Jack Bauer
Jack learns where Walt (the leader of the bombers) is, and has a gunfight with the bad guys, killing them all.

Reza and MarieDad WarnerKate Warner
Kate confronts her father about Reza possibly being a terrorist. Her father tells her he had already checked into it, and knows he isn't one. Reza shows Kate their new house he bought for Marie.

CTU computer expert Paula is injured in the explosion. Only she knows the encryption code to get to the information stored in the CTU computers.

PaulaGeorge Mason
Dying, George Mason now knows what his priorities are. He shows up at CTU, and orders the Medics to revive Paula to get the information, even though it may kill her (she needs surgery).

President Palmer
President Palmer confronts his people and fires one of them.

Kim Bauer
Because of the head injury she sustained from her father, Megan has a seizure. Kim goes with her to the hospital, where it is confirmed she has been abused. Kim calls Megan's mother and tells her where she is. But the father shows up at the house just as the mother is about to leave.

Jack Bauer
Jack finally gets to Walt, who hands over photos his people took when they had a meeting with the woman who gave them blueprints of CTU. Walt kills himself. Jack looks through the pictures. The woman is Nina Meyers!!!!