President Palmer Nina Myers Jack Bauer
The CTU plane crashes. Armed American soldiers show up and kill the survivors. CTU forces show up and takes them out. Nina gets a gun and holds Jack hostage.

Over the radio, she tells where the bomb is on the condition she also gets immunity for murdering Jack, which she says she will do after the bomb is located.

George Mason Reza and Marie Bob Warner
George gets mideivel on their asses, causing Bob Warner and Reza to rat eachother out. CTU Agents take Reza to Warner's office to have him check files for them. After hearing Reza ratted out her father, Marie storms out of CTU.

Michelle George Mason
Michelle informs George she knows he is dying.

Kate Warner
Kate awakes to meet the big terrorist himself: Syed Ali. Ali's buddy tortures and kills Kate's investigator, then prepares to work over Kate just for fun.