chat rooms to discuss whatever philosophical question they suggest we ponder over. We don't need the guidance of the Sci-Fi Channel's marketing department to do that.

Star Cops Two Words: Star Cops.
Sure, you'll have to edit out a few lines of dialogue due to language, but you do that anyway.

More Day Long Marathons.
Why? It's easier for upcoming fans to bulk tape the entire series.

And it is okay to reserve these for Holidays.

However, you don't need to constantly be having marathons of new shows you're airing every Friday, such as endless Farscape marathons. How many of those have you had already? Twenty?

Only Marathons of complete series.
What's the point of an "Alien Nation" marathon if you're only going to air 18 of the 23 episodes. The Sci-Fi Channel did it again Christmas Eve (December 24, 1999) by airing only 21 of the 24 episodes in another Battlestar Galactica Marathon. And they did it again Christmas Eve (December 24, 2000) with another Battlestar marathon, this time only airing 20 of the 24 episodes. Again, they were just three or four short. So close. Yet, so far, far away. By the way, they aired them out of order, too.

Cancel "Black Scorpion".
Cancel it NOW.

Air the "Lost Pilots".
Airing the lost pilot episode to "Lost In Space" and the alternate colored version of the "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" pilot was a good start. (Notice how they stopped doing the "Pilot Playhouse" though).

Now keep going. The Starlog Magazine did a whole article about lost pilot episodes (usually airing as TV Movies featuring Art Hindle). And except for "Star Trek", everything Gene Roddenberry ever worked on were failed pilots. There seems to be two different American "Red Dwarf" pilots out there. I'll pay money to see them on Video. Also air TV Series Presentation Films. "Land of the Giants" and "Superforce" were sold based on Presentation Films.

Bring back the "Sci-Fi Series Collection".
There's a whole new audience out there who's never seen "Automan".

Shadow Chasers
"Shadow Chasers", forgotten
by the Sci-Fi Channel.
Air the lesser known Science-Fiction series.
Captain Power (and fund those new episodes while you're at it), Outlaws, The Highway Man, Airwolf (the last season was funded by your owner, the USA Network, so what's the problem?), Wizards & Warriors, The Starlost, and Shadow Chasers.

This is what happens when powerful War Machines are left in the hands of little children. Devastation.

A one hour "Biography"-type program covering the life span of a Science-Fiction television series, the Sci-Fi Channel Executives must be the same people who gave us the "Strip Poker" game show on the USA Network. When the series premiered with the "Battlestar Galactica" history, the fans complained left and right. They interviewed people they never aired, and never interviewed other key people at all, much to the disappointment not only of the fans, but the actors as well. They boxed all footage into television set-type squares, and constantly mentioned Star Wars every chance they could get, well beyond the movie's actual influence. And not since the days of The Special Edition of Star Wars had we seen so many excess visual gimmicks to spice it up. To your core audience, you don't need swinging doors and whooshing sounds to make Anne Lockhart interesting to watch. She alone could have handled 15 minutes.

An hour long Sciography should have been reserved for short lived series like Manimal and Automan. But Battlestar Galactica, SeaQuest, and Quantum Leap should have had two hours spent on it. And why not get a real narrator to host it to give it some credibility? Not some Christian Slater sounding kid, but legitimate hosts like Biography has? How come "V" had numerous newscasters play themselves, including Clete Roberts and Howard K. Smith, but Sciography couldn't get someone like Bill Kurtis? They would no doubt use the excuse they couldn't, but it's safe to say the thought of actually getting someone real never crossed their minds. No doubt, the SFC Executives are now seriously considering hiring Chase Masterson as host to spice up the ratings. When will the madness stop? Oh. And forget about ever seeing Doctor Who, Captain Power, Dark Skies or Blake's 7 done by them. I guess we'll have to wait until a real fan comes along to do it right. But since Sci-Fi Channel already screwed this up, it now decreases the chance of it being done again at all. Good one. You screwed us all.

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