Jack Bauer
The US Government learns Terrorists have a Nuclear Device and plan to detonate it in Los Angeles "today". Jack Bauer gets called back to CTU to re-establish a previous undercover identity to get close to terrorists (lead by a man named Walt) that may have information about the device, (terrorists Jack once put in jail). Jack agrees on the condition that Tony retrieve Kim and get her out of Los Angeles.

Kim Bauer
Meanwhile, Kim has a new job as a nanny for a family, only to learn the husband is abusive to his wife and daughter Megan - and to Kim by episode's end.

President Palmer
The President is escorted to a bunker, where he threatens the foreign country that supports the terrorist organization known as "First Wave".

Jack Bauer
To help get him back in with Walt, Jack shoots and kills the only witness (an evil man) that can place Walt in jail. Then he asks for a hacksaw.

Reza and MarieKate Warner
A new set of characters are introduced, when Kate Warner suspects her sister Marie is marrying a terrorist named Reza. Their wedding is just 10 hours away to be held at the Warner house.

Jack Bauer
Jack shits, showers and shaves in the CTU bathroom. He's ready to go! Let's Rock and Roll!!!