Kim Bauer
Kim and Miguel start a fire in the police van that's transporting them back to Los Angeles. It wrecks. Miguel is injured. When the police arrive, Kim takes off into the woods.

President Palmer Nina Myers Jack Bauer
Nina gets knocked down, allowing Jack to escape. They recapture Nina. Jack recognizes a tatoo on the soldiers that attacked them, and warns Palmer that they are American soldiers.

President Palmer Sherry Palmer
President Palmer, his buddy, and Sherry Palmer work together to find a link between the American soldiers that attacked Jack and NSA Director Stanton. They find a connection and plan to arrest Stanton.

Sherry Palmer
We learn Sherry is "in on it", when she contacts Stanton to warn him to keep her cover when he is arrested soon.

Michelle Tony
Tony and Michelle talk about possibly dating.

Kate Warner Jack Bauer
Jack and his SWAT team rescue Kate Warner from the terrorist. She informs them that Syed Ali is planning to pray one last time before the nuke goes off. They set off to find a mosque. Kate is the only one who can recognize him.

Kate WarnerJack Bauer
Jack finds out from CTU that Kate is the sister of Marie Warner in custody, and tries to figure out why Syed Ali captured her.

Reza and Marie
At the Warner office, Marie shows up to apologize to Reza. Just as Reza discovers the only one who could possibly have made the records was Marie, Marie shoots the CTU Agents. Oh my God! Marie is the terrorist!!!

Marie tells Reza he's sweet, and kills him.