Jack BauerTonyKim Bauer
On the run with Megan, Kim tries to call her dad Jack. Because Jack is undercover and talking funny, Kim calls Tony, who asks her to go to CTU.

President PalmerJack Bauer
Jack can't get through to CTU to warn them of the bomb, so he calls Palmer's men. One of them prevents Palmer from hearing about it, to prevent Jack's cover from being blown with Walt's thugs if CTU was evacuated.

George Mason
Tony calls George Mason and everts him to check out a terrorist building (where the bomb was assembled), where he gets hit by radiation during a firefight with some bad guys.

Kim Bauer
Kim (with Megan) shows up at CTU, but doesn't make it inside so she's not seen by Tony.

Jack Bauer
Jack tries to warn CTU of the bomb at the same time he tries to keep his cover with the bad guys. He fails, and CTU is successfully bombed.

George Mason
George Mason is informed he was hit with a lethal dose of radiation, and he will be dead in 1 to 7 days.