Nina MeyerJack Bauer
Jack and Nina reach Vasalia and capture the man linked to the Nuclear bomb. Nina tries to escape, but Jack stops her.

Sherry PalmerPresident Palmer
Palmer brings in his old buddy from the first season who helped him get into office, who is now the Chief of Staff. His job: investigate Sherry's charge of people trying to undermine Palmer's administration.

Dad WarnerReza and MarieTony
Tony prepares to take Bob Warner and Reza to CTU. He reluctantly allows Marie Warner to tag along.

George Mason
George Mason calls his estranged son John Mason, has him brought to CTU, gives him a bank account number, and tells him he is dying and to leave LA and go to Pheonix where John's mom is.

Jack BauerPresident Palmer
Palmer is informed that Jack is still working the case. And working it with Nina no less! Palmer isn't happy to hear this.

Kim Bauer
Kim and her boyfriend Miguel take Megan and escape in Megan's father's car. Almost out of LA, they get pulled over by a police officer who sees blood dripping from the car's trunk. When they open it, they find Megan's dead mother that her father killed and placed in there. Kim and Miguel are arrested.