Kim Bauer
Kim and Miguel are taken to a police station. Megan is taken by her aunt out of Los Angeles. Kim makes a judgement call and informs the police officer of the nuclear bomb threat.

President Palmer
The media finds out of a "terrorist threat", pissing off Palmer.

Bob WarnerTony
Bob Warner tells Tony he works with the CIA.

Kate Warner
Kate Warner brings an investigator to her home to look into her father's records. She and the investigator are kidnapped.

We see the nuclear bomb in transit for the first time, in a truck driven by three terrorists. One has second thoughts resulting in two of the terrorists shooting eachother. The young and confused terrorist left alive gets into the truck and drives off.

Nina Myers Jack Bauer
Nina gets the man they captured in Vasalia to talk to her, then she kills him, making her the only one who knows where the bomb is.

On their way back to CTU, their plane gets shot down.