Kate WarnerJack Bauer
The CTU Agents break into the mosque and locates Syed Ali in the basement.

TerroristsJack Bauer
Jack beats the stuffings out of Syed Ali to try to get him to talk. Then he puts the stuffings back into him and beats the stuffings out of him again.

Reza and MarieKate WarnerJack Bauer
Jack tells Kate Warner about her crazy sister Marie. Kate tries to call Marie on her cell phone so CTU can track her down. Marie reveals to Kate that she really is batty, and tosses her phone.

TerroristsJack Bauer
Jack hooks up a video system that shows armed Agents with Syed Ali's family. Using some trick video shots, he convinces Syed Ali that Jack is killing his kids off one by one. Syed Ali talks and tells Jack the bomb is at an airport.

Kim Bauer
Kim gets rescued by Kevin Dillon, who's very lonely and hasn't seen a hot young thang in a long time. He convinces her to return to his cabin in the woods.

Sherry PalmerLynn
Lynn learns that Sherry Palmer had met NSA Director Roger Stanton before, even though they pretended to have met for the first time today. Lynn and Mike Novick gets suspicious of Sherry.

Sherry confronts Lyn about this.