Nina MeyerJack Bauer
Nina gets her Presidential pardon, but Jack screws with her anyway. He's constantly threatening Nina and gets her to talk. Jack takes her under guard and heads to Visalia so Nina can make contact with someone who knows the terrorists, so CTU can locate them.

To scare her some more, Jack drugs one of the CTU guards so he can be with her alone.

Dad WarnerReza and MarieTony
Reza cracks under his interrogation by Tony, and reveals he was hiding possible terrorist activities of his future father-in-law Bob Warner. Tony then asks to talk to Mr. Warner.

Reza's parents arrive at the Warner home.

Kim Bauer
Kim reaches Megan and (Kim's boyfriend) Miguel kickboxes Megan's dad unconscious. They escape the hospital.

Sherry PalmerPresident Palmer
President Palmer orders an investigation of the helicopter crash.

Sherry Palmer arrives and reveals there are people who want to control Palmer's administration from the inside.

Palmer learns Military personel were being evacuated from Los Angeles, and reverses this order.