Dad WarnerReza and MarieKate WarnerTony
Kate Warner's investigator had tipped off CTU Agents, and Tony intrudes on Marie Warner's wedding preparations. They want to question the mysterious groom Reza, about his terrorist connections.

Marie gets angry at Kate, and they have a falling out.

Paula comes up with the encryption code to get to the terrorist data in the CTU computers, and dies.

Nina MyersGeorge Mason
George has Nina Myers brought in for questioning.

President Palmer
President Palmer meets the Ambassador of the country that may be aiding the bad guys. They agree to an information exchange, but the Ambassador dies in a helicopter crash prior to formalizing the deal with his people.

Jack BauerPresident Palmer
Palmer tells Jack that he has to grant immunity to Nina Myers to get her information.

Kim BauerJack Bauer
Jack tells Kim about the nuke.

Kim Bauer
Megan's abusive father Gary shows up at the hospital and confronts Kim. He suggests she just forget everything she saw and leave, and he'll forget it too.

Kim calls her boyfriend Miguel for help, and tells him about the Nuke.

George MasonJack Bauer
Jack finds out George is dying, and convinces George to let him interrogate Nina next hour.