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Guide to every Science-Fiction Character who was ever killed, Section M.

The death toll runs high in the Science-Fiction Universe.

In his attempt to escape, he was startled by Ceeto, and killed him. Debi was standing behind Ceeto, and raised her gun and fired. She didn't need to close her eyes anymore. She had just ended the War of the Worlds.

David Marcus.
Scientist, Project Genesis.
David Marcus
When the fans were watching "Star Trek" on TV in the 1960's, who would have ever thought that someday they would be seeing Captain Kirk dropping to his knees on the bridge of the Enterprise and sobbing the line "Klingon Bastards killed my son."

Visitor Fifth Column.
Martin Martin, Diana, and a Visitor Barbie Doll
Leader of the Visitor "Fifth Column", he disagreed with the Visitor's tactics of invading Earth and helped bring an end to it. One year later, after Diana's death was faked on national television by Science Frontiers to hide her, Martin and Mike Donovan discovered where she was hiding. Diana killed Martin, escaped, made contact with the mothership and discovered the Red Dust was no longer active in certain areas. The invasion resumed.

Lili Marquette.
Companion pilot.
Lili Marquette
The Jiridian planet exploded. What can you do?

The Master.
Evil Timelord.
The Master
It was about time one of the Doctors got'em.

Robert Maxwell.
Resistance Fighter.
Robert Maxwell
He was an archeologist. But when the Visitors showed up, his daughter Robin was impregnated by an alien and gave birth to the starchild. Mortally injured, he died piloting the captured Mothership into a superweapon called the Triax. He saved Los Angeles.

Leo McCarthy.
Police Detective.
Leo McCarthy
With the help of his friend and Special Effects expert Rollie Tyler, Leo McCarthy solved incredible crimes and murders. But after the first season, Rollie Tyler had to solve Leo McCarthy's murder.

Decepticon Leader.
Shockwave once said Megatron was Indestructable.
It took a transforming planet to prove Shockwave wrong.

Dayna Mellanby.
Resistance Fighter.
She didn't even get a shot off.

Uncle Moodri.
George Francisco's uncle.
Uncle Moodri
He lived a long time and saw a lot.

But what did HE want?

Frank Morgan.
Frank Morgan
He helped Sydney Bloom explore the fifth level of Virtual Reality.

Death Toll:
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